I saw this news report in the BBC News app about Democrats being divided over Hillary Clinton.

I immediately thought ‘will Trump will win if half the Democrat voters vote for Trump out don’t vote at all’.

But then I thought I wonder if it’s the same with Donald Trump voters and they are divided? The exact same thing could happen there?

This could be something very interesting. This had me wondering if there could be a massive drop in turn out and it ends up neck and neck with record low votes?

I do feel for the Americans as many must be asking how in the world they got to where they are right now? I would imagine they are asking themselves a lot of questions about their own political system? 

I wonder if we will see one or more unprecedented things in American politics at their next election?

Though quite how they will get around it I don’t know. I don’t even know if it’s possible.

I know very little, well anything in depth that is, about either of them. But there seems to be many Americans that don’t like them. It seems as though many Democrat voters don’t like Hillary Clinton. I’m willing to be the same is true of Republican voters too?

Hmm if I was pushed to predict it, it would be extremely hard to call. But if have to go with Hillary Clinton…I think, lol.

President Trump. Could you imagine that? It’s difficult for me to imagine that and I’m British and never even been to America, though I’ve always wanted to go.



  1. Over the years, many of us have been subjected to intrusively boring election campaigns which seem to go on and on and . . . . .

    Politicians and their rhetoric in your face everywhere you turn. It just doesn’t stop. Like a bad itch or annoying uncle that just won’t go away.

    A tsunami of policies, promises, distortions, and political spin continually pushed at you until you’ve overdosed beyond repair. Aaaarrgh.

    Now, I’m trying to express how we all feel during such an intense election campaign, and I think this YouTube says it all . . . . . .

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