I find it hilarious … or I would if it was not so horrific, troubling and piss-taking.

I have revealed corruption within the NHS as well as the DWP as well still being in the process of doing this. Despite the fact they have fallen into a trap of getting comfortable enough to try again. A bit earlier than I expected I admit.

I also admit that I never thought I’d still be in the position I am currently in because one plan I had in place simply evaporated. Only way I can describe it really.

But I have also done this to two Police Forces and several councils.

When I originally contacted the news media, tabloids and TV, and sent them a selection of things i suggested they go after their own stories. I also started that they would only have to look in their own backyard.

This is because I believed that the lying and cheating and the surrendering of more and more services, they are called public services for a reason, went on everywhere.

Story after story appeared over the following for years, I sent it all for years ago, and here is another example.

A disabled man took Oxfordshire Council to court over reduced care but, mind has gone blank, I think he lost?

The court ruled there wasn’t a problem.


So if they have reduced everything they do for people to nothing, there is no council tax benefit anymore so it’s almost like pool tax again, why are they called ‘public services’?

It’s as if that along with the charade but the stubbornness to still pay themselves excessively for doing less which shrinks all the time, they have decided that word in the Oxford English Dictionary no longer mean what the book states that they do?!

That’s how ridiculous this has got.

What I would want to state at this point is that there is no complaining or campaigning from within to stop what is happening to the sick, disabled and the vulnerable. They have and are all the time ripping ‘civilised’ from ‘society’ but still want to keep the civilised bits and laws that suit them?

It’s also hilarious when I think of the number of times that workers from each, likely almost all, public services have banned together and protested for their own selfish reasons and expected the entire British public to support them.

Gathering together in groups with their banners to tell the nation and the world, song with anyone passing by, how hard drive by they are, how many hours they are made to work and how little they are paid.

Well the disabled, sick, vulnerable, mental health sufferers and many others are suffering absolutely terribly and inhumanely.

So where are the marches and protesters now?

It’s been eight years since i found out that they removed all those with mental health issues from Disability Living Allowance. It was done in such a way that even the mental health professionals and even psychiatrists did not know it was happening. One, called Doctor Cody, told me she suspected it after complaints from several of her patients, checked it out and realised it was going on everywhere.

Sneaky, shoddy and inhumanly corrupt this was started by Tony Blair which is one of many reasons why I get infuriated when the BBC go straight to him for his thoughts on anything.

Though I was for invading Iraq I would never have agreed to it on the lies they gave. That’s a second of many reasons I hate Tony Blair with a passion.

Eight years later and under a Tory government and things are continuing on as they had done previously only they are moving onto sufferers of other conditions.

See that?

I said ‘sufferers of other conditions’. You are called a suffered if you suffer from a condition. Suffer.

Go effing look it up in the Oxford Dictionary!

You can’t change things or ignore things because it fit the greater whole or because they are not focusing on You or it doesn’t affect you.

That’s on definition of being amoral.

So where are the people on TV, radio and in the tabloids complaining and campaigning and starting that we are supposed to be a civilised society?

Never before in the last fight years or more has the old saying that ‘money is the route of all evil’ had a better series of examples than it has now!

While everything was going good so people could think of was how much they money was going up and how much their houses were going up in value. No one, not even with my own family, stopped to think about how this works affect others. Even within their own family. As long as they are doing OK.

The same attitude and secret amoral nature is in practice today. No one gives a shit about anyone who cannot fend, work or live for themselves as long as they are OK.

Put them in front of a camera and boy do they change. Everyone I’ve ever seen on camera is the most caring and human individual in the planet.

Except they never appear, group together and take action beyond the view of the lenses.

I don’t see them. I only ever hear them when a microphone and/or lens is in front of them.

All the time the majority of the people remain silent and the mire they take away from others while continuing to reward themselves.

I wouldn’t want to come back as someone else in the UK after i died but if I had no choice, oh i’d have a list of demands, I would be interested to see how history and our descendants looked back and viewed or society today?

Not good I would wager.

But I would ask of the evil and cruel ones, ‘How do you think your children and grandchildren would look back and view you? What opinions would they have on you?’

Court action over cut to Oxfordshire disabled man Luke Davey’s care –


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