I am shocked.

In the beginning I really did not think it would go this way and it was only in the last few weeks and especially voting day and the hours after I realised we would vote out… despite some so-called professional and top news journalists predicting and coming up with odd things. that is.

I am shocked mostly because of David Cameron announcing he is stepping down and also shocked that they claimed most or all of London voted to remain … not in my world they did not and I cannot help but wonder if there was skulduggery going on and it backfired anyway.

This morning I had a text from the owner of a retail store that said that everyone he has had walk in his store has been happy … all bar one single solitary person.

This means that either skulduggery did go on or something else was going on and that is linked to the fact that most of the built up areas did seem to lean towards remain. This is the EXACT opposite to what I expected and the constituencies without large built up areas voted the opposite to that I expected too!

Which leads me to believe that if there was not some lame attempt to rig the vote that there were certain … groups of people that voted remain and not the ones that normally mingle well with others, in my experience anyway. IN other words I mean those that possess British passports but were not born here or their parents were not born here. Voting in an act of self-protection though I have had a couple of people tell me that foreigners all told them they want us to leave Europe. These may have been ones that do mix well with others or could be that they may not have been UK nationals, just here visiting, and just airing their views of how they see Europe? A big failure!

Of course in no time at all Nicola Sturgeon is calling for another Scottish referendum and I think that was par for the course. But this time they need to do their research a great deal better than they did last time, as it was a mess.

This time you need to realise you have to use the Euro and added to this think about how you will be viewed as Scotland, a smaller country with fewer people on its own, and not Scotland as part of the UK. The two may work about to be very different things?

But, hey? Maybe the bureaucrats in Europe may have actually learned something from this and maybe they all regret never giving us any point in the Eurovision Song Contest for all those years?! Yeah bitches! How you feeling now?! LMAO.

Joking aside though, oh I really not a fan of Eurovision by the way, I am already receiving reports I need to check out that other countries within Europe are calling for their own referendums?!

Like I said I need to check this out but I am told the Netherlands are talking about it. I do have a line to people in the Netherlands though one or two people is really not a lot to go on.

As far as other countries I think the next couple of weeks will make it clear how they intend to move forwards and I cannot wait to see what Greece makes of this? In fact it may well turn out and I am half expecting it to, that it will take merely a few days for this top become clear?


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