Well then, I see that my line spacing is still off in Google’s own Blogger Android app?

Even with a new phone that still occurs and so too do the tags, or labels, go missing?! Meaning that the problem is not phone specific so must be very widespread.

*SIGH* all those updates.

Doctors and drugs are a laughable thing these days in my view. After a very rare and relaxed evening of late I have woken a little later than normal but to a building anxiety attack. This was heartbreaking as I thought that now I had taken my first Propranalol beta-blocker I thought they may have subsided for good.

I checked my emails for reassuring replies from Citizen’s Advice or Mind but there was nothing and I started to look at Mind’s website to see how you actually get to talk to someone. I thought ‘you never know it might be a self-referral or walk in service’ as I simply cannot recall.

Then I noticed that when I emailed I sued the wrong email address so I emailed again and used another one I found on their site.

The funny thing is in this instance is that I have been waiting for a reply from them and then I have had this anxiety attack that hit me so hard I lost the use of my legs. Since that has happened I have been seen by an emergency paramedic that showed a littler concern, spoke to my GP on the phone who showed some concern, spoken to my GP face to face who showed some concern and prescribed Propranalol and told me to speak to Citizen’s Advice about help with support, taken the Propranalol and got up the next morning experiencing an anxiety attack. Yeesh.

So I started looking up about Propranalol and whether it makes you drowsy and the best time to take it and I found something that is just … typical.

I have mentioned many times over four years that I have wanted to try a drug called Pregabalin but that I have been refused this three times by three consecutive Doctors. Gabapentin is the better drug, the more modern version easier to tailor and, the truth, too expensive.

The hilarious thing about not being given Pregabalin is it is actually the third best drug for the condition of Fibromyalgia. So I literally get given a fourth rate drug that is widely known to make people ill. Yeah … that is how utterly ridiculous the medicine industry has got. Top of the pile and the only drugs that deals with the core problem is sodium oxybate which is only allowed for narcolepsy. Second on the list is Milnacipran they discovered seems to target the pain receptors specific for Fibromyalgia better than any other drug but is also not approved. Then comes Pregabalin and then Gabapentin. There might be some others that fit into that top three I do not know about.

Oh yeah Cannabis is good too … but we know how that one ends, lol.

Yeah so there I was just doing some research on Propanalol when I saw someone ask a question about anxiety and mention the word ‘Lyrica’. I  thought ‘hang on? Isn’t Lyrica Pregabalin? Why is it mentioned in a queestion that includes anxiety?’

Well would you believe that someone was given some, lucky *£#4!, by someone else for their anxiety and they worked?!

Oh dear. When you have something that affects you so badly to the point that you want to sling yourself in front of a bus or lorry and then you read that the drug you have been refused for four three years would actually not only get rid of your other condition but this feeling of suicidal doom too?

I just do not understand the people in power who run these organisations in such an idiotic fashion due to just how narrow minded they are. In fact ‘narrow minded’ is something of an understatement in almost every instance. How long have we had smartphones and the Internet in our pockets now? It is not the simple fact that we could find the truth out on our own but more the case of how can they possibly think in any way that we wont?!

Added to this is the fact that this is not something new or that only occurred in the last couple f years either. I was late to the smartphone party but I have owned a Nokia E71, Motorola Defy, Motorola Atrix, Moto G and now a Moto X and the Moto G lasted me over two years. Each phone I have had has lasted me close to the two year mark. The Moto G probably closer to 2.5 years and maybe even 3? But let us leave smartphones out of the equation for a moment and ask ourselves how long as the Internet been about? I was using it in 1997, possibly 1996, and it is now 2016 so closing in on 20 years.

Mind you it took the health and medicine industry more than 80 years to realise that Fibromyalgia Syndrome is not a made up condition. Yup hard to believe that around the world, or at least in America and Britain, thousands of people who had never met was all having these weirid collections of symptoms occur bbut they thought they were so intelligent that they could state they all made them up because they were too ignorant or lacking the intelligence to realise the truth.

Oh god, I hope these drugs do not take even a fifth of that time for them to realise that they will save their economies and tax pool a lot of money to approve them and prescribe them?! Lol.

I have also seen the term ‘Fibro Warriors’ used and at first wondered what it meant before then thinking, ‘yeah you need to a a bloody hardened warrior to deal with the cursed condition!’ LMAO!

The question asked by someone in the link below is ‘Will a Doctor in the United States prescribe Lyrica for anxiety/panic attacks?’


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