Oh my God.

This is terrible and disturbing news. I was worried of something like this taking place but not quite so horrific and not a child bloodied murder.

The person who was murdered is Jo Cox who is the MP to Birstall & Spen in West Yorkshire.

The report I read stated she was shot, stabbed and kicked while on the ground.

She has to children.

It is reported by witnesses that the murderer shouted “Put Britain first” prior to his attack.

It had airways concerned me that members of the British public either being the most affected with the way things are out more importantly, the longest affected would snap.

I did think this might be on TV it the media but prior are so scared to say what they really think because despite them saying there is freedom of speech it’s only applicable if you say something they agree with. Otherwise you get the labels in headlines as the prime news report because they think that’s what sells papers.

But no, it had to be a twisted individual who send to think everything changes if he goes out into the world and murders an innocent person.

For anyone else reading this variable of doing something anywhere near that stupid … don’t!

Do not go out and murder someone because things have been crap to you as it’s morally very wrong, not likely to be the person ultimately responsible and won’t change a damn thing. Apart from putting you behind bars for a very, very long time!

My thoughts go out to the family of Jo Cox MP.

If you want to change anything then use your voice to be heard, start a bloody blog, join a group or campaign, webpage and do it using your right to vote. Not like this!

No one has not right feel angry towards the system than me, if there are anyone I would certainly like to meet them literally, and I’d never hurt someone physically, not even threaten them.

I often tell then they are idiots, naïve idiots, just naïve or have a given agenda or simply being on someone’s payroll.

I hope to God there are not any more killings like this and I certainly am worried now that there might be.

All the reports about being lied to over Europe died not help and … of course, neither does Europe! Maybe they might wake up and smell the coffee now?

I also wonder whether it will turn out that this attacker might turn out to be a mental health sufferers who had been cut off and set study like do many others? If so then this I did predict and was worried about.

Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-36550304


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