I get that attitude I have in the headline soo many times. People do not look over emails properly as was clear this time around from the fact that several emails had been exchanged by 9.30am to 10am.

I wont ever claim about a late response ever again … unless it is as bad as this one is, lol.

How have I not got a job?

How on Earth have I not got a job with a help & advice organisation?!

There beside manner is non existent.

I had an answer one of my my emails way, way early … like a little after 8am I think it was?

I cannot tell which of the organisations he is from but shows his complete naivety and lack of the understanding of simple English, Christ I did a short version (see below) and people still do not read?!

He actually tells me that I should attend an assessment, it is long gone, and tat the DWP would be sympathetic, what planet as he been living on?

When I tell him that they are never sympathetic and that I have proof of it and that proof was used by Machael Meacher MP, still have the email, he still wont simply say he was wrong but then annoyingly stating

“However, as you do not agree with me …”

Umm it was not a case of agreeing … you were wrong .. mate! It is as simple as that. I admit it when I am wrong but so few people are able to do it. They have to twist and say things in a way tat makes them look like they were right and that I was wrong.

Of course my immediate reaction was to email the guy back and tell him it is not about disagreeing and that he was simply wrong and to have some gonads to admit it.

I also wanted to ask him if he was really in the business of helping disabled people as his knowledge was utter crap, he got things well and truly wrong, only advised by stating the absolute obvious which was way too late to use anyway and … his bedside manner was shite.

He could have gotten some pretty rude responses from a great many of frustrated disabled people but in the end I thought ‘what’s the point in having a go?’ so I did not.

Both emails to and fro are below but his email did not give away which of the 5 organisations I contacted he worked for, there were two solicitors too but I do not think it was them.

I did think Masis for some reason but could have been Disability Living Foundation or SEAP, none of which I had heard of until today. Funny that. God elp their clients of that was a solicitor!

Why do people state the obvious? More specifically why do people not pick up tat they do not have to state the obvious?

Hmm I see the time ‘9.13am’ and I thought it was earlier than that, hmm oh well do not know why I thought that.

Oh and notice I kept it short only to not explain what I wanted … which is funny as I tell them the facts and expect them to tell me what they can do or who next to speak to. You give them most o it, you are wrong and complained at, you give them minimal amounts … you are wrong again.

If the DWP were so understanding why did I not get a second appointment with a taxi arranged or a Home Visit? They have come here in the past … or rather they claim to have done so and the letters are on this blog for all to see, the dates and times as well as the letters explaining why they did not arrive which was so full of shit it was untrue.

Anyway here are the emails …


Hello Martin,

I was trying to suggest the most beneficial way forward to be of assistance to you. However, as you do not agree with my suggestions I do not know what more I can advise you to do.

As you have stated that you are due to see a Neurologist in August, perhaps he or she can make a more constructive suggestion as far as your future needs are concerned.

I cannot become involved in personal disputes with the DWP or the decisions they make.




Peter Lyne.




Message Received: Jul 25 2016, 09:13 AM

From: “Martin Haswell”

To: “Peter Lyne”



Subject: RE: Cheated by All


Dear Peter Lyne




No sorry, you seem to be unaware that the DWP lie, have done for a number of years and cheat people with disabilities.




I did say my email was very, very, very short…




I recorded every meeting and appointment I had with everyone over 7 years … I even have a Specialist at Chase Farm Hospital admitting he falsified my ultrasound test results on my groin all available on my blog




Just remaining in the world of the DWP I have them lying several times, lying about not turning up for Home Assessments and various other things. Indeed, if you looked at enough of my blog, enough of the recordings are there, you will see this and see that I easily proved it.




IN fact if there was anything in the way of Legal Aid left, which is why I strongly believe they removed it, I would have taken them to court years ago.




Added to this and your insinuation that the DWP would be in any way helpful …




Back in January 2013 the late Michael Meacher MP found my site, data and asked if he could use it in the House of Commons to attack Iain Duncan-Smith over Atos and the DWP..




As for getting to an assessment …




I have pains in heels, legs, ankles, back and added to this I do not tolerate warm temperatures and sweat way, way too much and have recently had a series of blackouts, full seizure and other symptoms of a brain tumour I am seeing Neurology about in August. I am in pain all day every day in one way or another or several at once.




So you can imagine I was a little surprised at your response?




Thanks anyway.




Martin Haswell BSc




Sent from Mail for Windows 10




From: Peter Lyne

Sent: 25 July 2016 08:43

To: Martin Haswell

Subject: RE: Cheated by All




Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply.

If I may make a constructive suggestion, as it is clearly apparent from within your very detailed first e-mail that your mobility is worsening. I would advise you to attend an assessment.

I have discussed issues with many disabled people on matters relating to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) which is what I believe you are referring to rather than Independent Living Allowance.

DLA was replaced by PIP for people aged between 16 and 65. The higher rate of the mobility component of PIP (which allows people to receive Motability) means that if an individual can walk more than 20 metres they lose their entitlement to Motability.

However, if a qualified medical practitioner or assessor were to see the difficulties you are experiencing, then you may find that the DWP will be more sympathetic to your specific needs.

Remaining within the guidelines and stipulations set by the DWP is perhaps the only way in which you can protect your future independence. If you do not agree with the results of your assessment then you have the right to appeal. However, this can take in excess of 6 months which causes many disabled people considerable anxiety and distress.


I hope that this response has been of some assistance to you.








Message Received: Jul 25 2016, 08:19 AM

From: “Martin Haswell”

To: “Peter Lyne”



Subject: RE: Cheated by All


Hi Peter




Sorry … so much information sometimes forgot the relevant things.




Two things really I need to find a way around…




The DWP have cancelled my Incapacity Benefit and this is going to make things hard. They are also being dicks about it because I did not go to an assessment, I have NEVER been at an assessment and not gone to four in the last five years without issue.




It begs belief how they can state your fit when you have failed to do something so simple and travel several miles, simple for someone without anything wrong with them that is.




Also I am getting near to not being able to get around even in my home town and difficulty with housework and silly things, not to mention the depression and anxiety that comes with it. Yet each time I ask my GP he just looks at me blankly and changes the subject. The last time he told me to ask the Citizen’s Advice, who I shall meet in a couple of days time and all everyone says is that the Citizen’s Advice are useless as all they do is advise.




I cannot see how they can help in this regard.




I had been making remarks and trying to think how to get some help for a number of months when suddenly the DWP decide to broadside me with more off their deceitful crap.




All I ever get is organisations that tell you to go to one of half a dozen others and eventually you start getting told to go to organisations you have already been to




Many thanks for replying I was not expecting something back so fast and so early in the morning.




Yours sincerely




Martin Haswell BSc




Sent from Mail for Windows 10




From: Peter Lyne

Sent: 25 July 2016 08:10

To: Martin Haswell

Subject: RE: Cheated by All




Hello Martin,

Many thanks for contacting me and for the detailed summary of your many medical conditions as well as the numerous barriers you are facing or have experienced.

However, you have not stated as to how I could prove to be of assistance to you and what your present dilemma is.


I do have links with various legal experts but am unsure as to whether it is a legally related matter that you want to discuss.


Could you please send further details so that I can consider a way in which I may be able to be of assistance.


Thank you,


Peter Lyne.


Founder of Mobility and Support Information Service (MASIS).




Message Received: Jul 25 2016, 07:36 AM

From: “Martin Haswell”

To: “info@masis.org.uk”


Subject: Cheated by All


Dear Sirs


I have a situation that the CAB are helping me with but I am not filled with confidence by them.


I have contacted others too but one turns out has no advocacy or legal people, despite saying they did on their website.


Instead of droning on for 7 pages or so,, as there is a hell of a lot and that’s without anyone else I have been involved with in public services, which involves two Police Forces and four local councils for instance, I will be brief with a short report.



  • Twenty years of life screwed up


  • Currently and for years suicidal thoughts out of anxiety or boredom


  • Have Fibromyalgia which causes pains or embarrassment


o Heels, Arches, Ball of feet


o Ankles


o Left knee


o Hips


o Anxiety


  • So bad now loss use of legs


  • Tingling arms


o Depression


o Body Temperature and Over Sweating


o Skin Conditions 3 areas


  • Ignored by NHS 14 years plus


  • Diagnosed myself 2013


  • Confirmed Guy’s Hospital 2014


  • Then realised they knew as I was on only two drugs for FMS for 2 years


o Bad short term memory loss most of the day every day


  • Collapsed Vertebrae (x-rays private)


o Back pain that lasts for weeks on end


o NHS deliberately x-rayed so collapse would not show, foetal position


o Had for around 8 years plus


  • Possible Brain Tumour or Epilepsy


o Seizure lasting ten minutes


o Frequent Blackouts


o Irritation on forehead


o Irritation Right Eye Socket


o Forgetting Words


  • Damaged Right Knee


o Not full diagnosis


o First spotted by Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Saksena at Chase Farm Hospital


o Was supposed to be seen by Barnet Hospital


o Barnet tried to refuse to see me under violent conduct (were unsuccessful)


o Then they ignored knee and look at feet


  • Inguinal Hernia


o Pain from one repair


o On inspection found second hernia left and painful black lump right


o Then tried to say nothing showed up, I challenged and he admitted lying about result


o That conversation is recorded


  • As the last remark 95% of NHS and others recorded by me over 7 years plus


Got so fed up with so many disability,, help & advice organisations that did not help with this or many other things I started blogging and publishing my evidence …


  • BLOGS ..


o asaintcalledallnights.blogspot.com


  • I have a back up blog, in case government managed to close me down, where I am thanked by a man of the cloth (he and his family made to feel like liars by NHS)


o Another on CPUs and Computing


o Another on Orchids


o Another on Reptiles, Amphibians & Fish


o Another on British Wildlife


o Several others


o A YouTube Channel


o At last look I had tipped over 330,000 visitors


I would be grateful for any help and advice you could provide.


Thank you for your time.


Yours faithfully


Martin Haswell BSc


Sent from Mail for Windows 10




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