Well I got my decision through three days early, maybe earlier than three days, and it was a negative one.

I then phoned Citizen’s Advice and they have booked me in for a second meeting with them and they double checked that I sent my ESA application in. I said no and they asked why I then explained that I took it into the Jobcentre as it stated on their website you can do that but that they refused to take it. They went away, made an appointment and said that the Jobcentre was wrong to do this, surprise, surprise.

Over time that this process takes place the Citizen’s Advice have more surprises in store, unless they already know the whole story but they were surprised I was turned away by the Jobcentre. I was not. This suggests strongly that the Citizen’s Advice do not know the whole story.

In which case they are in for some real surprises.

I decided to go to a friend’s store to drop of something he had asked for. I had intended to go and pick something up I needed, or rather a couple of them and only cheap items at £1.50 each.

I went to the store and told them what had happened.

One friend that was present had not seen me since this happened so this happened so this was the first time they were hearing that I might become homeless. They told me they cannot stop my money because I was on Personal Independent Payments and was disabled. I said that the Citizen’s Advice had told me differently and that I could only go on what they told me. I explained that this was the first time that my anxiety attacks had fired up and that within 24 hours I was feeling a weak left leg. I then explained how I lost the feeling in both legs the following Monday, three days later.

My friend had a sister with Lupus that had gone through the same thing and she had assumed that her housing had just continued to be paid. While I was there she phoned her and she said that this was not quite the case. She had to tell the council that she had an appeal going on with the DWP and that they paid the rent under some … named scheme with the word employment in the name.

This made me feel a lot better to be honest and sounded promising so I decided to look it up when I got home. I ended up on a website called ‘Benefits & Work’ and the first thing I noticed and was highlighted in the Google search was the line ‘…take you through the whole complex and deeply unfair process.

Try telling them morons that work at the DWP that! They think they are angels sent by God the way that they talk and your an evil demon lying and cheating them!

Our mandatory reconsideration for ESA FAQs take you through the whole complex and deeply unfair process. –

Yes … if I was that good at lying, cheating and fabricating things I would not waste such talent on the DWP and would have a website up scamming people out of money. I would also have a large network set up sending out scamming and phishing emails. But I am not like that.

So being accused of this or treated as if I am this gets me even more angry than I normally would be!

So I will now no doubt find out at the Citizen’s Advice what this thing is with the housing and how to apply for it.

I will also be told how the appeal will go, as apparently it works differently now and you apply straight to a court, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service (MCTS).

I do kind of like this idea because now I can talk to someone, a legal beagle I hope at some point, about the way I have been treated for 15 years and how I am missing £45,000 in payments!

Tat figure might seem big but that is only for the 7 or 8 years that they wrongfully cancelled it. I could add more years to that because I have had the foot pains for 14 years and I have had other symptoms going back 20 years.

Then there are the anxiety attacks and breakdowns I hhad and how I was made homeless around 5 or 6 times while being disabled, which includes no less than three other local councils, lol. Four if I am made homeless once again.

I need to hear something from someone so that I start going from negative and disillusioned back to confident and then I would be o the ball.

With a legal representative on my side or just an advocate they will soon realise that I am very good at some things and that there is a whole web of lies and deceit that I can divulge and prove!

Like I said to a friend I would rather not have the anxiety attacks but this could turn into something and do me several favours. The more I meet people the more they will find out who I am, what I have done, what I have been through and what has been done to me.

After all I approached people for help before and got nowhere. I told them there was something wrong with me and a simple meeting with a private Doctor would prove this but no one wanted to know. Since then I have gone off on my own and proved and achieved a great deal of things that I wanted them to do for me. Because I worked my arse off and got my confidence back and I let rip, manipulated and tricked a series of Doctors who then tried to say I was mad or violent.

Now I might very well get that day I have worked so hard to achieve and I always knew it would happen when someone decided to come at me again. Or if I could get someone to come at me again which is why I kept on and on and on on my blogs.

While I kept on slagging them off and showing proof of their lying deceitful and unfair ways I was also helping people as I did this. I was showing them it was not them that was at fault or wrong but a lying cheating system by the NHS which for me is the and will be remembered as the most distasteful in history. A system whereby those that are sworn to help others are instead hired, pressurised and provided perks to cheat others. Those of us who are the most vulnerable in society.

AS long as I kept on I knew tat someone would come at me … I just did not expect it to be quote like this … going for the throat and trying to make a disabled person homeless. Nasty distasteful bunch of public …. hmm cannot bring myself to say ‘servants’ because they are anything but!

I also am going to pushh to have Mrs T DeFranco of the Dispute Resolution Team fired from her position because if this does and should be proved a wrong decision then she is incapable of making said decisions and should NOT be allowed to make decisions on anyone else’s.

This would satisfy most people but I know it is not just her but is rife and comes from above. I amjust singling her out as she did me because of that phonecall she made to me. She should NEVER have made it. It was pointless, there was nothing she was going to listen to and had zero compassion, understanding, sorrow or even the slightest bit of medical knowledge. Plus she lied and told me that I had not given any medical evidence to either the medical assessment team, so they lied too, or the DWP.

When I pointed out that I had not only done this three times but one was sent so that the package had to be signed for she very quickly changed her tune.

Here is an idea on how to save billions of pounds each year … stop doing whatever your doing, stop running two departments to deal with each of two or three benefits, stop paying people that are paid to lie to the general public and its customers/subjects.

I thought that was whhat Her Majesty’s this that and the other were supposed to represent and stop?

Represent innocent and vulnerable people and stop liars, cheats, fraudsters and thugs and I can tell you this much…search through my extensive archives and it does not matter if your beef is with thhe DWP, NHS, Police any of the local councils or a number of other public offices up to and including the Home Office.

The lying, cheating and defrauding is all here and along with the incompetence.

For those that think they might get a cancellation letter and want to know what is provided … they tell you to go and speak to another body for support like the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

There are a few webpages for Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service too …

Take a look if it may help you get a head start … I very much doubt they change their minds very much and would wager that they NEVER change their minds and someone should be checking to see if they do not, report this in the news media and ask them why this is?

I have also been told rcently that the government are going to try and lie about the number of unemployed and if they kick a percentage, say 20%, off benefits for 6 weeks then they can use the numbers within that period to keep their jobs.

A friend said that if they kicked everyone off for six weeks it would save them millions and I said “Millions?! Sunshine your going a bit low with that figure as if their are 1.5 to 2 million unemployed … even at £50 per week … fifty multiplied by £2 Million is a hell of a lot of money!” he then raised his eyebrows as he realised, lol.

Anyway take a look …

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