It has been a week and yet it feels more like three.

I still feel a little tired and it always surprises me when I get like this. Thursday I had a a lot to do in one day. Though my mother did not end up coming at the end. I had to go with two brothers to pick up suits for a wedding I do not even know I will be able to attend yet. That was lakeside and always feels weird whenever I am out of Enfield. Probably because I do not get to leave the area much?

On the way back they shut down a slip road onto the M25. Then we travelled along the A13 and suddenly there was traffic and there had been an accident. The journey back ended up taking a fair amount of time. I left my house between 5.30pm to 6pm. All we had to do was try on the suits and then come home. No more than two hours was needed if it was straight there and back but we did have to pick up another brother and a nephew.

It was somewhere between 10.30pm and 11.30pm when I got home.

The following day I felt like I had run a marathon the day before and was completely out of it all day. That was very weird. I had only done a lot as far as these days go and what I can manage while in reality I had done very little. The things I did were broken up with a few hours in between here and there. I would not even class it as anything close to a normal working day. Yet I was in a slumber and daze the rest of the next day.

The weird thing is my mind still wants to do things and hates the boredom of doing nothing but my body was feeling the opposite. The only thing I had to do that day was to spend an hour or two at a friend’s house looking after his pets, I go around 4pm. But I had trouble doing that and really did not want to!

I woke up this morning and I looked at the aquarium and see the water was down to about 70% … ‘groan’.

At least my mother decided not to complain about the state of the house and actually admitted for the first time that I am having difficulties because of my condition. Very good at playing down other people’s ailments while talking up her own usually. Maybe it will go back to that before long?

God I feel so tired.

I only have to feed the animals today and a good job it was not me having to do it on Thursday.

But when I am doing this job for others my own stuff will get neglected and it is why I did not want to do it. Along with the feeling tired and the crap storm of my own life I have to sort out.

I have managed to work out that the wedding and the hospital appointment are going to be on days when I would normally have to feed said animals. So I have to wait and see how the temperatures are going to be for the wedding day, too hot and I cannot go, before I find out wether I am going to be forced to miss a day.

OK for something a little … weird.

Due to a particular subject that is familiar to me the world ended … umm two days ago at the time of typing! I missed that, the world ending, very obviously.


That is no what was weird and neither is the fact that I am about to state that I heard this over the radio … though that is kind of part of it.

What was weird was that on Absolute Rock Radio they were talking about a news report that stated the world was going to end because of a ‘Pole Shift’. This is a process whereby the Earth’s core, which has different densities of iron which causes our magnetic field, switches the densities between the northern and southern hemispheres. I bought a DVD of a film years ago called The Core that was based on this possibility. It does this naturally every few hundred thousand years or so. Basically after the event your compasses will point in the opposite direction. But it is what goes on in between the magnetic pole going from north to south they do not know about.

In the film The Core it predicts catastrophic events. Which … are a possibility, we just simply do not know because we have no records of them. But … none of the previous ones have wiped out all life on Earth. Obviously. The process could take hundreds of years for all we know. Yes I would imagine it would screw up many instruments based on reading the magnetic north pole, which will not be there any more. But then there may not be many instruments that do this any more? I am not entirely sure to be honest.

No what was weird was when I decided to look at where this news story came from and I saw that the Telegraph and another national UK tabloid had run the story in a joking sort of way. It was sourced from a site called ‘Armageddon News’ and the weird bit came when it said a computerised female, I think it said, voice did the reporting.

Nothing that weird about a computerised voice except for the fact that I have suddenly found myself coming across these in recent weeks, after look at several things about Bigfoot due to someone I know sending me things. Because I have looked up a few things myself YouTube has decided I must like these types of stories and keeps recommending more. A very large majority of them are absolute tosh and yet they have attracted many, many views. I said before that someone spews utter bullshit and gets tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views. Someone else does a few things on a few sites to help, show evidence and advise people about the truth and corruption and you, or rather I, get a tiny portion in comparison.


I have said before that a great many of the things I have uncovered and spoke about have ended up in the news weeks, months and even years later. A few weeks back I find a load of these videos screaming ‘doom’ or mad ‘conspiracies’ with these odd computerised voices and suddenly for the first time ever I hear them mentioned in the mainstream news? That .. is weird.

Yet another coincidence in several years of a long list of coincidences that are blatant copies of extremely late to the party? I do not know for sure but that many coincidences is a little hard to swallow.

It was thought possible that this shift in magnetic poles could cause a great deal of things and it may even be why there has been an increases in volcanic activity and eruptions? But an increase in eruptions, if caused by the shift, could just increase a little over a long period of time, build up to a crescendo or suddenly increase exponentially over a short period of time? Once again we just do not know. They may discover this in time or they may not. My guess is that they will … st some point.

Many of these videos will claim that many things are already known, though they claim to make statements of facts that are known instead of worrying about what it is they do actually know which just confuses the issue so that you cannot separate the wheat from the chaff. In other words many off these morons do more harm than good to the actual cause they believe they are working towards. Many of them are probably just working on the idea that sounding like there is an impending apocalypse attracts a lot of people and therefore hits, even if they are naïve people … naïve people will probably click on that link to buy a bunker, for instance?

The pole shift is just one of these possible catastrophic events along the line of meteor strikes and global warming. Speaking of which no one has ever mentioned the possibility of the increase in frequency and, at times, size of volcanic activity towards as regards to global warming. Forget everything else you can think of as a volcano must heat up billions of cubic metres of air and with an increase in the number of eruptions this must have a very noticeable effect?

Funny how we worry about the things we do not know about? Well some of us while the others continue on being amoral and extremely selfish and inhumane towards others when doom could be lurking around each corner? Ever corner may sound a little too much but at the end of the day it only takes one corner. I would bet that the volcanologists, astronomers and several others are all putting their own cases towards their own governments every so often about the possible dangers and why their budgets should be raised or not cut? Meteorologists too. The list of potential dangers are long and there has long since been an attitude of complacency. ‘It has never happened in 100 years so it wont happen for the next twenty’ and nature will always teach us a serious lesson about each and every one in time. But I do not know when that will be. Whether that is next week or 100 years I simply do not know. No one does. But there seems to have been years and years of people that claim to only to be proved wrong? But like the ‘every corner’ phrase I used earlier … it might only take one?

Oh yeah, I forgot about Einstein’s, I think it was, theory on continental shift, also having its own theatrical film in ‘2012’. The film ‘2012’ and not in ‘2012’. Yes the idea was of a Mayan calender prophecy theory but continental shift, or drift, is nevertheless a possibility. This may come about because of a Pole Shift? After all the Earth’s crust sits on liquid and that liquid is what we are talking primarily about here. That huge amount of molten liquid shifting about could very well move the crust at the surface around. It is by no means a stretch of anyone’s imagination to see that happening. Along with monumental earthquakes. But that would rather depend on the speed of the core moving about and it may well be that this has taken places both quickly and slowly in our distant history? Once again we simply do not know …. yet.

The funny thing is if it does happen in the next few hundred years we would have wished to God we had poured all our disposable taxes into space exploration and flight. It might not be just a pole shift that may make us regret that … meteor strikes and other things may make us regret that?

Speaking of which that is yet another thing that some conspiracy theorists have questioned and that is the sudden quest to get people on Mars. They think the government know something which is why there has been a huge drive towards space flight and Mars in recent years. But there are two things to bear in mind and one is that us travelling in space is somewhat … late. Very late. When I was at school they taught us that man would likely walk on Mars around 2004. So we are twelve years late and have no real definite date, I mean just a year, when this might happen. The other thing is that if indeed they are right about their theory then the approaching catastrophe must be some ways off? Unless of course men are on Mars right now and they kept that a secret? Lol.

Hmm now that I think about it there was some odd reports about millions of things like food and packaged water being ordered in America? Hmm that sends a shudder down my spine! In fact I am remembering claims now that there was some agreement with Russia, ‘claimed’, about using their troops to Police people in America as if they were expecting something?

Despite what you may or may not think about conspiracy theorists and their wild claims they do all have one thing right. We would not be told or at least not until the very last minute and we would be expected to be grateful that they told us at all. Lol.

The real question to ask, especially of the real conspiracy theorists is …’How are you going to know?’ Your not. You can only look for signs and guess. Maybe one day something will crop up that will be difficult to ignore? You can claim that they are keeping a lid on it in the media but that only goes so far. If too many in the media being privy to such knowledge someone will speak out or give the game away in one way or another? Loads of journalists moving to or buying land in Siberia or Greenland might be one? That might be a bit extreme but sudden large numbers of people emigrating might be another one? A bit like the migrants flooding to Europe? Except it would have to be a country capable of spotting this approaching Armageddon. America, Europe, Britain, China, Japan or any number of others?

Kinda makes me wonder why in the hell I have been getting humongous anxiety attacks over a public service, or the UK government’s, attempt to make me homeless?

I stated that my anxiety makes no sense to me and seems to have a mind of its own and no rhyme or reason to the attacks happening? Well there is one case in point. I think on this occasion it is undoing all the work I have done while struggling with my health conditions and the losing of all the tools I have acquired? Even though I had somewhere … mapped out to … umm sleep during the time I was homeless not only would I have the pains and the embarrassing things going into overdrive I would not have access to my tools to continue working on my blogs and YouTube stuff.

There me exactly a year ago today thinking that by now I would have vastly expanded all of my blogs and YouTube channel and being on cloud number nine? That ended up getting extended by at least 18 months and now with about a year to go I just got knocked unconscious by a very large spanner.

Where are the conspiracy theorists now?


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