I have always had a things for mysteries ever since I was a child.

No matter what mysteries there was and how mysterious and outlandish they might be I would look, ponder and dream. From the galaxies, nebulas, stars, planets and their moons along with comets in te night sky to undiscovered and very weird eyewitness accounts right here on Earth.

These ranged form the paranormal like ghost sightings, mediums/clairvoyance to mysterious sightings of fantastical creatures.

One of my oldest and fondest memories was watching Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World and its follow up of a title I cannot recall right now.

I was absolutely fascinated.

I would ask my father who also had a keen interest about the things I saw in that series along with any other documentaries would pop up from time to time.

I am … curious and I want to know .. everything. I do not think I know everything but when people claim that I do, not sarcastically, I always correct them, say that I do not but that I know more than most and do in fact want to know it all. Lol, apart from a list of boring exceptions.

The most interesting subject for me thha has more or less stayed this way was the possibility of this planet being visited by what are generally known as aliens. Or extra-terrestrials from another world, though another world could be applied to things much closer to home than most people realise.

To give you an example to that very odd last remark I would only have to point towards those people that theorise and those .. believers that follow them that thin that there is a hollow Earth, or the Hollow Earth Theory. My father was a believer in this last one.

I think that the Hollow Earth theory likely came about when it was put to the public and become widely known, though to be honest falsely, that the closest star was several thousand light years away and would take several thousand light years to get here. Except it would take a great deal longer. Because they realised or rather discovered that you cannot travel at the speed of light, let alone go faster than it. In theory. It is an old theory. Probably not strictly the case either.

I did not believe that the stated limit of speed was true plus I was well aware of other theories to cut the time travelling from system to system into a small fraction of that it would be even at the speed of light. I am of course speaking about wormholes.

Wormholes work on the idea that the whole universe exists on a vast membrane that twists and folds and that matter and light run across its surface. Think of a really large piece of paper that is several feet by several feet in size. Then draw the Milky Way Galaxy, for now, and the stars within and all the planets and moons to each star system. Then take that giant sized paper and crumple it into a ball of all sorts of contortions. Now think of the resulting ball of paper and think of this … now many of those stars are a great deal closer to each other than they was when the paper was flat. Now think of a tunnel that bridges two of these areas that are close together. That is how a wormhole could work .. in theory.

To us it would appear flat because we think of light of travelling in the straightest lines in nature. But we know now that light can be bent over relatively short areas by an immense amount of gravity. Like the super massive black-holes at the centre of gravity. So much that you ccan see galxies around the edges of the centre galaxy that are actually obscured by the galaxy in the centre of the image. The galaxies you can see around the outer edges are in fact stretched and warped and easily noticed when you look at them. Into almost a circular pattern.

This is known as gravitational lensing. Bearing in mind the size of the universe this is over a very small distance that the light is affected.

Now remembering te size of the universe once again it is easy to perceive that light that we look at from outside the galaxy has travelled such distance it would be not too far fetched to state that much of it has travelled in a straight line? Maybe even none of it?

Now consider there is at least one super massive black hole in our own galaxy and may be other largish black-holes and several other small ones and it is then easy to assume that some light within our own galaxy has not travelled in a straight line. That is relatively close, despite the vast distances and the amount of tens or hundreds of years light has taken to get to us.

If this is the case, and consider for a moment that it is … has anyone considered that one of the many tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, galaxies imaged that one of them could be the Milky Way?!

I am going to allow several minutes for some noodles to actually get cooked.

The amount of time taken for the light heading of one way to work it’s way around, considering if there is anything globe like or even remotely circular, would mean that any possible image would be of a much younger galaxy.

Might not quite be impossible to prove but would be impossible to identify said galaxy. I think.

The physics, quantum physics, astrophysics and question of life existing elsewhere in the universe is one thing but for our entire existence we are still discovering, theorising and spotting life on our own planet that was previously unknown.

Sometimes this has been downright mysterious.

The more mysterious and fantastical and the more the amount of credible witnesses and the more intriguing it is to me.

The absolute saddest point in the mysteries still surrounding strange creatures on our planet and creatures that are extra terrestrial in origin and visiting our planet is the people that come out of the woodwork. As soon as you have a few credible witnesses and half decent footage then you will get a flood of morons performing hoaxes for whatever sad reasons they have. Usually a thoroughly boring life but no excuse.

I have the most boring life imaginable but you will find no hoaxes or web of lies from me ever.

This level of sadness of human beings is only matched and at times beaten by the number of people that will shout and scream ‘genuine footage’ at the most crappiest hoaxes imaginable.

As I discovered lately to my shock tat a friend of mine was interested in an area of cryptozoology that was specific to humanoid creatures by asking me to order him a book titled ‘Bigfoot’. I had known him over twenty years and do not ever recall him expressing this interest to me at any point in time.

Since I then declared my interest in the wider paranormal that included Bigfoot and Yeti from a young age he now openly talks about it. I realised immediately that there is such a bad reaction from others in areas such as this that there must be many that do not like admitting there interest.

I have no such reservations because I can and have put up damn good arguments and am well aware that it is harder to disprove than it is to prove. You can disprove certain sightings and accounts and even the fake videos but to disprove a creature’s existence altogether? Yeeeah .. good luck with that one. Proving it does exist seems almost as hard and evidence almost entirely elusive. But find a dead one tomorrow and it is all over!

Unless of course there is a successful attempt at covering it up.

The idea of cover ups to the existence of Bigfoot in America and those others spotted around the world is widely accepted and believed by those that believe there is something, a Bigfoot, out there.

While at the exact same time the very idea that all of the governments in all the countries where another species of man or primate occur is something extremely hard to come to terms with. America, China, Russia and Australia have all done a bloody amazing job of covering things up. That is not including any other countries where this strange humanoid like creature has been spotted by people.

While at the same time and just as one expert woman stated in Bigfoot the Definitive Guide from the History Channel that when enough people have spotted it and stories of it go back to very old times there is normally something behind it.

Let us get something straight right here and now … there simply has to be more than one in absolutely each case that something was spotted. In fact I would have to state that there would have to be a considerable amount more than several.

Throughout history going right back to even pre-Jurassic times that species have not done particular well when their numbers have gotten down to the dozens or even hundreds. Today these animals of low numbers would make it onto a list, called the Red List, of animals that would be watched and helped by experts on animals. There are the obvious ones of primates and bears, like the Panda, down to Rhinoceros and all the way down to reptiles and amphibians. After this you get down to insects and really only butterflies in small numbers get anything in the way of the attention left over from all the others. This can and probably has proved to be a major flaw because there may well be other things they do not want to lose that could be connected directly to things overlooked like insects. There are the Fig Wasps straight off the top of my head. Added to this there are numerous Orchids that rely on particular types of insects from Bees to Moths.

There will probably be many occasions that these knock on effects can continue on and affecting something else. It may well be something that was once widespread but then had its numbers plunge to dangerous levels because of this knock on effect.

But unfortunately people only notice big fluffy, pretty, doughy eyed creatures or ones that are big and unusual.

Like everything else I notice the general pubic have a shut off point and it is almost like they say to themselves ..

‘Well I am caring about this animal that everyone loves. Now my life is too complicated to worry about Moth or Butterfly when hardly anyone else does and there are plenty of others around anyway’

What they will fail to realise is that something else could have a knock on effect because there is a series of direct links all the way up to that animal you actually might have cared about.

Everything is linked one way or another and it is how life has evolved for billions of years, one thing depends on another either directly or indirectly for food and even reproduction. This can come fro evolution as two more more forms of life have become directly dependent on each other or even through trickery. The latter can be through the promise of reproduction, or sex, and even threats and anger and the absolutely best examples are found in the world of Orchids.

Have you ever smelt an Orchid in a store or a friend or family members house only to find it has no smell that left you confused? Well it kind of does …. you are just unable to detect it as you are not the right insect. Orchids can give off chemical signatures that might be an opposing hive of insects are that of a receptive female insect. The flowers may even mimic the colours of the insects it tries to lure. A group of flowers on one species of orchid with all the flowers bouncing in the wind may look just like a swarm of wasps and give off the chemical scent of wasps. Any wasps spotting this belonging to a nearby hide will get angry and try to attack the flowers of the orchid to try and send the wasps packing or kill them!

I have a hybrid of one of these Orchids and tend to refer to it as the ‘Angry Wasp Orchid’.

As for Bigfoot it is somewhat intriguing and I have not really heard much about it for years, but just lately listening to eye witness accounts due to a friend’s interest in the topic.

One I am listening to right now is a guy he said I should listen to called Vic Cundiff and a guy called Jake Thompson who is an eye witness telling his stories on what is called Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio I was told about being on YouTube. This one is episode 2.

Just listening to episode 3 and I already listened, well partially, to the first episode.

They also have something to do with what the call the Dogman radio shows and hearing this was also very bizarre and far more bizarre than this subject of Bigfoot. It is also far harder to prove as with Dogman it will be harder to explain if the bizarre sounding creature was far more feral and less intelligent than Bigfoot. At least with Bigfoot you could argue that there has been no corpse or bones found because they may bury their dead.

The problem with Dogman is it quite literally sounds just like that of Werewolves .. literally. From what I have heard thus far, though no mentions of silver bullets thus far.

Just as intriguing as the eyewitness accounts in radio shows and the one in fifty more more really sad and pathetic videos is the amount of people that are so willing to believe in some of these things. So many that believe without hesitation and one has to wonder if they have seen things they cannot explain nor identify and these accounts have the best fit for what they have themselves experienced?

It is also compelling how very similar the accounts and descriptions are and even down to the heights of these beings. They always seem to be from around 7 feet to 9 feet or slightly more and so common and similar are these accounts that it is generally believed that the females are around 7 feet while the males are around 8 or 9 feet or slightly more.

It is not this way with alien encounters but then to be fair and with the size of the universe there could me several alien species visiting and potentially millions of alien races that had achieved space travel even in our solar, or star, system alone? There are billions of stars and so there could be millions of races though I think it being in the thousands is more likely to be honest. That have achieved space travel that is.

The thought that was never far away from me from a young child is that with all those stars in the night sky and with each having 5 to 10 planets or more that we simply had to have been visited at some point in time. Even long, long ago in our past. Not stating that we have had just that it is possible for any point in time.

You might be surprised to hear that I discovered strange and bizarre mysteries much closer to home that the facts behhind I could not come to terms with at first and then when I did it took more than ten years and a hell of a lot of heartache, trickery and manipulation to first solve and then get the right treatment for. Is still goes on today.

This is the strange condition that afflicts me and has left me immobile at times, Fibromyalgia Syndrome and the absolute lack of help and the lies and falsification of test results I have had from the NHS on the subject.

Then of course there is the reason as to why?

Like I said this is on ongoing thing and it is about to get very, very dirty and will get a little too hot for some in the public services to handle. But they will only have themselves to blame.

I can of course and just like everything else put reasons to it that may well be the case … but this only results in them all looking stupid, unprofessional and a terrible waste of taxpayers money that has gone on for more tan 15 years.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if they have done this with me then they have done it with thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. I would hate to work out how much money has been wasted in all that time with those sorts of numbers of people?!

On the topic of Bigfoot and other mysteries I have to wonder what I will stumble across in the coming weeks?

Oh .. my friend failed to tell me, if he indeed knew, that Lloyd Pie had some talk and a book about a very odd looking humanoid skull found that was elongated in shape that was called the Star Child?

He also failed to tell me, once again if he of course knew, that Lloyd Pie died in 2013 and that there seems to be some claim he was murdered by weaponised cancer. That instead of assassinating people that looked too obvious and suspicious they have a way of giving you cancer?!

I suppose that causing human cells to deform and mutate into cancer is a damn site easier than turning cancer cells back into their original form. Thinking about hat scientifically for a moment as it is the first time ever I have ever heard of anything like that. Using cancer as a weapon I mean.

An x-ray machine calibrated to go way over the safety margins and done two or three times would be one way I can think of, of doing this. Of course you would need one Doctor to lie about suspecting something and sent to another Doctor (fake or genuine) that has the dangerous x-ray machine.

But then being so easy and so obvious might be how or why they came up with this accusation, if it is of course a false allegation and just a few paranoid people.

However I must say that the number of deaths and closed accounts have happened way more times than needed for things to look suspicious. Too many coincidences of bad things, threats and deaths taking place on these subjects? I do think so myself but do not know the real reasons of course but it is extremely unusual to say the least.

Now there is another mystery in itself.

Lloyd Pie and his Star Child theory …

There will no doubt be other videos …. they always seem to be in a very low resolution but this was likely the early days of YouTube and before even 1080p or even 720p arrived?

One guy that claims weaponised cancer …


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