So then some medical people finally come out and state that taking drugs should be decriminalised?

Sensible. Not sure that’s going to be across the board, it even sensible series the board?

For the most part it is.

However making this possible is going to create one hell of a logistical problem, or more precisely remove logistics altogether in a certain organisation. I will get to that shortly.

As far I’m concerned this could me a God send?! You see I’m not allowed several drugs that are for my condition and this includes around 120 symptoms. Yup you read that correctly, one hundred and twenty symptoms. Sound incredible? Well if I was one of the very unlucky ones it could be add many as around 200.

Whenever I mention the amount I always get this idea where naïve people and those a little slower than most ask themselves “How can anyone have that many areas in pain? It’s impossible?!”

Well if you do I will first ask; oh your a Doctor or specialist are you? Then maybe I should have a direct line to you?

Then I would follow up with; Umm the word ‘symptom’ means exactly that and not pain!

If your that interested then I’d say the pains are over a dozen … maybe two dozen? I don’t necessarily keep track, some are permanent, done semi-regular and others only occur note and then. I get night cramps in my calves and although this is mostly an odd feeling like I’m going to get pain but don’t, the bad pain only occurs once or twice each year. Thank God as several times a year and I’d take my own life if this was the case!

But I’ve been taking both Quinine Sulphate and magnesium sulphate to prevent it occurring. When it does the pain is so intense that you cannot actually utter a simple word. It’s very weird or would be if not so bloody painful.

Sodium oxybate is the only drug to deal with the actually source of the problem with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. But you can only get it if you suffer with narcolepsy. Though it’s not nice the comparison with Fibromyalgia is quite startling and I get narcolepsy like symptoms along with everything else. I did this afternoon.

I was on my computer in the afternoon and the next thing I knew I was waking up and it was after 9pm and late enough to be dark on the 17th June.

If you get any paraphernalia on Fibromyalgia it can actually mention that a certain drug helps a great deal with the condition. It does not name it but it’s clear they are speaking about Cannabis.

I went through periods where I smoked it socially and got into smoking it privately and it does have a far better effect than all I’ve been prescribed combined!

But then that’s probably because asking with sodium oxybate you are also not allowed to have milnacipran too!

It gets better as there is another drug called Pregabalin and they won’t give me that either because of the cost!

So … the best three drugs for FMS are not allowed and the other refused over expense! So I get the crappy and cheap crap fourth end fifth drugs in the list of effectiveness for FMS.

They wonder why the NHS and the country is in a mess?!

Narrow minded, selfish, amoral and inconsiderate arseholes without a shred of compassion while worrying about their salaries while pushing pens.

Hmm? Well I think that just about covers them all? All public services, local and central government?

Oh yeah that logistical problem?

Well what the fuck will the Police have to do add they don’t do fucking anything else, rich and celebrities aloud to get away with murder, well pretty much almost, and laws are completely ignored fifty percent if the time.

At least the keep Krispy Kreams going strong in the financial crisis?!

Health bodies call for drugs to be decriminalised – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36544380


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