Well then, politics? British politics to be precise.

It’s funny as if always liked Theresa May and had this gut feeling she would become Prime Minister before long. I’m not into betting but I think I should have had a flutter.

David Cameron is off after not reaching any of his targets involving poverty and the welfare reforms. They are still running two departments for the same thing across several areas. A cock up that was a waste of money they are now trying to make, the DWP, poor people for.

I spoke to a different store owner the other day who likes to chat whenever I pop in. He looks Bangladeshi and he had voted to get out of Europe. He said that everyone coming here is putting too much stress on the NHS, Local Councils, housing and everyone who is British. A white Yorkshireman spoke up and said it was the worst mistake this country every made leaving Europe.

I asked the man why he thought this and he said “because the poor people will pay heavily” I thought his comment strange because the poor people have been paying and it’s bloody clear didn’t work. It was destined not to work from the outset.

I simply said “oh so I will then? I’m poor” and laughed.

At the same time it’s clear that a massive proportion of the country aren’t happy with the way things have gone. That’s why David Cameron quit and so called politics journalists have completely missed it. Along with the fifty two percent who voted because they were cheesed off of wager half that voted to remain were not happy either? Good God, I’m addicted to being already and it’s only taken a few paragraphs!

So Theresa May comes in and though I don’t know much about her I’ve liked what I’ve heard. But then I did with Tony Blair too and look how that turned out?

The messages from the British people have certainly been stated and now it remains to be seen if anything has been learnt from the new cabinet about to be named?

Then there is Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. This is even more intriguing than the Conservatives shenanigans. I was surprised to hear rumours about Angela Eagles constituency office being rampaged?! Just as much as I was to learn where her constituency is! Ooh…I have, or had, links to the Wirral.

I’m surprised people felt that strongly about Jeremy Corbyn to be honest and hearing labour supporters state that you cannot state someone is unelectable when he has not gone through an election.

What I want to know of Jeremy Corbyn is does he believe in being fair or dies he just want to look like the World’s good Samaritan and carry on leaving British people to rot while helping everyone else who is not British?

That’s how I see lefties and he did show signs that this is exactly who he is. I hope I’m wrong and he truly believes in being fair. Because I believe in being fair but I’ve seen little evidence of it in fifteen years or more.

Jeremy Corbyn seems to have a hell of a lot of Labour members like and support him but very few Labour MPs?! That’s somewhat strange and I wonder if this had ever happened before with any party leader?

As for the vandals..well they are just mindless vandals but it does make one wonder. They claim is an attack on democracy, you could argue calling for a second UK referendum is too. So is it possible that democracy in the UK is failing? Because it’s the same old, same old?

If so then you might find Tony Blair is responsible for that? They voted him in repeatedly and within five minutes of him gone we were staring at a recession when things had already become difficult.

Then there was the Iraq war and let’s be honest. New Labour was Tory. It was never mentioned on the news media by the so called experts but it’s what everyone on the street was saying. For years before Tony Blair with too.

They have spent years these politicians pandering to the wrong people and making poor people pay. Over and over again and they didn’t make the ones that should pay, pay. So they borrowed.

I want to see a Prime Minister with steel gonads that realised that making the poor pay not only doesn’t work but is morally wrong and inhuman. That will be the only thing that impresses me. Yeah, I know. I’m difficult to impress and win over.

That’s because they’re are very many wrong ways to do things and there are very few right ways. Sometimes there is only one right way to do things.

As someone had just learned … pick one of the many wrong ways and you go down in history as a dick. Pure and simple.

Hmm let me fink! That’s from Enter The Dragon hence the spelling, lol. Don’t think! Feeeeel!

Yes I was just trying to think of an example of a Prime Minister who is remembered for doing the right things? Or at least ‘enough’ right things?

Margaret Thatcher? Nope.

Tony Blair? Nope.

Gordon Brown? Don’t make me laugh.

In recent years I’m surprised to say that it is John Major that comes up smelling the best!

So how will Theresa May turn out?

Or maybe the one to finally leave a good legacy behind might actually be Jeremy Corbyn?

Or even Angela Eagle or someone else that might successfully challenge Jeremy Corbyn between now and the next election?

Strange times indeed.

I wonder how history will look back on all this?

That is if we actually have a future to begin with!


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