Well what do you know? The master race have been foiled once again and thank God that they have.

From what I remember from reading this some more morons were planning to attack areas in Belgium where people were collecting into groups to watch the European Championships.

Nice people.

I would love to know what they think they achieve by these attacks? Do they think that suddenly they would get something? That the nation’s of the world would grant then the land they want and the people they want to rule using terror? Maybe they think they will get grants from certain countries or help in their brain dead schemes? Perhaps they think they will eventually and one day wipe out every race on Earth except their own?!

If it’s the last theory then they only price they are really stupid and crap at mathematics.

They don’t actually believe that everyone everywhere week suddenly turn into Muslims and extend over at that, do they?

Surely no one is that stupid?

The plans on the European Championships were a given and the authorised knew this. It’s not that hard sometimes working out that someone somewhere week plan something. You can even make it down to locations and periods of a few days.

For instance, and I’ve done this before in the posts of this blog, I said to someone I know that it had to be that the European Championships would be attacked and that any attacks would happen in the first two weeks.

Because the majority of the fans will still be in the neighbourhood so you have greater numbers. Anything that happens later is because their plans have gone awry for some reason.

Hopefully they have all been foiled? Let’s pray that’s the case.

The only thing at the European Championships worse than football hooligans … fundamentalists planning some mass murdering plan. In fact they don’t even need to be planning to be worse. They just are.

The only life form lower than that of the amoeba.

Three charged after counter-terror raids in Belgium –


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