An aid charity, called Medicines San Frontieres, has refused to accept money from the European Union, that’s the whole of Europe, because they won’t let migrants in and do what they want.

Huh. That’s funny. They must be a bank because they obviously don’t need money to aid victims they support?

Either that or they are funded by Russia? Hmm, no. Maybe China? Hmm no. Maybe America? Yeah try asking them to take in a load of migrants too and see how far you get?

Who in the world are the MSF? Someone looking to get into the media headlines? Because I’ve never heard of them before now but they have my attention and I’m intrigued.

How and where do they get so much funding that they can turn down the whole of Europe when it covers to aid money?

Has any charity ever refused donations from anyone, ever? Anywhere?


Maybe this is run by someone who is mega rich and actually uses his own money to help others?! I’d like to meet that someone if that turned out to be the case.

Or maybe they need to be investigated?

There is a long, long list of charities that need investigating. Along with an inordinately long list of public services and government that needs investigating.

As well a seriously week placed kick up their arses and their noses shoved into cups of strong espressos.

Europe migrant crisis: Charity rejects EU funds over migration policy –


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