So the Tories are in a mess because everyone wants to be top dog.

Top dog? Top dog of what?! I think the Tories need a reality check?

Campaigners were told that everyone was fed up with the way things are, how long they have been like this and everything else.

So that’s taxes, austerity cuts and the public services they run. Yup all crap except they have been crap and started lying and treating their own like they are sub human for several years now.

I can sniff I setup at five miles out and eat ahead of time.

The next few weeks are going to be a very hard lesson to some of these public services everyone is pissed off with to not fuck around. They have believed that they can be sure if themselves by playing the long game.

But what if the long game backfires? Had they thought about how much more damaging it would be this time round? Had they thought of the possible consequences? Had they thought of the numbers of people working their way through my blogs today?


But they will soon find out.

George Osborne days he is going to show down the austerity measures but I bet my bottom dollar I won’t feel a thing?

So George was going to be Prime Minister? Nope. Oh it turns out to be Boris Johnson all along? Umm.. nope and the way he reacted tells me he had planned this a long time. I will come back to this planning momentarily. It then transpires that Michael Gove, I have only ever heard bad things about, had planned to use Boris Johnson and then stab him in the back? Errrrryyyeeeaaahhhh NO!

Hang on a moment? We’re the top Tories not taking the piss out of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons just a day or two back?! This Tory backstabbing had raced beyond any of the politicians fiascos and scandals in recent history. Living memory even?

Theresa May gets mentioned and then another woman I can’t recall the name of?! Jesus at least it’s not McVey, I’d emigrate!

So then it looks like they were planning things in the Tory party a very long time. Starting to look like Labour have too?

But hang on a minute? We just had the most important referendum ever and this was going on during that. Which means they used that referendum?! Used the most important referendum to bullshit the British public yet again to further their own careers, goals and pursuit of power!

Well that’s it. Modern politics are dead!

Sorry but you can’t have this crap. All those that used the referendum deserve no place in politics, running the country or even members of parliament. Except morons voted this lot into their seats.

Oh dear.

Now I wonder how long it will take for enough of the British public to realise this and act to do something about it…

… Instead of a minority complaining they didn’t like a result and want to trust a very expensive endeavour repeatedly until they get the result that suits them. Even marching now to do this.

What the remain compassion fail to realise and therefore fail to work with is that the leave camp were fed up and wanted things to get better … NOW.

What they also fail to realise is that a bloody big percentage of the ‘remain’ camp feel like this as well, just too scared to vote ‘leave’ or thought things could only get better if we stayed in Europe. Or perhaps just thought if the Tories get full control human life will become meaningless unless you have cash.

Do the math. All of the ‘leave’ campaign is 51%. Then your looking at a bloody large percentage of the ‘remain’camp feed up and I’m willing to bet it’s over 50% of them. That’s at least 75% of the public pissed off with the politicians and the system.

So with the newspapers getting the knives out with the latest back stab you can bet the British public are going to go into a mild simmering!

Oh speaking of newspapers going wild?

How convenient it was for Michael Gove to have a wife that’s a columnist of the Daily Mail, of all things?

I would have wondered if she had a hand in reporting and leaking things to help her husband of i had not read it first!

Boris Johnson allies accuse Michael Gove of being a ‘Machiavellian psychopath’ who plotted to win leadership ‘from the beginning’


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