I wonder if anyone realises where I pulled the title and a little changing of words?

Some family and friends would realise almost immediately.

That guy Juncker is in the news again saying something concerning.

He was reported as telling someone that he keeps a little black book with a list of the names of people that have betrayed him?!

Almost realising he had dropped himself in it, though probably why over the heads of most, he then says there are only a couple of names in it?!

Fuck … OFF!

Now either the man is an idiot or he is very, very bad news and from the way he had behaved I fear it is the latter.

You have a bloody long list of names if you have and use the word ‘book’ otherwise you simply would not use the word and the item would not be required. A Post-It would do.

If there is a long list of names and my money states there is, then one of two things is far. No doubts in my mind that either he is extremely untrustworthy and therefore should not be in the position he is on, meaning questions must be asked of the entire setup of the European Union? Or there is a bloody long list of people in power throughout Europe who are themselves extremely bad news and should not be in their positions.

Politics all over … silent, dark, dishonest, power craving twats that speak about human rights but have no idea what they mean. Or just seen being human to some groups, thinking that’s enough and ignoring others to suffer in pain and overloads of emotions.

It’s funny how the old and outdated ways of doing things clearly hurts large numbers of people and entire countries but they remain stubbornly holding onto them for dear life?

They do this regardless of how much damage they continue to do to large numbers of victims.

I might think capitalism is better than communism but I don’t think unlucky and unfortunate should be left to rot in pain or extreme emotional turmoil until they go mad.

Once again another prime example of false economy.

Once this is finally dealt with there needs to be something out in place to put those that ever try it again in prison.

As for Juncker and his statement? Well let’s see how long it takes for more details or the truth comes out our someone in the new media realises?

Funny … I would love a career and yet there are people out there being paid as journalists that are extremely slow and/or blind?

Or maybe they are trying to report things but the stories get canned by someone high up in the group or corporation?

After all there must be reasons that people paid lots of money to buy these tabloids? I think every single national tabloid had been bought out at one time or another?

I think the last, or one of the last, to be bought was The Times. With a rule that the stories would not be influenced by the owner. Was that Rupert Murdoch? Cannot recall. Yeah that rule was going to last and I bet it hasn’t already? Lol.

EU’s Juncker keeps black book on political foes – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-36941769


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