I am definitely having a hot day today.

Recently I thought I was doing well but I am not so this morning. My typing is all over the place too and with this playing up I get from this crap keyboard sold to me by PC World it is already a pain after just two sentences and a little YouTube searching.

I feel like I am almost burning.

I am going to do a quick search, never thought it would quite get like this especially as it is supposed to be cooler, going to check the temperatures too. Nope, 23 celsius so I should not be feeling this bad, it feels more like it is 40 Celsius or more and there has not even been any sun that I have seen!

Aha … hmm my system is refusing to copy an paste! I thought it did this previously but thought it was me forgetting to select ‘copy’. May be I am not going mad?

Hmm going to close this and start it up again.


There is a page of Fibromyalgia sufferers speaking about heat … going to see if there is anything I can buy or get from my GP for this … it is very, very uncomfortable today.

I like this line …

Typically, a person with fibromyalgia may see more than 10 healthcare providers, including multiple specialists, before being properly diagnosed,”Argoff told Healthline. “Who wouldn’t be frustrated under those circumstances?”

Every year I feel like I can pull through and normally it is just feeling hot while sweating an incredible amount. But I feel like I have been sunburnt today, God damn it!

Ooh I have a sofa pillow with a different material, ribbed, and I have just used that behind my back as the sofa feels as it it has central heating going on inside it. Yeah the material of my sofa prbably not the best with my condition, like the rest of my house.

I have been diagnosed with Fibro for at least 15 years I would say the devil caused it if anyone”

That above is another good quote by a lady in Tennessee, Texas, USA. If, of course, you ignore all the religious crap where they argue which God created Fibromyalgia and whether there is a God or not, lol.

Hours of discomfort and tingling arms feeling as if they were burning but it has finally died down … probably because I moved my ig velocity fan around to blast at me. I still feel heated in places.

Nope … getting hot again. Does not seem to be an easy fix for this and though beta-blockers were suggested in the past the ones I am taking, Propranalol, are not doing anything. Funny that these things are happening after what the DWP did?

I have not posted this and now it is the next morning.

I was looking up to see who is out there to help people wit disabilities and in my experience thus far there seems to be a hell of a lot but none of which actually do anything. I try to feel confident that I have the advice of the Citizen’s Advice but every time you ever mention them to anyone you only ever get one single response from people They are useless, all they do is advise” and to be honest this was all that I had form them in the past … only they did not even give advice on the trouble I found myself in. They told me they knew nothing about bailiff law, even though it consists of a couple of A5 pages, as it turned out.

I find it funny when you go t sites for help and all they seem to do is list everyone else, including several you have just been to or told they do not help other than to give advice. How many organisations giving advice do you bloody need?

Even after finding out that Mind have their own advocacy and legal people they have since written to me and told me that they do not.

As I was looking around I saw this page whereby a similar thing that happened to me between the Citizen’s Advice and Jobcentre Plus. The CAB tell me to go to the Jobcentre Plus to do something and the Jobcentre Plus tell me I can’t, or they can’t, do it! I am even more confused because it states on the web-page that the Jobcentre Plus have disability advisors and I am wondering why this is the first time I have heard about this. Though quite bizarrely according to a Jobcentre member of staff the disability advisors only apply to disabled people that are working?!

The other funny thing is the remark about finding someone that knows what they are doing and I think this shows up the British public’s naivety at large. I get the same thing from people but no one seems to realise two things …

  • No one seems to know what they are doing so you wasting your time

  • The fact that no one seems to know what they are doing means they are up to something and damn well know it

How nice it would be if you could have just one advice organisation and if you went there and you needed help they would put you onto the only help organisation. I mean, how hard is that?

To me there are a lot of cheats out there taking donations for faux jobs and careers doing basically nothing.

I just added someone called Masis and the Disability Living Foundation to my lists of people I have contacted that claim to help those with disabilities. That takes the total up a few to around two dozen I think it is?

Oops, add someone called SEAP to that list.

If I am to become homeless once again and with a bonafide disability diagnosis after 14 years of asking and twenty years of having it I am going to make sure that everyone that is useless and a waste of tax or donation money is seen as just that.



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