Well it’s strange.

I’m hearing that Nigel Farage send to be conceding defeat and starting that remain will get a narrow win.

The remain camp send to be saying the same?!

Except there are no exit polls being done and not a single count had been finished.

So it can only be because the pound rose and there were done private polls being done.

My polling station stated they were having a high turn out and had to open a second station, as I previously stated.

I even had texts from people I knew asking me if I had voted and if I had also voted out. I spoke to mid people I know that lived in Essex and they all voted ‘out’. That’s over 90% of the people I know of both directly and indirectly.

It’s also being stated that the is a very large turn out compared to a general election and many council areas have seen particularly large turn outs.

That last bit of data suggests to me that people feel very strongly about something and that could only be to vote leave. Does not necessarily mean that the ‘leave’ vote will win. But combined with most most people that were interviewed high streets around the country and labour voters all stated it looks like the ‘leave Vote will win’.

Unless it’s because of the very thing, or rather doubt, I have had and that the vulnerable, disabled, old and jobless think that the UK government and public services will treat them fast worse than they currently do?

Maybe they are aware that the UK public services are being scrutinised and investigated by bodies outside of the UK and think these investigations will result in change? Change for the better whereby all human beings are treated like human beings?

As I’ve stated i have been worried about that and that I would watch them very closely if we left Europe. Sounding like that won’t need to be the case without even the first vir result coming in?

It’s all very bizarre. Exit polls have been wrong in very catastrophic ways in the not too distant past.

Tonight they seem to bed all making their minds yo before any results and no exit polls?

I hope now it turns out to be a leave just to make this particular news media look bloody stupid without the excuse of blaming exit polls.

I’m seeing turnouts the 70 percentages regions and even one in Gibraltar, hmm vote stay i think, being as high as 84%?!

I would love to see the next general election with turnouts like this as it would be extremely interesting to see how things turned out.

This is going to be one weird night and I am expecting things to swing around a bit?

Odd as they are actually predicting the same result I predicted before I heard what everyone I know thought and everyone that was interviewed by the media. I mean average people on the street. No business owners, corporate people or politicians of course.

Yup … one very unpredictable night that might turn out exactly as I predicted in the first instance.

I thought all fisherman with EU restrictions and probably farmers would vote ‘leave’.

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