Well I have had a bloody hell of a week. Physically and emotionally.

Looks like I might have several hellish weeks and maybe even months?

Anyway while this was going on I had to replace a faulty smartphone with one I can trust, one that has the apps to control both my cameras and wont mind a little water. The way things are going if I end up homeless my health may cause situations where I will have to phone for an ambulance, lol. Also my GP has phoned me and sometimes the call does not come through and neither do messages at times.

So without going into stupid amounts of money, but was still pricey, I decided after much deliberation to stick with the manufacturer I have used since I had a StarTac phone, Motorola.

I had also run out of memory on my old 8GB Moto G so many times it was beyond funny and bloody well annoying most of the time! So this time a 32GB phone and with an SD Card slot would be the only way.

I had thought about the Moto X Force, as it is supposed to be unbreakable, but there were a couple of things about it I was not sure of. One of them the price as it was more expensive than the other Moto X’s. So I decided on the Moto X Style.

I did not know when I ordered it that I might end up homeless, hopefully momentarily, in the near future so I could not enjoy the phone as one normally would. I had hoped that it might alleviate some of the anxiety but no, not really.

The phone turned up on a same day delivery option and I noticed straight away the white box was a bit grubby. I also noticed an really grubby square patch over the edge of the box and the alarm bells started to ring.

The phone looked OK though and it did not have much power so I plugged it in. Only the charge logo was going on and off and with this having a turbo charging mode, as they call it, I thought maybe it worked in some pulsating method? A bit like ABS brakes do sort of thing?

By the next day I realised that the phone was indeed faulty. It charged normally only when the micro USB plug was pulled half way out of the phone’s socket. The tightest part when you are insertibg the socket before it gives and goes the rest of the way in.

The following morning I had to go out again to help a friend with something that was killing me, despite only spending around an hour or two each day helping. I had some very peculiar black-outs too. I had already been to the Citizen’s Advice the day before for help so this would be the last day helping and finishing what should have taken a couple of hours.

Upon finishing my friend wanted me to stay longer but I was dead beat and my left thigh was not working properly. Like when your legs are going to give way when your blind drunk, stoned to high heaven or your muscle has gone to sleep. It was wobbly and then some.

So I came home hobbling very badly and slowly on my trusted walking stick. Bizarrely I was only home about ten minutes when there was a kock at the door. It was an Amazon delivery and I remember thinking how fast it was that the SD Card and white case I ordered had turned up. I was a bit confused I had to sign for the package and upon walking up my stairs I then realised that the box had a bit of weight to it. I remember thinking “wait? This is not a replacement phone?! Nahh I only emailed them around 6 hours or so beforehand.

I opened it up and it was indeed another phone. Only this box was shrink wrapped where the other one was not. I took it out and it looked a nice and clean box but then when I tried to open the lid it would not do so. Confused I looked and then I noticed that this box had a Motorola seal on the side of the box where the last box had a grubby square that looked like adhesive that had gotten dirty.

This one charged up normally!

Here is a couple of videos where I open up the first phone from within its Amazon labelled cardboard box and then the other video I have both boxes, showing a seal on one and missing on the other box.

I do have another video I think but will have to retrieve that one.

Oh and in case you missed it? I covered this many times before with refurbished goods being sold as new ones at new prices and they have always been faulty.

Argos the worst with four cameras in a row, then PC World followed by Littlewoods and Very Catalogues and B&Q and now Amazon! Unbelievable rife this refurb scam is.

Annoyingly they did not ask for the other phone, which I had not factory reset anyway. So I have the annoying job of sending the faulty one back … so they can fob someone else of with it? Lol.

I require paper glue and only glue I do not have, lol.

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