Oh .. my .. God!

I simply cannot believe how things go sometimes and how little disregard others can have, LOL.

In between days of doing a series of chores for someone else I should be doing that I want and need to be doing but no.

I have been out on my bike twice. The first time to get my rent, get a large envelope and some tobacco and return home to package some stuff up into the large envelope and mete my landlord to pay him.

I was supposed to be visited by my mother this afternoon too and then my brother, or one of them, texts me and asks if we can go over to try on some black suits we are having made for an upcoming wedding. Of course as is usual for me I forgot when we were having the measurements taken that this wedding is in August. Good chance of it being very warm and very humid, which I do not do well in. I am always in a vest and shorts in the warmer months.

Of course there are the blackouts, the recent seizure and the shutting down of my thigh muscles as well as the anxiety attacks. Oh did I mention about looking after animals every other day for five weeks?

Oh and the neurology appointment.

I forgot to get some other shopping while out. Was not sure I had enough money as I ended up with two packages to be sent via recorded delivery … to a court … in Bradford!

Out I go again on my bike after having the landlord get his rent, to an ATM before zooming back to a Post Office to send off my packages. Text asking me if picking me up is still OK and I say that I think it is but do not know where our mother has got to, typical.

Cycling down to the ATM I am checking the cars going towards my house, get to the ATM no calls to phone asking where I am, back to Post Office and then back home. No mother here waiting.

So then?

While I am waiting.

This is the post I would not type out until I had sent off the packages. The packages contained copies of evidence, Doctor’s letters, hospital letters along with a run down about what has happened to me recently health wise. A report about the blatant disregard of the public services about how miserable and painful they make peoples lives. All the reports including the NHS lying and to cap it all off a DVD.

I also explain what has happened with my help.

You see this is about the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and what happened when I attended my meting with them. To cut a meeting over an hour long to a brief minimum they filled in the form for me and compiled an appeals letter to the court, HMCTS (Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service) SSCS, do not know what the latter acronym stands for.

While there a guy who was Lithuanian helped me and I said “Privet” to him and he looked surprised and said “Oh so you speak Russian?” to which I told him no but that I had a friend years ago from St Petersburg, his name was Edvard and I attended university with him.

We touched on a couple of things and he showed he was not naïve by saying “yes-yes-yes” a couple of times in the hour when I corrected him and said that the DWP lie.

He was surprised at how I had been treated, that I was receiving Incapacity Benefit and that they had just cancelled it like that. I also showed him something … on the latest letter I received from the DWP they stated that I had been asked four previous times to attend an assessment. I told him this was a lie and that they were supposed to come to my home for a Home Visit four times but failed to show up each time. I told him I had the letters and he was shocked.

It turned out some things about me I never thought about were relevant with the argument and which I did not think about when the DWP called me, a person with serious memory problems.

Well they will find out now.

The court service will also find out a few more things from me and that is a breakdown of the fact I have been lied to by the NHS for a decade. Not all the time and most of them probably did not realise the extent to which they were being used and why. One did. When she did with my help she walked in one morning announced to five stunned staff she had, had enough of the NHS, was retiring effective immediately, turned around and walked back out the door. The NHS were forced to put stand ins in place until they could unload the patients registered to other clinics.

I did not rust them and decided to pick my own. I chose … unwisely.

But then I do not think it would make much difference as the lies and cheating go on everywhere and they wont accept they are being used because after all they are Doctors. The most intelligent beings on Earth. No one could possibly manipulate and fool them? They certainly cannot take it when a lowly put of work patient manages to put all the pieces together and the hows and whys. Oh no-no-no.

Sorry but being unemployed does not mean your brain-dead or in any way unintelligent and nor does it mean that your life is worth less than others. That is the lesson I have been slowly teaching and telling everyone.

That is when I have the time, manage to get something to tell, manage to remember and all hell is not breaking loose while the wolves growl with bared teeth at my door.

Oh I got a call from my mother who was clearly at home and after 4pm when I am being picked up to try a suit on at 6pm. That ain’t happening, lol.

Could have been a bit tricky there as she had come across an old post of mine posting about when I was homeless back when I was fifteen. Ooh. Lol. That was a bloody old post.

I had fallen out with my father .. well had a fight in reality and for some time wanted to live with my mother but that the guy she was involved with was none too keen. Not sure he would have been any keener if it were has own actual children. Probably why they have never spoken to him most of their lives. I was a teenager the last time I saw any of them and I am 47 now.

So I get to continue on umm typing? Well I can do something .. if I can think of it.

Yes so I have been helped by the Citizen’s Advice and am going back to the court tribunal I loathed the last time around. Did not ask me the right questions and asked a very odd one. Like everyone else missed that I had Fibromyalgia and asked me if I could get to the Morrisons across the road?! I said “Well I got here didn’t I? Considerably further than across the road, but in pain.

You see before you start it is set up as a cheat.

Something that idiot for that organisation that emailed recently clearly misses altogether by suggesting that the DWP can be sympathetic? LOLOLOLOLOL! Bloody .. hilarious! I simply could not believe my eyes when I read that email from that ‘Peter’ fellow. I thought he was joking and it was not done very well? Lol. The DWP? Sympathetic?

Ooh I never thought, maybe he is not British and like the Lithuanian came here from a country where the welfare system actually gives a crap about human lives? Possible I s’pose?

I shall have to try and remember to phone up and ask for a barrister on the day of the tribunal! Must do that immediately when the letter arrives with the court date.

Hmm in my complaining about the waste of taxpayers money and the way that the new welfare system was not being improved but instead royally fucked up I repeatedly said that they stated in the beginning that there would only be two benefits. I explained this to a friend recently who knew someone who was only getting one and thought that you could only get one. Uh-uh.

Suddenly this new one I never heard of, now attacking me, pops up out of nowhere. They spoke recently … sorry, stated a lie recently that they had asked me five times for an assessment but that I refused and yet I have asked them a dozen times or more over five years why they keep writing to me.

Answering why I cannot travel as I suffer from a disability is a damn site easier than asking why they keep contacting me. Yet I have told them about my disabilities very, very literally dozens of times, so that means they are deaf, dumb and blind and clearly proved over and over again they know nothing at all about file management. Or even computer systems or the way they store files … hey? I could teach them for a fee? Their doomed souls! Lol.

So then their seems to be some respite? The guy at the Citizen’s Advice told me that the local council will continue to pay my rent so no homelessness for at least a couple more months.

Hmm I just thought of a new question … what happens in the case where people appeal and they get nothing at all? Surely they cannot refuse all money? He said that there are two rates of Employments Support Allowance, one is the work relayed one I had read about which is around £70 per week. One is the … umm incapacitated one which is around £100 per week.

Funny that as exactly a decade apart and forgetting the seven years they unfairly took disability away from me with the NHS’ quite deliberate help …

I have gone from getting £130 per week to about £80 per week on disability.

I will go from £120 per week on IB to either £100 or £70 per week on ESA.

Forget any stupid, nonsensical and biased unworkable amoral feelings a visitor might have for a moment and think about it? What are the percentages in each case? £50 from £130 is a bloody massive percentage. £120 to £100 might well be smaller but that is still added on to that already lost on the other. So you would have lost £70 per week. £100 per week if you are put on the lower rate. Off the top of my head 30 to 40 percent?

Then remember how this is breadline money we are talking about here, not disposable income per se and then remember what we were all told. ‘We are all in it together’ even though the poorer, more vulnerable and disabled were not responsible for the risks being taken with other people’s money. Christ almighty none of us really even knew it was going on. But where they did it and his it now it is a bunch of people on the breadline that is being forced to pay it.

Life is good at the top and in Politics and Banking is it not?

Ooh unless your one of those bank staff that has ended up being laid off, fired or made redundant because of the risks being taken.

Even my local bank is like a ghost town and the statement of a ‘skeleton crew’ does not even do it proper justice. A branch that could house over a dozen staff has about three or four most days. Large empty spaces in the branch every time I go in there.

There must be a hell of a lot of very, very bitter ex-banking staff out there in the wilds? I wonder if they have been feeling the cold touch of the DWP during that time and found out what it is like?

Hmmm I never though of that before. There must have been a lot of people lost their jobs and even more again changed their jobs after a brief period on being jobless? That must have continued on over the last 5 years and must continue on for at least another 5 years?

There is going to be a hell of a lot of people see the dark underbelly of the political spectrum after being shown how worthless your made to feel when unlucky enough to be without work?

Anyhoo I thought it would be a good idea to get the paperowrk from the Citizen’s Advice up here and I have sent a lot to the Court regarding exactly what I have been up to for many years .. and that if anyone thinks I have been lax the last few years … they will be proved very, very .. wrong.

Hmm if they are a genuine court I wonder if they will do a reverse of what they did last time and make the DWP pay me the £40,000 I have been missing and the loss of £4,400 I got from being defrauded and beaten by bailiffs because of it? They made me pay back £750 when they ruled me as being wrong!

I have, of course, pointed this out to them, lol.

Paperwork … Part One …

CourtApp 1 280716 CourtApp 2 280716 CourtApp 3 280716 CourtApp 4 280716 CourtApp 5 280716 CourtApp 6 280716 CourtApp 7 280716 CourtApp 8 280716


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