This is going to be a first.

My first blog from the new phone I have acquired.

It’s been a couple of hours since I took my first Propranolol and everything seems … fine.

I see the NHS are just having bad news after bad news hitting the news media for once instead of mainly the Internet?

Now it turns out that many people in a given area were contacted by a watchdog. This was over a large amount of complaints against various hospitals in this area.

The result?

They stated that upon complaining that they get fobbed off, or lied to basically. Not matter which way you cut it.

Now what are the ones responsible saying about it? Oh you can bet it’s one or both of …

We will sirens ten years improving things so don’t complain until then.

Or ..

It is vital that learn from the mistakes which will take ten years when we will then day the same thing again, won’t care after that because we will so be on good pensions and someone else will day the same thing again.

Oh you can’t punish is for trying!

One interesting thing stated by one person is that he or she has a problem about what to do if her condition deteriorates and what did she say?

She isn’t told anything and had no idea what she is going to do!

Sound familiar?

I’ll give you a clue …

Is there an echo in this blog .. in this blog .. in this blog?!


Where was this do you think?


The home counties?

Another large city like Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Middleborough or Sheffield?

Nope. Beautiful and humble little Dorset! So if it’s that bad in the quaint parts of the UK then what are the built up, run down and poor places like?!

And where, may I ask, is that waste of money and space outfit that makes benefit claimants look like Sparrows next to Vultures, the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman?

Well they would be repeatedly telling people for months to go through this process first or that process first. Then they sirens months repeatedly telling you they are working on it, they are working in that.

Then they will contact you, ask you who you are and then tell you they have never heard of you and have no one on their records with the mage you give them attached to one of their own email accounts!

During those two years every one of you paying taxes have had those taxes go to organisations like that!

I’ve now seen people take videos of themselves ripping the crap out of TV channels, the History Channel in particular, because the programmes are all shite, faked and nothing to do with history at all.

This was American viewers and they were right but this channel is available in the UK too and I imagine other countries?

As a friend said in a text a couple of days ago … the worlds gone mad!

Dorset patient complaints ‘fobbed off’ by hospitals – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-36727401

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