Well … I called it!

I was looking for some information that was stated to me a few nights back.

I was told that Theresa May had stated that when we are out of Europe, I am guessing here, that anyone not born here and earning under £35,000 per annum was going to be asked to leave the UK.

This seemed to go against my recent gut feeling of what was currently playing out, that triggering ‘article 50’ was being delayed even further than it first was and that there was a dark and cunning reason behind it. This plan was never going to end well down the lines.

That was all that I was told.

I had forgotten to look it up and only remembered this today when a friend called me from Crete and he was surprised and happy to hear that. I would guess that just about everyone I know would be happy to hear that?

However I have been flicking through this article on a blog called The Spectator and there is both in interesting and annoying comments section. It seems that others are drawing the same conclusion as me that they are delaying triggering article 50 by trying to scare the British public more so that remaining in Europe looks a better option and no one objects from the original leave voters?

The author seems to think that the vote going towards leave was not about booting anyone out of the UK and I am afraid she is seriously deluded if she thinks that.

Even on the night when it was clear, eventually, that ‘leave’ was going to win politician after politician said that all they were hearing, and I heard from people, was about far too many immigrants and the NHS. I would wager that this is followed up with the way that every public service is run. I would put money on it and I am not someone who agrees with betting!

I am sorry but it is about immigrants and it was for me.

But there is a reason for this being about immigrants … because them coming in was handled extremely badly by central government, local government and a whole bunch of fringe companies they deal with.

A case in point that a few years back a place not far from me called Enfield Island Village there was, and likely still is, a lot of trouble. This went on a number of years. Eventually one day the housing association decided to set up an big … outdoor party, for want of a better term. They had loads ot tables, sweets, cakes and toys and stuff for the children. They had pizzas form the local pizza store by the mountain. They were even giving away vouchers aimed at woman for manicures and beauty parlours!

One person with their son came out and she is a native, white English woman I know and had her son with her. The organisers stood around look at each other in confusion that no one was coming out for the free stuff. One of them stated to my friend that they could not understand it. She said “You do not know why they are not coming out and why there is so much trouble around here? You have shoved everyone together” to which they answered that they did that thinking it would, basically, force people to get on. My friend told them that you had Greeks, Turks, Arab Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and a hole load of nationalities that obviously hate each other. What else did they think would take place?

This is also funny because I said to her at the time … ooh when someone British says something that might be taken as a little offensive everyone goes nuts about it. But hhere you have all these nationalities that have come running here and their attitudes and actions towards each other is inhuman and downright rude and racist even at the bets of times.

My friend had to live right in the middle of all that. I was always hearing of trouble between two people or two different groups and there were regular stabbings taken place in Ordnance Road.

I absolutely detested the area which was a shame because it looked nice.

I also know people that bought houses on the island and later n went mad because they moved in what were the roughest of the rough for different nationalities, crime shot up and their house priced dropped like lead balloons, Because so many houses had to be handed over to housing associations and given out to people that need housing. These were mostly of a criminal and dishonest bunch that sent the place downhill when they all moved in.

It was a running joke that it was unusual to have a night whereby a Police car or van did not go over the bridge onto the island.

Yet I have always been told no to being asked for housing regardless of my conditions, thus far, and I have always been honest with them all the way down the line.

I am expecting to do all this once or twice more over the next couple of months only this time I am going to give them a piece of my mind on each occasion. They will not like it. But it will be the truth and I will explain why voters voted to leave and explain that a large fraction of those that voted to ‘remain’ would likely feel the same way.

What is funny is that in arguments the ‘remainers’ act as if they are only a slightly lower majority when they are so, so not.

I have stated before a percentage of the people that voted to remain would have also been unhappy and had various reasons why they still chose to vote the way they did.

Then you are going to have percentages of the remain voters that simply wont count.

For example I stated to friends … “I wonder what percentage of the ‘remainers’ where not of British descent and voted to remain because they were earning money from getting people British Citizenship or foreigners still wanting to get more family and friends over?”

The fact is that something has been going wrong in this country with the way things are done and it has been going wrong for years. I have mentioned it in arguments with council so many times it simply begs belief. The trouble is no one took any notice and British people simply were not cared about and you could dump them in the trash and no one would notice.

I have news for you … that could be racism in many cases as I have heard story after story and report after report of foreigners working for councils only helping people of the same origins. It is also discrimination. After all have people not said that you cannot be racist towards white people?

What you have had in recent years is a soup on a high simmer. Walking the working class, the poor and the vulnerable into the worst financial crisis in history and you have had been making them pay for years. What has been happening of late, currently and will do for a time yet is that the steam has been venting.

Now if you was a cook and your steam cooker started to whistle you would drop the heat down and if cooked simply turn it off.

The situation you have here that I predicted God knows how many years ago, more than ten at least, is exactly like that of my cooking analogy. Only this time they want to turn down the heat but there is something wrong with the controls. It wont go down and the only way to stop the soup boiling over is to simply blow out the flame.

This situation has come about not because of people that voted to exit Europe but by everyone else that put Brits to the back of the queue for everything and they were overjoyed in a funny way when they turned there attentions to screwing over the disabled. There is simply no lengths they would go to, to continue to look PC.

My blogs have worked and fought against this. I have exposed how there is a web of lies and lying and hiding the truth from the public by the biggest public services of all. From the NHS to the DWP, many local councils and even the Police. There are many others and even all their ombudsman.

There is one humongous list of people who are employed in what are nothing more than fake jobs and careers. But they point the fingers at those that get the bare minimum to live on and I am talking about ombudsman mostly but does apply to large sections of the big four.

I have a Doctor on tape admitting to me when confronted that he falsified my ultrasound test.

Admitting on tape that he falsified my ultrasound test.

I do not only have that one tape. Neither do I have three or four or a dozen but many, many dozens on taped conversation, meetings and appointments.

I waited for years to get these and I had known for years that it was not only going on but it was absolutely rife. I was not sure how much the people perpetuating the lies actually knew what was going on or how much they were being deceived. There was only so much and so many I could uncover, but uncover them I did.

I still am uncovering them!

Their mottoes are do not do anything that makes us look un-PC, lie as much as you can and cheat as much as you can so we can get the money we all lost back by using those that had absolutely no part in it.

A lot of people of all walks of life now know these truths and even men of the cloth, authors and others and mainly through me.

That is why there was so many voting to give them a bloody nose.

Imagine at the next general election and instead of hundreds off thousands of people I had attracted millions of people. Imagine we had a referendum again even at that time? Imagine what the voting will be like then? Or possibly even lack of voters where people might decide that in the next general election to give the politicians yet another bloody nose because they have not learnt anything, still lie, cheat and connive by not coming out to vote?

My mother mentioned to me how she spotted they were using pencils and that they were easily rubbed out, obviously or conveniently forgetting I pointed this out to her act the last general election. So I told her about the story where a UKIP member noticed this, stood outside the polling station giving out pens and was arrested for it! She is no lover of UKIP or Nigel Farage but her draw dropped when I told her that and said “Your joking?!” I told her that I would have told her that I covered that use of pencils on my bog at the last general election. I then pointed out that we fast forward to present day and they were using the term ‘pencil-gate’ that I called over a year beforehand.

I then also told her that everyone I know voted to leave and that everyone that I know stated that everyone that they know voted leave except for one nephew.

I told her that when I told my landlord that Enfield and London had supposed to have voted to stay he said “rubbish” though my memory, faulty a lot of the time, is telling me the word was something else more colourful. Lol.

I said that when I started out many thought I was crazy for saying the things that I had seen and had guessed was going on. These days it is quite the opposite, though from time to time there is still the odd resistance now and then. To stuff that has been reported in the news in many areas of the country.

Brexiteers. Lol. That was what I heard one remain voter on the comments section of the page I have linked called people that voted to leave. They also made it sound like Brexiteers are this tiny majority of really bad or evil people, lol. Do not think that person was very good at maths at school? I get so tempted to go in sometimes when I see really stupid comments by someone who obviously wants to appear so very intelligent and give them the maths like that I gave here. I never do.

I heard something else interesting the other day too. I heard someone in the media state that they had looked at the idea of another Scottish referendum and found that if they held a second one the results would not only turn out the same but that there now might be more Scots vote to remain?

If there would be more Scots vote to remain in a second referendum … well that would be quite a surprise, though I had wondered whether this might be possible …

I think I stated this before? I imagine much of the Scottish industry is fishing for Cod and such like and I am sure that that many of them have been unhappy for years with the EU and there limitations? I am sure I remember hearing about it a few years back now, some documentary or other I saw somewhere?

Someone in the comments also pointed out that other countries are not going to stop buying stuff from us. They will still want Aston Martins, Scotch Whiskey, Rolls Royces, Land Rovers and God knows how many other things we produce.

I stated this previously and did state that this was most obvious but very pleased others have seen this for what it was.

Something I could also not get certain public bodies, that soo think they are something they are not, to understand and was laid out bare by voting to exit the EU. Everyone is the same and the despite what you might think of yourselves … like a dog … poke it with a stick long enough and it will get angry and bite you. But the attitude I have had from people has been appalling. Doctors, DWP staff and others all talk like they are of a different species and if they sense or see anger they react like your an animals and that anger is some weird disease. Like they are not affected with the same emotions and that they simply cannot get angry. I bet their shite don’t smell either?!



Personally it is not EU immigrants I have a problem with and every single other person I speak to does not have a problem with the EU immigrants either. Well not those off European descent. It is a strong religious faction that think themselves superior to everyone else, quick to shout ‘racist’, are offended by every other living and religious thing on the planet that follow a book that spends around half the time how to be utterly evil to others that are different in any way shape or form. Many people have now become aware of these people and the statements in the book that they folllow to the letter. I am sorry. But no one in their right mind is going to trust someone that follows a book that states the things it does. Why would anyone do that? I do not know religions people on the Christian side that tell others that they ignore large sections of their books. If you can pick and choose out of a religious book like that then your not really religious. According to the book you should therefore literally beat yourself up and cut off your own hands and head! That is what it allegedly states so if you do not follow the bit about cutting off people’s heads and punishment for being non-followers then you simply have to cut off your own head. Otherwise your a hypocrite.

I have met hundreds of Jehovah’s Witnesses and some tell me they are not as fanatical as they used to be but I would wager they still follow over 90% of the book. Maybe 100% and when they stated what they said to me they meant they do not ignore things that are not in the book?

Maybe they celebrate Christmas now and have blood transfusions? Who knows?

What I do know and it has now proved itself all on its own is you do not convince people by force by repeatedly banging their head against a wall until they think as you do. You do not repeat yourself over and over again, beat people with sticks like your trying to create your own version of Stockholm Syndrome on a mass scale. You do not take the easily punishable section of society and make then scapegoats. You can do it for a while …

…but eventually that dog is going go turn around and bit you in the arse!

Philip Hammond repeats Theresa May’s threat to EU immigrants


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