I am somewhat stunned right now and trying to work out the whys and the wherefores in my head to an extremely embarrassing situation.

Football hooligans.

I have been seeing and hearing the fighting that has been going on in France and it never ceases to amaze me how small minded people are along with the fact that they have no bloody idea how pathetic they look.

Do they have any idea that they do not have a single clue as to how to fight? They end up on prime time TV news looking like a load of girls fighting in the school playground of a school in a rough area of the world. Throwing things? Really?!

It is sad because I always know that you always get some amount of morons in any given group of people but had thought it was down to a small fraction these days? I do not know if the news press are making it look this way but it looks like a large percentage of our fans are simply there to fight?

I thought after the threat of disqualification the morons would realise what trouble they were about to cause and actually calm down? But no, so they obviously are not there for the football.

But why do they chose to go to large football get-together to cause trouble and fight? Why not any other sport? Is it because it is such a simple enough game and rules to understand that it attracts all the brain dead morons whose brain power can only be mustered enough to throw their arms and legs about and utter very short words in very high volumes?!

If they all wanna fight so bad why don’t they join the effing army?!

The point that you actually start to fight right after having your team being threatened with disqualification is the point that you show that you are well and truly brain-dead and not their for the football.

I felt ashamed.

But then I started to ask myself more questions about these wanton acts of violence. I started to actually ask myself why?

Is there a deep seated anger because of the way things have been in recent times and the financial crisis? Maybe even all the talk about immigration, Europe being in charge of us and not giving a shit about us and forcing us to take immigrants in while English are being neglected? Hearing about all the money that gets syphoned off into Europe while we are being kicked in the teeth right down to even the disabled and mental health sufferers of our society?

Well even so, your being effing idiots about it and not getting your voices heard and nor will you ever when you act like mindless animals with the fighting awareness of a five year old girl!

I have been hearing of the fans following the Russians and both national side as well as the teams and it is well reported there is a humongous amount of racism among them. In which case they acting up does not surprise me anywhere near as much as the English fans.

But when the fans to England do it, it tears me up inside with shame. Utter, utter shame. There is one section, albeit a large fraction, of a group of people I would and have stated I would like to beat the living crap out of but at least they are extremely … extremely guilty of numerous and some heinous crimes.

When people just want to fight for the sake of fighting I simply scratch my head before shaking it and when it is English fans, hang my head in shame.

It sickens me to my stomach when I think of the almost four years, though really eight years, I have put into helping others with no financial reward and that I might be helping animals like that out there?

In fact ‘animals’ is the wrong word. At least animals know how to fight. Well a majority of animals do and they actually have reasons to go with it. Self protection, territorial reasons and to eat and is why it is called animal behaviour. This is not animal behaviour as there is no rhyme or reason and it is not their territory … umm unless inn their drunken stupors they came up with a cockamamy plan to invade … as they were already let in? Oh maybe they were trying to think like the large number of radical and extremist Muslims? Yeah that is the only way to come up with a mad hatter plan like that, you would have to be pissed!

But there is one obvious fact that remains that even the reporters looking to make things look the worst the possibly can because of a cash cow or perks rewards have overlooked.

It is the worst football violence for a long time at the deepest into a financial crisis and corrupt era that is possibly the worst inn a very long time.

I do find that far to much of a coincidence.

Along with all that is the fact that the EU Referendum is coming up and it is becoming plainly obvious that a divide is opening up both with ordinary people and even with both celebrities and politicians.

Mere coincidence? Or a bubbling up of much darker feelings and resent from deep down within?

With what looks to be possibly the worst weather for a flaming June in bloody years if not across our entire history books?!

To me it is the things that stick out the most that always turn out to be linked. There has never been a better example than that which is going on right now.

Your still fighting like a bunch of girls on global TV.

Thought about plastic surgery when you return home? Or get out of prison? Whichever comes around first?

Never been to one of these big footballing events like the European Championships or the World Cup but spent years watching thousands upon thousands of people that do not deserve to be present at them!




A new breed of Russian football hoolganism export … thingey? …


English fans actually the target? From Russian and French … “Ultras”? Whatever that means? …


And one hilarious comment …

The problem lies in alcohol…the English think they hold their drink well when, in fact, the reverse is true. Poffy, Singapore.

Well done to Poffy for making me chuckle!


And another chuckle from Russian Today that seem to be reporting we have been teaming up with Russian hooligans, lmao …



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