So then. Seven years of God knows how many millions in taxes wasted on the Iraq inquiry.

The result? Oh we have to learn lessons. Learn lessons? What? How to lie better?!

Jesus Christ!

Just to recap I had no problem with getting rid on one tosser but I was not aware that this would leave a huge void that would fill with thousands more tossers far worse than the one they got rid of?

There was something said about bringing charges to Tony Blair but if he gets locked up I’ll eat my hat!

To lie about such things about something so serious I would consider a war crime. I was off the belief that they should have said Saddam Hussein is a tw*t and we are going to get rid of him. Apart from those always marching and complaining about war, until radicals staff them in the back and wipe them out, no one would have batted an eyelid. But I did flicker a few eyelashes when people cried foul over the weapons of mass destruction claim.

Then when the second worst candidate for a middle East envoy got the cushey number I had many eyelashes flashing up and down and one eyebrow raised in shock.

This is why I’ve always run him down on here, Tony Blair that is.

He has single handedly ruined the Untied Kingdom and it’s not only that he has ruined this country for good own personal gain but worse still he had given a template of ruining the UK further fit the same gains. Now we have our second Prime Minister in a row quit before his time?!

No, no, no! No one’s ever wit before Tony Blair without something seriously wrong or they had little choice.

Also both the figures that called to Kresge the EU have also … umm … well … left!

One has quit and another walked away and any mention of Theresa May to people I know this far and a certain name of a famed and religiously hated former Prime Minister of the UK.

Anyone care to guess her name that gets mentioned? Lol!

Sir John Chilcot: ‘There are many lessons in the report’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36720382


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