It just had to happen.

I’m voting leave because successive governments have been putting the knife in, metaphorically speaking, to the disabled, mental health and unemployed.

They have done this secretly where even Doctors have been blind to it and many still are. This had been going on around 6 to 8 years and it’s still happening today.

The Labour Party only had one organisation picking disabled people at random, railroading them and sticking it to them. It might be less than now but was still wrong, immoral, inhuman and illegal.

The Conservative Party via David Cameron stated he would make things fairer just after he got in and started this to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. David Cameron welched on his promise and likely did many others, add per usual each and every time someone is voted in as Prime Minister. Only the broken promises are first given after getting in these days as well as before they do.

So I’ve been led to believe that hundreds of millions go to Europe each day, week, whatever it was. The same people stated that British people should be out first. Hell, if be happy for just a true fair system with a level playing field … except you couldn’t get further from it currently.

I’ve also been slowly discovering that Europe does not give a crap about vulnerable British people either. The one thing they are investigating, that I alluded to, dies bit finish until 2017 which is far too late for many victims among other things like the referendum.

So it seemed obvious that if we left then they would stop twisting the proverbial knife and perhaps remove it completely?

That seemed to be the gist of it.

Only now some group or other is now claiming the exact opposite?!

Erm … how does the maths work on that? Oh … they failed to provide any, how typical?

I was hoping that along with myself the majority would vote to leave to and that I could see things improving as they stated and as saving hundreds of millions per day/week/month. If they didn’t then I can rip the shit out of them just as I have done many others for the past four years.

But now they want to state this will happen anyway?

Let’s see if there is a rebuttal in the coming days because those that claimed that if we left we would have all this cash we works be better off will likely be pretty pissed after reading what was reported being said?

I would wager extremely pissed!

Let’s wait and see?

Reality Check: What have rating agencies said about Brexit? – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36446479


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