Ugh. Annoying day.

 Cannot find the drive to go out and do things when the only things to do are mundane, despite needing to do two things.
 I have my letter from Mind in Enfield … my God those poor people must be inundated and I am intrigued enough to bring up the subject with them when I meet with them .. which is in September and around 7 or 8 weeks away. Has they become busy in recent years due to the way things are for instance?
 Told you they are busy.
 I was a bit shocked and I thought they had written the date wrong .. or that my bumbling confusion with using my feet and typing had spread to my head. If you did not know I am actually being factual and have a number of symptoms that can be linked to a not very good condition. If that is not enough there is also another two places they are going to look at and one sounds like a certain surgical procedure, according to my GP, and the other .. could be bad but not as bad as my first appointment.

So there sounds like several major things going on right?

Well add to that the DWP being the utter cold hearted bastards and liars that they are decided to single me out just as all this was happening. This could have a knock on effect that could also leave me homeless, believe it or not.

Two medical issues, starving to death, going out of my mind crazy and perhaps becoming homeless all at the same time?

Well it is not just those things all currently going on as I have been cast out by someone who has gone missing since around November 2015 and for the last few months have been hearing of a possible embezzling goings on a lot closer to home. These two things alone also involve around £1.5 Million. Believe it or not, lol.

But none of that money is mine and as for mine and despite how much I do IO feel like Klaus in that episode of American Dad when he insinuates how much money he has then the scene cuts to him with his face, he is a Goldfish with a man’s mind in it, covered in chocolate and sobbing cries “I don’t have very much money!”

It is funny the way money is distributed in modern times and whenever I look at or watch black and white films from the 50’s or 60’s things always look a lot more straightforward. With few exceptions of course.

As I hope to have proved on my blogs despite my fantastical sounding stories and conspiracies theories I did so set out to provide the proof. Both what I had acquire previous to starting my blogs and all of that I acquired while posting on said blogs.

It might appear at first inspection that I post or publish evidence as soon as I get it? No. Life and people in general simply do not work like that. Sometimes I have to play, or forced to, the long game and this applies especially when your enemies that you have already caught red handed caught on to what you have been doing. The only way around this is a bloody long one to have everyone go back into their safety zones.

Hopefully in time I will show most people, especially those that work in the system, how a lie is perpetuated and how they help perpetuate it unknowingly. Sometimes they knowingly do it and do so out of sad acts of self-preservation.

Back in current news events I have heard that raised an eyebrow I note that Donald Trump does not seem to like NATO which I found interesting. I would like to know his reasons why this is.

Do not envy the American public right now as their two choices for their next President are out of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and I wonder how on Earth it got to that stage?

Is the general public incapable of getting decision right in a mass scale? What could that imply on our decision to get out of Europe? Were we wrong? Was I wrong? My reasons were right even if the decision turns out to be wrong.

I think a great deal of getting things wrong were deciding on something because of a good reason but the end result ends up way different to what we expected.

I say a couple of the masters of the master race attempted and failed to abduct a soldier out jogging in Norfolk I think it was? Masters of the master race? Well they are men who are masters over women and part of what they perceive to be the master race.

Thank God that did not result in another brutal and unwarranted murder in a ghoulish and graphic way like it did before?! Quite how they cannot see that they are doing the work of Satan, if he exists of course, I simply do not know.

I see Turkey is going to now cause a great deal of trouble over the next few years and the actions of their leader is not a good sign. Beginning to sound like a dictatorship and I expect to hear more signs that it is slowly heading that way.

I wonder how the Turkish public will react to these little signs over the coming year or two?

I now see that my feelings for the America public and their two lousy choices have not been missed by either the American public or the British media?

There has been an unprecedented rise in a Google search for a ‘third party candidate 2016’ which I find both very surprising, did not think they ever had one, and complain about with the British public regarding just Labour and the Conservatives here in Britain.

While typing this I am watching some film on YouTube called ‘Phantom From Space’ from 1953, it says. I do like old black and white films from the 50’s and 60’s.

Now I am feeling sleepy, something that has been going on about a year and in the afternoons if I am on the computer I will feel sleep and then fall asleep, waking up sometime later wondering how I could not resist falling asleep.

So due to upcoming events and the doom scenarios I have to try to avoid I decided to type out a few reports.

Just had a weird sudden dizzy feeling as my neck muscles relaxed involuntarily and my head dipped backwards. That felt very weird.

Got up and had some ice cold Sarsaparilla hope that would make me more alert and keep me awake for a bit longer. It matters not what I have done, been out of the house or like today noot been anywhere the feeling of falling asleep always occurs. Always seems to occur between 2pm and around 6pm at the latest but 3pm to 4pm it normally starts.

So yeah, I digress.

Seven reports made out and now I have to think what I did them on other to provide greater in depth detail for each…

  • Blog Details and what they prove – Corruption and Victims

  • Blog Reports – What they are and will achieve – Resume and Numbers

  • Health Report on Fibromyalgia Syndrome – YouTube Videos & Book

  • Health Report on Anxiety Attacks – Their effect and intensity

  • Health Report on Symptoms for Neurology and Brain Tumour

  • Health Report on Recent Thoughts – for CAB, Mind & could be relayed to Neurology

  • NHS Dealings Report – List of Departments, Doctors, Specialists & GPs

The above reports are mainly because I cannot recall things, do not think of things when being in a meeting that could be very relevant. Also to provide as much information as I can to lead to a good conclusion.

Of those I am to meet … three for now one waiting for and another possibility. That which applies to each meeting could be one report, any number or even all of the above.

I am hoping that some that might not appear relevant to specific meeting turn out to be quite the opposite and it generates interest that leads to other actions. Or even just pointing me in the right direction and even forwarding things on to possible interested parties?

Now I have playing ‘The Flying Saucer’ which was made in 1950, I seem to be finding ever older made films?

Whether I will publish any of the reports on here as I use them I do not really know. I normally get the urge to publish a letter or report I have made out if I get a ridiculous response or embarrassing lack of action or advice. I sincerely hope this will not be the case in any of my meetings.

Ah! Just had a symptom from black-outs I completely forgot! See what I mean?


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