Very recently I watched a YouTube video that was two hours long and by an anthropologist called Lloyd Pie and about the sightings of unknown humanoid beings around the globe.

These are known famously via their nicknames and the two most famous are Bigfoot and the equally famous name of Yeti. Just as well known is the name in North America of Sasquatch.

In the last couple weeks, at the most, I had been looking up Bigfoot videos for someone I koow who had an interest in the sightings. I had not really thought about Bigfoot probably from my childhood days of the infamous video shown via Arthur C. Clarke’s mysterious world.

I was shocked in two separate ways at when I uncovered over and over again.

First off was the sheer volume of videos claiming to be of Bigfoot and many of them very clearly faked. That along with the fact that many clearly faked programmes were actually mostly from the History Channel and even some of the Discover Channel. So much for wanting cable TV?!

Te other thing that surprised me was the number of very good looking videos that were extremely hard to fake or even impossible. Even in the ones that were possible you were talking of effects better than tat of Hollywood. Any one or team of people that had created fakes on this level would be hired and paid a great deal of money in the film industry.

On rare occasion I found some short lived solace with listening and watching some of these things and once realised he would not be ridiculed some links came thick and fast from this person that had originally mentioned their interest on the subject of Bigfoot.

I even came across someone who called himself ThinkerThunker who had knowledge of computer graphics along with photo manipulation who studied these videos. He even went some way to show that they could well be authentic by trying to show how he tried to find out if they were fake. He did this in very clever but very simple ways.

I could see why ThinkerThunker did this by the way he talked about some theories given out loud on the Internet to that they think a video is fake along with the ‘whys’ as well as the ‘hows’.

I myself see this a lot. Everyone seems to either think they are on the level of Stephen Hawkin when it comes to intelligence and/or think they are Solomon when it comes to wisdom? They get an immediate feeling for whether they like or dislike something and then feel the need to start stabbing away at their keyboards and hitting that ‘return’ key.

Around 95% of the time or more that would have faired better to stop and think for a moment.

They look at something that is an engineering feat of the year or even decade, look at something someone has spent a decade or all their life studying and these people pout up their intelligent argument. Then someone comes along and with no history of study or even knowledgable on whatever subject it is and feel the need to open their gates. They think they are all experts of the Internet when they are clearly showing their naivety to the digitised word we now live in.

They fail to see when they are saying something stupid, fail to realise someone might come along smarter than they are, completely obliterate their argument and making them look silly. They fail to realise that these comments of theirs will simply sit there until someone more intelligent hat can show that they are idiots come along.

Not quite savvy when it comes to the Internet then are they and it matters not how expensive or design setting your smartphone is. But I am sure they think their latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone imbues them with wisdom and knowledge.


Day after day, month after month and year after year they come in hoards regardless of the subject matter and they open their gates up..but why?

Well on the one hand they do it because they viewed their argument or comments to be very difficult to be disproved at least for many weeks or months. For example ‘that computer chip will be shit’ or ‘That next phone will be better tat everything else because it will have ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’.’

There are a large number of people that either have to do things to make them feel superior or intelligent or that something they have has to be superior then what everyone else has.

This is the ‘My dad can beat up your dad’ effect. Their ones bigger tan yours, stop giggling, my ones faster than yours and so on and so forth.

Put people in situations where they are forced to live on their own without any interaction with other people and they go a bit … strange. So is it not hilarious that the moment they are with someone else at some point and some of the time they end up stating they have something better then the other person?

We are a contradiction more times than we care to admit or even notice.

The same occurs with our relationships involving love as a couple, regardless of sexual preference, as they fall madly in love and want to commit their entire lives with this potential partner. Thhis normally leads to marriage between the two a majority of the time. Saying vows to each other while being witnessed by the combined mass of family and friends.

But how many marriages last?

Oddly I wanted tot get married and stay married forever when I was a teenager and into my early twenties and yet I have never married once.

I digress.

So there I was doing something I cannot recall on the Internet while my phone was emitting this talk by anthropologist, or claimed anthropologist, Lloyd Pie. He spoke for an hour about Bigfoot, about the sightings, the evidence and the possibilities. He was even funny and drew a fair few laughs from his audience that remained silent the rest of the time.

He made some good observations and some good points and was done in a clever way that had impressed me. He singled out Darwinism and that surprised me, had not heard that challenged very much. He pointed out the difference between the amount of chromosomes between humans and all other primates.

He moved about the globe explaining all the different sightings and the different parts of the world and even stated that there were not only these ancient hominids still walking around but claimed there were at least four different types.

With one in America and one in the Himalayas it stood to reason that if there was any truth to the stories then there were then two different species.

I had heard about a programme about the Himalayan Yeti that involved tests on a series of samples of hair that all turned out to be Bears.

Before long I had moved in from the minefield that is Bigfoot videos on YouTube to getting radio programmes on the subject involving interviews by radio hosts, who had seen the Bigfoots themselves, of other witnesses to the alleged hominids.

As well as listening to these quite intriguing and compelling stories I was also discovering claims of cover ups and that others had been subjected to ridicule. This was odd. Sure I know that someone that sounds convincing may actually believe they saw something they did not by a simply misidentification. But to happen so many times is a bit odd. Could there be an ancient man still walking around and unknown to us? Well, yes.

One video had some scientists on the documentary and one woman explained that prior to discovering the fossils to the famous little humans in the Indonesian region nicknamed ‘hobbits’ that people on a nearby island had told stories for decades of little people who were wild and being ‘seen’.

She correctly stated that when stories have been told over a very long time there is normally something behind it and now some think that they will find these hobbits still alive when for decades they took no notice of the stories.

So the telling of stories over a very long time normally results in something being found out and this is true of the animal kingdom too in so many examples. The most recent being the giant sized spider and its scientific name of Theraposa blondi.

Well I have some news for you as the native North American Indians have been telling stories and creating carvings of Sasquatch for around 500 years!


In his … well, lecture he even shows you a picture of the skull and jaw of someone who loved in Russia who was claimed to be an actual descendent of a Yeti like wild man she had bred with humans. The skull and jaw looked quite something.

He also states that we are genetically engineered beings with primates which was achieved by having some gene splicing and having some chromosomes fused. That is provided you need equal amounts for successful hybridisation?

Of course we do not know how many chromosomes Bigfoot, Alma or any other being tat might still be walking the Earth has. Not even sure, sorry for my lack of knowledge here, how many chromosomes any other long dead species has.

There are also claims that this fusion of chromosomes comes naturally through evolution but I do not know if it has been witnessed or even researched among the rest of the animal kingdom.

I found the cover up claims regarding Bigfoot odd and the one thing I heard was about the logging companies losing money and I simply doubted that. I thought it was more likely that if they were covering it up it was because they had captured some of these beings and were performing tests on them they would like to do with humans but not allowed. After all no one will report several missing ten foot tall Bigfoots and no one would go looking for them.

Probably the evil, manipulative and greedy drugs companies that no one wants to do anythhing about or keep in check?

I also found the ridiculing of those on the subject somewhat strange. There is nothing wrong with a fantastic sounding theory as long as it was possible and history is littered with them and the most famous one that everyone knows is the world being flat.

I myself do not know whether there are these Bigfoot type beings walking around but am also not about to ridicule anyone else that has beliefs that there are.

Some wonder whether or not a remnant of or cousin to Gigantopithecus blacki may actually be what Bigfoot turns out to actually be?

Bigfoots Wikipedia page as 91 entries in its notes section.

I was a long way into the lecture when I glanced at the time it had been running and it was around half way through a two hour lecture, went back to my online stuff and then heard a certain word, lifted my head a little and stared into the space of my empty living room in the dark.

‘Did … he just say “Anunnaki”?’ I thought to myself and looked at the white Moto X laying to my right hand side. ‘Naah I must have imagined it’ when suddenly I heard the word “Nibiru”!

‘Oh crap’ I thought to myself ‘he is talking about the Anunnaki! How did we go from Bigfoot sightings and possibilities onto the subject of these old Babylonian Gods?’

I was filled in somewhat on these Babylonian Gods some years ago when I met an American woman living in Cambridge, the UK Cambridge. She explained the theory behind her beliefs about the Anunnaki and that were were all here by the design of these Gods that had this other planet they called home that swung away from the sun before coming back in again over very long periods. It is sometimes known as Planet X but normally referred to as ‘Nibiru’.

I now paid more attention to him as I was interested in being reminded by this theory and I remembered being shown a picture of a stone carving that was thousands of years old that depicted the Anunnaki Gods and in the skies above them was carved the group of stars we know as the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters with the seven stars. Except we can only see six with the naked eye! I was asked how could a people of thousands of years ago know there was seven? Well … there are more than seven but I could see her point.

Things got a little surreal with a touch of weird when she eventually explained that she was visited by one of these Gods and that he did not, or you were not supposed to mention his name of Marduk and I thought that this potential relationship might not be for me.

Lloyd Pie went on to explain how there was supposed to be a planet formed where the asteroid belt exists and that if you took all the water away from our planet Earth it looks like a planet that has been destroyed by some cataclysmic event. He was right, it does and had thought that for a very long time. Probably where the theories of Earth and the Moon once being different and formed from a collision? A collision with what though?

Sure enough there now is this widely accepted theory that there is indeed another and larger planet out way beyond Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. So aware of the theorists behind the Anunnaki and Nibiru that NASA went as far as calling it ‘Planet 9’ instead of ‘Planet X’.

So disillusioned are people, or I am thinking it might be that reason, that even those that claim about having a Reptilian race have put those famous people of very guilty crimes as belonging to them. Perhaps because the crimes were so heinous that they could only have been performed by being as cold hearted and callous as reptiles?

There is a reason that the area of the brain where all our basic instincts come from is called the ‘R’ Complex as ‘R’ stands for Reptilian. Someone too that and ran with it.

I often think it is just a way of normal people trying to find something that makes sense, or fits like a jigsaw puzzle than explains the crazy in the world.

It would come across as even more crazy because for several decades now the TV and everyone on it have been our role models and our guides. We have replied on TV and those on it for explanations, news and even entertainment. So many things.

Unfortunately as the years have gone by the TV and the people on it that we have trusted so much have gone in a different direction and even the older of us have been discovering tat household names from when we were kids have been up to all manner of things. They ave made themselves out to us on TV to be something they are not. Quite the opposite in fact.

Also TV sometimes gives the illusion that anything in it is widespread and likely much more so than it is in reality.

So we create scenarios to explain away things we do not like or that simply disturb us to the core.

The subject of Nibiru gets somewhat crazy when you look it up on YouTube as there is so much craziness in all this too. Probably because a shed load of ding-bats noticed you get a great deal of hits from it. So people started creating Nibiru or seeing Nibiru wherever they looked?

The worst idiots are the ones that kept predicting its return to the solar system and the impending doom came with dates of a few months time. This has likely happened every year for the past 6 years or so and may even have been a prediction date that passed by without incident twice each year?

These people simply had little understanding of astronomy when they did this and did not have much in the way of common sense either. Because anything further out than we are from the sun will take longer to go around the sun. Or in other words its ‘year’ will be much longer.

Mercury completes its orbit of the sun in a little under 88 days while we take a little over 365 days while Mars takes a little under two years. Go out further to the gas giants and things get looong! Jupiter takes around 11 years, Saturn takes 29.5 years, Uranus takes 84 years and Neptune 164.8 years.

Now imagine how long it takes the dwarf planets of the Kuiper Belt like Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Eris and Sedna? Pluto culd be double the distance of Neptune at its furthest point, so over 300 years to orbit? The next large object could be double tat and so on and so forth? We could be talking about a thousand years for the dwarf planets that are on the outer edges of the Kuiper Belt?

For a long time these outer icy bodies had orbits that swung further out before swinging further in and Pluto even ventures inside the orbit of Neptune and no one could explain it. The elliptical plane it follows is also at an angle to all the other major planets. They have had … makeshift explanations for it but the truth is no one really knew for sure why their orbits varied the way they did.

So in the meantime you have had these theorists talking about a tenth planet, or Planet X, which ended up being called Nibiru. Now I thought I was originally told that Nibiru was a lone planet but have been reading and hearing that it actually belongs to another star that orbits the sun, a brown dwarf I think one explanation was. That would be somewhat harder to believe as it really would be a much easier think for astronomers to spot, a star so near our own.

They did find something though! They have now predicted that if you placed a planet of a certain mass that is way bigger than Earth, let alone the outer dwarf planets and place it much further out than the Kuiper belt then all of a sudden the motions of the Kuiper Belt objects, dwarf planets and even Comets being slung towards the Sun suddenly make sense.

So now they are not only looking for Planet X … oh so sorry they are deliberately calling it ‘Planet 9’, they are asking for help from amateur astronomers to find it.

The theorised star that Nibiru is sometimes stated to belong to is called, if memory serves me well, is Nemesis. They likely both have other names they are known by?

Weird, huh?

So how big is it? Well they think it may be around ten times the mass of Earth and around between twice the Earth’s diameter and right up to the diameter of Neptune.

It’s orbit is predicted to be 700, at its middle distance from the Sun, astronomical units which means 700 times that of the Sun to the Earth, being 1 astronomical unit. Neptune is about 35, lol. This ninth planet at the middle distance form the Sun would be twenty times greater than Neptune.

So we are probably talking over an orbit of several thousand years? Which swings closer to the sun and then further away and at the end of the day and at the distances we are talking about we are purely guessing.

If for arguments sake the Nibiru theorists are onto something there is no way of proving them wrong because the last time the planet came around was around the birth of Jesus. Oh crap, do I hear you think? Star of Bethlehem anyone?

At the exact same time the opposite is true. Outside of a biblical fairy tale we have no records going back that far.

Whichever camp you are in the truth remains that we simply do not know.

So provided that nothing crazy and obviously fabricated nothing can be ruled out.

There is one thing that is true though and that is that if the Nibiru theorists started to have anything in the way of their predictions start coming to light it would be the most amazing work in the history of science! Oh wait … the Anunnaki are involved so might be the history of religion?

Maybe Nibiru is the home of the being everyone perceives as God?!


Laugh I may well do but a humongous amount of people believe in God of one form or another and what with the Star of Bethlehem and all … a very bright light like that spoken to have appeared above Bethlehem returning to the skies at some point? Oh my word would that get people talking and predicting?! Like there was no tomorrow!

Oh wait … depending on its trajectory when it appears there might not be a tomorrow?! Hmm or God might decide to start the rapture and then Armageddon? So there might not be a … ooh you get the idea.

Or if there was a Star of Bethlehem it might have been a supernova?

To think … O have often had these thoughts about people believing my predictions, data and even my audio recording proof? One look around YouTube and I give out a big sigh at what some things seem to attract.


I do not know if some people genuinely believe all this or that they have tried to make some sort of career out of it because there are a lot of people interested, and may be a lot of believers, and it generates a hell of a lot of Internet traffic and the money made from talks is lucrative?

I suppose it is no more far fetched than following ancient texts written by man about some God and how we should live our lives?

Still, Bigfoot videos and talks became a nice distraction from more serious and impending issues I have and while the drugs took to their time to have an effect.

Now that they have I hope it lasts in the remaining time I have left that is running out. At least allowing me to be … umm, operational and either stop that which they are trying to do or get a plan in place on how to continue forward and continue with my blogs?

And just because something comes along that on the face of it sounds crazy and made up does not mean that it is. It as to be argued with, dealt with and dismissed just like anything else. Even though this at times is unfortunate.


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