I was just explaining to someone earlier about how much debt we are in, how long the cuts have gone on and how long it will take to get out.

We wont get out because they go after the money in the wrong places, people with health conditions, disabled people, unemployed and the low paid. Very little money has been saved in comparison to how long we have now been at this.
So then how about going for it in the right places?
I stated that if Doctors, Hospitals, general Practitioners and Nurses have been asked to lie, lie and lie again then … why have them at all?
I mean surely to God money will be saved a damn site quicker if you just shaved everything back to its bare essentials until you rebuild something better and more efficient?
How much money is being wasted employing people to say ‘no’ or ‘computer says no!’?
The answer is; an effing lot!
So due to some things going on I have been looking around researching some things when I came across this webpage to do with drugs for Fibromyalgia. It is on but will place the direct link below.
There is a long list of drugs that is something of a surprise to me and then some. Of course Lyrica, Pregabalin, is one of the most taken drugs as it is one of the best, but not the best, drug for the condition.
Milnacipran I have discovered works a great deal better than even Pregabalin but this was refused to be allowed for Fibromyalgia by Europe! You know … Europe!!
That same Europe also disallowed the one and only drug to deal with the root cause of Fibromyalgia, lack of restorative sleep, which is sodium oxybate. In effect it is a sleeping drug. Except it is not allowed because … well basically it works too well.
But I hear you thinking … but wait a minute? There are loads of sleeping drugs on the market? Are there? Because I have taken several and they did not do a damn thing. Well except for a whole string of people in a line making money out of it though. Apart from that the drugs do not work … unless takenm in a very high dose along with tranquilisers. I know this because I have done that!!
When your desperate and those tasked with helping you do fuck all then desparate times means desperate measures, I am afraid to say.
I did not know about Cymbalta, or duloxetine but have Savella, or Milnacipran.
Tramadol is a suprise addition to that list because a pain specialist told me it would not work on my Fibromyalgia over two years before Fibromyalgia was diagnosed … yeaah I am going to let that one sink in a little tiny bit …
If and when you look be careful as some drugs are listed twice …. Lyrica, which is Pregabalin, is listed along with the drug in its chemical name … errr Pregabalin. Meaning close to 500 people reviewed the drug for the condition and by far the highest on their.
Except I cannot tell you what it is like because I have been refused it for three whole years.
Anyway if you have Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you might want to use the last below. Many of these do not work or only work minimally for me but they might work for you?
Oh and one last thing … if I wanted to use the system to get money then when accused of being mad and need psychiatric treatment by a previous GP, because he was a liar and a wanker, then I would have said … YES!! Dumb arses!
Just wanted to say that one last thing, lol.

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