Well this might turn out to be interesting?

It would seem, and something I didn’t predict for once, that the fiasco that is BHS seems to have left a bad taste in the mouth as far as capitalism goes?

With that occurring Theresa May seems to have come up with some ideas to make capitalism work. Maybe even a fairer capitalist system?


Even members of the SWP have admitted they might have got a few things wrong. Heard this from an ex SWP member who is a member of my family.

Interesting to read was the parts about putting some of the workforce on the boards? Hmm? I find that an interesting idea which sure not mean it would work though. It sounds like a step in the right direction.

The trouble with the times we are in is that just ‘steps’ is not good enough not fast enough any more. Things went so far downhill and so quickly with a bunch of other things everyone was forced to repress that most people’s patience run low or evaporated completely.

We have also been in the mess fit what seems like an age. Before long it will be a decade and then after that you will be looking at a period of time that would be equal to the entire working life of your average person?

Things should not nor never be allowed to get that far. The entire time that your average adult would normally be working? Not even half that time is smart or acceptable.

What of those that have been out of work for the first five to fifteen years of their adult working life? 

Would people and companies hiring take the financial crisis and recession into account? Out what they be limp arse wipes like they have been for years? Narrow minded, on other words.

What was absolutely certain was that a number of things needed to be done in a number of areas.

What I have heard in recent days of that Theresa May has stated about doing something in three of these areas needing attention? I question that because I still need to confirm she did the the things that have been claimed to me.

We have this one, trying to get representatives of the workforce onto the boards of directors in some way. On the boards of directors doesn’t actually did feasible.

I’ve heard that she had made statements about the way certain groups of people have been treated. Note if I recall correctly, my memory is utter shite half the time, I think it was disabled people and by the DWP?

Also the other statement I’ve previously mentioned about non-native people earning less than £35,000 per annum going home.

Would be surprising enough even if these were all certainly stated. 

Would be a bloody unbelievable and make many people happy if she made good on her statements or promises.

There is another thing that can come from this and that is the feel good factor. A widespread feel good factor will help jump start things. A feel good factor will have a vast majority going out and doing things again and this of cheese means spending money. Meaning the economy will improve.

With the way things are right now and all the scare mongering over leaving Europe taking actions as those she has mentioned will cause many downward trends to reverse in direction.

The more things are laid to rest then the more things will reverse in direction and the faster things will improve. The levels of happiness will rise, contentment will be found by ever more people and the better things will get.

But let’s face facts.

Right now it’s all just words, statements and maybe even promises. Someone these fools think that just providing things they have no intention on delivering on will achieve the same effects I’ve been speaking of.

The idea being that people immediately think these things will come to pass without question and immediately feel happier. In which case people spend, forget or wait before possibly taking action, marching or protesting for change.

Sometimes it might just be to shut people up until they forget about whatever it is or give in and accept whatever it is?

One of these statements can’t be disproven for at least two years and remains at that time period until article 50 has been triggered. If it’s ever triggered?

Five ways capitalism can work ‘for all, not just the few’


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