Sorry tried to make the headline sound like a line from a Dire Straits classic track, lol.

Maybe I should have added a ‘BOINNNNNG!’ like a string of en electric guitar being struck?

Every time I turn around it seems like another public office is being investigated.

I was at a friend’s house and I noticed one of those workplace pension adds with monster in the technicolour dreamcoat fur and the voice stating that employers are ignoring it?


How long since that ad first run? Still having issues?

Still having issues with the welfare system?

Everything has either had an issue, had several issues, has ongoing issues and you damn well know that over the next 6 months there will likely be half a dozen more areas having issues?

This was there idea of doing the right thing, the right way and us all being in it together? funny how they always get their pay-offs, pensions and book deals and published?

Funny how I can’t?

They have proved their incompetence over and over again while I get the predictions right 98% of the time and they will get published while I continue to wait to do so?

Someone said to me recently that the world was upside down, though he meant the UK really … oh and now that I think of it he meant the USA too. Well there are plenty of examples and here is one too.

They will get their books published and there will be a queue of morons lining up to buy them and the real idiots will want signed books by them?! Yeesh!

If I get bad news from neurology next month I might never get to publish my books?! LMAO! Or they make me homeless and I never get them published which is probably why they are doing just that?

Now I had already heard that the UN … or EU, I cannot recall, were investigating the DWP over the way they treat disabled people … something one naive moron seem to be completely unaware of and who thought that the DWP sympathise with disabled people and I should go to an assessment I had already missed. Ahem.

Anyway the Disability Rights people emailed me back and gave me some interesting information and a link to one of their pages showing that the PIPs department were being investigated! By an Independent Review team or something or other, lol.

Well hang on a minute … what about the Independent Case Examiners, or ICE, I have contacted numerous times that always come out with either some lame excuse or just bullshit and lies not to do anything? If this Independent Review finds the DWP to be at fault the ICE team should be disbanded forthwith.

Ooh I now have noted that the email to the ‘Independent Review’ is like ICE and going through the DWP servers?! Doesn’t .. sound .. so … independent.

We shall see.

Here is the Disability Rights page about the review ….

Here is the review page …

I am hoping it is just not another misuse and waste of tax payers money to make the tax payers think they are checking everything is OK when they damn well know it is not?!

I have emailed that … Independent Review team and I have given them my blog details and told them a few things about PIP, DLA (cancelled for 7 years) and ESA.

I even told them I knew that Doctors, GPs and hospitals were lying and falsifying test results to help the DWP. I have the concrete proof they lied several times and have a tape of a specialist at a hospital admitting he falsified an ultrasound test result I had.

Going from tat proof to ‘they do it for the DWP’ goes from a big stretch to a pigeon step with my proof. I got one half of the evidence I predicted … do I really need to jump through hoops to get the other half? Would be something of a very tall task, would you not think?

Maybe someone … else is in a better position to find this out? Would you not say?

With no money, help or support and now them trying to make me homeless again … do you not think that with over 100GB of evidence and rising I have done enough?


Bored, now unfortunately got back into smoking … another thing the DWP caused along with the loss of the use of my legs.

Hmm … if you did not know from earlier … I got an anxiety attack thaht was so strong my thigh muscles simply shut down and refused to respond. I did not know this at the time, of course, and for several hours I wondered what in the world was happening to me and this made the anxiety worse which made the legs worse

I then found out that Fibromyalgia can casue anxiety so bad it causes first tingling and the legs going and can actually turn out to be permanent. Marvellous.

The emergency paramedic that shot to my house in a flash did not know this and nor did my GP and once again it was I that discovered the root cause.

I just hope … well sort of hope that next month I am wrong about the brain tumour. Unfortunately my track record is getting things right a hell of a lot so does not look good. I am pretty positive I am not epileptic do the seizures, blackouts and other symptoms point towards something more … final.

And if I am going down … they are coming with me!



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