This is one of two reports, yes two and unrelated, I made out a couple of days back.

I had to try to remember to go back and alter figures and numbers. For what should become obvious reasons.

There is another report I am intending to publish that is very much like this one, but on a totally different subject of embezzling I am kind of involved in. This will show an even longer list of organisations than this one.

The list will be mostly public services but with a few private companies thrown in there for good measure.

Just like this one this is till ongoing and likely will do for a couple of weeks, when it will then be safe to publish, to many months before finally being over.

Also I say ‘this one’ above but this one is more like ‘these four’? Because there is the payments, the possibility of being made homeless, the possible neurological problem that could be and does have symptoms of a brain tumour along with the possible diverticulitis? So kind of four things.

Had any run-ins with any of the organisations I will include here? Or any that I will post about later? Or any that I have published about previously? Had your suspicions? Had any questions?

Well this is kind of what I do, try to answer your questions and at the same time show you the truth behind what is going on and where all the public’s money is being wasted.

To do this and get the best picture across I have to pubish everything I do, everything I send though not always and everything I get.

Due to my memory being extremely bad, and part of why I did it, I have noe made out a Neurology Report based on what I have found out myself, does not look or sound good.

I have also made out an embezzling report too to do with something else I am involved in too.

There is also and obviously the other .. thing which is firmly in limbo now and has been for around six months or more … I simply do not think about it but get asked around once a month by two or three people.



Point: I have always preferred and used emails to phone-calls though I never knew why, just easier to list everything down so I did not forgot anything

Problem: Some hate using emails, there was also one other major problem going on

Reason: It become obvious I preferred emails to phone-calls because of my memory problems, as I can think about it and get it down … I told them all I have memory problems

  • Help – Advice – Advocacy

  • People I sent reports to, so that they realise, watch (blogs), help others and perhaps help me

  • ..

  • Citizen’s Advice 30th June [POSITIVE THUS FAR]

  • (Helping though not answered second email question for 5 days, 11th July, phoned and arranged appointment, unaware of facts I emailed them about)

  • Voiceability 14th July

  • (Awaiting answer from 14th July, 7 days)

  • Mind in Enfield 11th July [POSITIVE THUS FAR]

  • (Awaiting answer from 11th July, 7 days after third different email address)

  • FMA UK

  • (For some reason told me how to diagnose FMS – lol)

  • UK Fibromyalgia

  • (Also bizarrely told me how to diagnose FMS – lol, same day)

  • Anxiety UK 11th July

  • (Said they cannot advise, told me to contact Mind – same day)

  • Welfare Rights 11th July

  • (Awaiting answer from 11th July, 10 days)

  • Shelter UK 10th July

  • (Unable to help via email address wonder if the actually ever do)

  • Enfield Disability Action 15th July

  • (Contacted 15th July 2016, 6 days)

  • Scope

  • (Contacted 16th July)

  • Various Solicitors

  • (Kents Solicitors, Foster & Foster)

  • All Told Key Points (plus many others)

  • ..

  • Dozen Pains plus

  • Loss Use Legs (Only told later as only happened later, 12th July)

  • Now constant weak left Thigh

  • Anxiety Attacks

  • Suicidal

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Made out reports for CAB, Mind, Neurology (Hospital)

  • Wondering if I will be calling on cancer charities in couple months time?

  • Wondering if it will be just as above in couple months time?

  • Two areas of body to be checked, both ends!

  • Like no cancer charities and a friend and I were the only ones that looked after a friend while he dies of kidney cancer!

The Attitudes

In the world of some it is still 1980 and nobody has memory problems and everyone has a phone, bit weird for a homeless charity, don’t you think?

Land lines need homes and due to mobiles very few public land-line phones .. soo who you gonna call .. and how you gonna call?

I contacted all of the above 6 or 7 years back. This was because I had, and stated, a disability but that I believed it was being ignored by the NHS so it can be ignored by the DWP and local councils. I had lost my DLA and had been trying to get my disability diagnosed to extreme resistance … later just repeatedly lied.

None helped and many just existed to help non-English speaking people to fill in forms and answer questions.

Summing Up Help & Advice Agencies

Now I actually have my diagnosis, have had a situation arise I have made openly known on here and have had my disability flare up and threaten to put me in a wheelchair temporarily and for good. Caused by the very people, through actions or inactions, that are actually tasked to help, respect and support me.

In other words each and every one of them failed and I assured them all that I was telling the truth and that by helping me see a private Doctor would easily prove I was right about my health and therefore right about the NHS & the DWP.

Each and every one receives public money and portray themselves as organisations that help with a section of society, broad, or specific groups of society, those with certain ailments.

I wondered if any of them actually did anything and in all cases I was in a building I only ever saw people waiting of ethnic origins for all of them. This was odd because I was often told my English people of the difficulties they had had and was always hearing how those of ethnic origins were getting help, either from them themselves or people that had neighbours or friends from an ethnic background. A lot of people working and getting paid via the public purse or donations that were only filling in forms.

I said that this was wrong. I said why it was wrong and I have said for well over four years where it would lead to.


The result of the European Union Referendum finally proved my point. Over twelve million people stated they were pissed. You can bet your bottom dollar that half the eleven million that voted to stay were pissed too but too scared to vote leave, so 17 million.

I think you can take it for granted a sizeable percentage that voted to remain were of ethnic minorities that wanted to get friends and family into the UK or even just getting their own people over here for a fee?

That means that around 75%, at an estimate, of the UK are pissed with the way things are and most of them seem to be quoting the influx of foreigners and the sudden waves of migrants.

  • How long does it take the organisations that only help ethnics to realise everyone is pissed about it that pays their wages?

  • How long does it then take them to change, or do they just ignore what everyone know thinks because they see themselves as either superior or more intelligent?


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