Well here’s a story that’s something of a shock.

I’m always stating that public officers completely avoid foreign nationalities for absolutely everything so target Brits instead. White British of in honest and this has caused a great amount of hatred that’s point just beginning to show.

Yet here is a story about yet another public service that is allegedly ignoring white complainants and listening to those of ethnic minorities. Where do they find these dickhead staff that work for these waste of time public services?

The surprise is, is that this time it involves the Police?!

According to this BBC report the Police Watchdog the Independent Police Complaints Commission, another waste of time public service, being accused of racism.

There .. I said it, lol. Because that is what it is and that is what is being claimed.

If you treat one race unfairly and another one well then it’s racism. Though for me racism means hating everyone that is different and this I have only seen evidence of from one particular group that happens to be fanatically religious and offended by just about everything on Earth they don’t like. I call them the ‘New Nazis’ only they’re methods of dispatching others is far more cruel, barbaric and evil and can only be the work of Satan himself.

Funny how they call Satan God. Either that or they follow the words of a deranged and violent man from a long time ago. How did anyone read a book that has so much about hurting, killing and raping other and think … ‘Yeah, this is good. Lets all follow this!’


The problem I have is hearing about the raping parts. That one thing on its own has the book falling flat on its face as a religious book. It is an act of an animal and a pretty horrible one at that not to mention it is telling you to procreate with someone that is a non-believer. Contraception would not have been a thing back then so every act followed had the possibility of resulting in a child being born. To a non-believer? So if you had not then murdered them afterwards would this not have then brought another non-believer into the world? Kind of defeats the object, don’t you think?

Ever since I heard about this it made a lot of things that had happened to someone I know make sense but has deeply troubled me ever since.

Well I see a great deal of evidence of people behaving in a non-human like manner and mostly those that work for certain public services. But to encourage the acts that this book does?

For me in the UK at the moment you have one group of people, my own people, that want to screw with your mind and emotions and feels like they want to kill you most of the time in the most cruel ways and another ever growing group that want to hurt you in the worst ways physically.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place. I wonder how many people today feel just as I do?

A shiver just went down my spine.

Be interesting to see what more comes out about this or how the IPCC respond to these accusations?

Police watchdog IPCC ‘favours black complainants’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36936264


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