I noticed in a previous post about the Department of Work and Pensions that I forgot to put the letter I sent them, ripping crap out of them once again of course, in the post.

After some deliberation … and realising I simply do not trust them as far as I could throw them and this would be wise each and every single time …

I decided to send the documents off once again and send them by either first class post and even recorded post!

I have also kind of now spelled it out how I have caught them in a round about way, but will put out that which I laid out as briefly and best I could, in a follow up post immediately to this one.

So the first letter has gone in their second class post envelope while giving me four days and the wettest bloody June days in years to actually get the reply to them. This is a very clever use of dates that they all uses, including bailiffs and debt collectors, local councils and all manner of other public services.

I would ram it home to you time after time after time that if you think your being played, lied to and cheated by public services that now think they are the Gestapo and edging towards mimicing them as closely as they could … check the damned dates on the letters to the dates of receiving it. I guarantee a great many of you will notice a huge disparity.

It is how the rush through litigation orders so that the bailiffs can then start checking your cars outside to work out how much money you have and are worth physically assaulting.

I had an Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 V6 at the time so I got hammered. They took a custom built one of a kind mountain bike based around a Litespeed Ocoee worth £4,400, sold it for £2,800 and told me they sold it for £400.

Sound bad?

The next thing on the list was an Omega Seamaster watch and they pulled the same stunt with that, as they did a brand new Samsung TV I just paid £1,250 cash for, lol. Another time….another time. It is actually already all on here … and umm … several forums too and has been for a few years, lol.

Anyway right now the letters I have and am about to send to the DWP and post following explaining how I a got some of the data, evidence about the NHS being corrupted to help the DWP.

😉 finally telling them in no uncertain terms!

11th June 2016

Dear Sirs


Do you know that after I last sent an email to a fourth organisation you have now have employed to rip off the most vulnerable in British society I had actually thought I had made a mistake?

For a few days I actually thought, when I remembered that is, that maybe, just maybe that this time there has been a genuine mistake?

Maybe, just maybe that this time they are not trying to trip people up, work of falsified letters and any other means to illegally and immorally kick disabled people off benefits?

Maybe, just maybe this time it is a genuine mistake?

You have quite obviously forgotten, or even not been told, who I am and the correspondence that went on and what I not only discovered but proved the last time we did battle?

I will get to that before long.

Now then … as to your letter? Why I did not turn up?

I GAVE my reasons.

Except your organisations and likely under orders from you have decided to ignore what I gave them and instead asked for … wait … for … it … a letter?!

Now I am going to go out on a limb here, well in reality I rarely miss anything, but instead think that something has been planned for many months? Yeeeahh … about that? Let me know how that works out for you? If you thought, or those above you that were planning this, for one second I was not aware and ill prepared for this? That is not going to work out for you. Or anyone else, despite any perks they have received in the meantime. This will become clear as I never, ever stopped doing what I do. Oops!!

You see I work on the basis that not only is almost everyone corrupt but that everyone can be corruptible. It has stood me in very good stead up until now and will never stop.

Now then … the reasons …

First off I do not travel. I do not do it and can not do it without putting myself in danger even for my family, so I am NOT going to do this with you and nor should you be asking me.

Secondly … I gave my reasons to that organisation that DEMANDED that I be assessed …

I provided documentation from both several GP Surgeries and Hospitals regarding my …


  • Fibromyalgia and its 100 odd symptoms

  • A dozen areas of pain including several across both feet that was deliberately misdiagnosed as Plantar fasciitis for 13 years … ooh I not only know they lied for you but proved it

  • Physically Damaged Right Knee

  • Inguinal hernia repair pain

  • High Blood Pressure (over 170 even with 10mg Ramipril) Hypertension Stage 2

  • Postural Hypertension: As you nor your organisation are clearly not Doctors, despite your claims to the media, this means blood pressure rapid drop, take a guess what that means when you also have High BP?! See Part TWO

  • Oesophagitis Grade C

  • Hiatus Hernia

  • Inguinal Hernia

  • Collapsed Discs: Middle Thoracic & Neck


  • Diverticulitis possibility

  • Lamp in right eye socket: Previous history of irritation, right ear canal, right windpipe and you can take a guess what this is likely to mean if it turns out these three things are connected?!


They do not tell the underlings of their real plans but you can tell them this … if they have planned what I have suspected for many months … it is going to blow up in your faces in such a way that their parents wont recognise them when they get home that night!

I knew I had to wait for a very long time for everyone to get comfortable before they tried to come after me once again. I was not only prepared to wait for this but in the meantime was working on building my blog so that the monthly figures were not in the hundreds … or thousands … but tens of thousands.

Did they tell you about my blog? Nooo? Ooh I wonder why? Ever heard the expression; ‘Do not be left holding the baby’?

Added to this is that two other things would take place and that the first of these is that I would start attracting the attention of specific types and groups of people that worked outside of all that that can be reached and therefore corrupted.

Secondly that I would … discover and contact things of my own.

Let us do a little test to see how much they tell you?

Was you aware that your under investigation by several parties? One of these being none other than the United Nations themselves? Nooo? Tut-tut!

Now let us get back on topic …

I am currently awaiting two hospital letters …

  • Colonoscopy for the Diverticulitis

  • Scan of my head as I have been having seizures and collapsing … some days A LOT


Now onto the nitty gritty …

I know what you do. I know every single thing that you do.

Fraudulent Doctor’s letters and hospital letters. You hold these so that you can show them to courts whenever you need to do something that is immoral or illegal. You, the DWP, are not the only ones either!

We went through this 14 months or so ago, odd figure of time to come at me again don’t you think?

Not to me, though I more than expected this to be more like two years but there you go. Some people that tried to think that you were acting innocently said … ‘Maybe they check you yearly?’ to which I said ‘But it has been fourteen months and a condition that does not get better and cannot be cured!’ to which they then looked, or sounded, resigned. Almost all people just believe me know, there used to be 100% of people that were a doubting Thomas and these days they mostly believe every word I say.

The other thing I should mention at this point is the one very stupid and overly confident public office has demanded that I take down correspondences between us from my blog or else they will not investigate for me.

An investigation they have dragged their feet over for more than two years, then lost all my files, folders and evidence as well as then claiming that they have no record of me or the member of their staff that was dealing with my investigation?!

A shame then that I still not only have his contact details but his SPECIFIC contact details proving that he DID exist and worked for them. Oh … dear. Never mind, eh?

You also hold these falsified documents until either the claimant or a legal team ask for them and then they are burned. You would have to have this prearranged otherwise no medical professional with half a brain would even entertain you.

I asked for mine.

It subsequently disappeared.

I told them what they did with medical evidence in a letter.

They phoned me at 9am one morning.

A week later £4,500 of the £45,000 I was owed was paid into my account.


Or do you think that they pay out £4,500 to anyone that contacts them with a mad conspiracy theory like story?

Also … well, laughing out loud now, I would have thought you would have picked up on the deliberate mistake here?

You paid me £4,500 without a shred of medical evidence!

OOPS! Did you miss that part?

Guess how that looked to the, in excess of, quarter of a million people that have visited my blogs?

Take a guess at how it will look to the quarter of a million that will visit my blogs over the next year to eighteen months?

Double oops!

Guess how it looks when you consider that I publish every single correspondence and so this means that your organisation completely ignored GP letters and Hospital letters and getting on for a dozen confirmed diagnosis but instead wanted … ummm … a letter?! A letter?!

Are you for effing real? After burning the last lot of letters which were false your now going to ignore all the letters of confirmed diagnosis to shaft me up the back-end over money?

I wonder if my readers will wonder that if you can do this to disabled people then what would you therefore do to them?

I wonder if I type things in so that readers read them and ask themselves that very question? Or indeed, questions?

Oh and you might be asking yourself who it was that demanded that I take of the correspondence between us as I have made them look just as corrupt as you, the NHS, two Police Forces, no less than four local councils and all the associated ombudsman and several retail chains?

Why as if like a gift from God and entirely connected to this correspondence …

The Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman!

Yeah unfortunately for them I knew they were corrupt when I contacted them because every one else is and has been that I contacted. I knew they would carry on dragging their feet, week after week and month after month.

And yes just like as I stated and after two years they then say ‘Who are you?’ claim to have had no contact with me, none of my evidence and added to that never heard of the member of their own staff that was handling my investigation!

Oh my … that was suuuuuuch a shock. After dozens of corrupt public offices and retail chains it was suuuuch a shock to see that they were corrupt to! If only I have not stopped gathering up all my evidence and collecting it every step of the way in case I was ever lied to again as …. no, wait a minute?!


I would hazard a pretty accurate guess that the PHSO never thought for a moment to wonder what there demanding of the removal of correspondence from my blog would look like?

Oh just for your information … I actually went on a trip recently and out of desperation and need I actually left Enfield for the first time ever, while not in a car. DO you know what happened?

As I told my GP when he decided to refer me to hospital over it, I collapsed and had several seizures, my heart was racing like that of a race horse and my blood pressure was through the roof. I know as I have my own blood pressure monitor! OOPS!

There I was in this train station … heart pounding through my chest, clutching hold of a rail and blacking out and collapsing and I really thought that this indeed was it!

I am not scared of dying but do you know what it was that I was most worried about?

That I would die right there on the stairs before I managed to successfully expose each and every last one of you for the corrupt, cheating, false organisations that you are and the true leeches of society that costs us tens of billions of pounds every year and completing my goal of destroying every last one of you!

You see to you this is purely about pointing the finger, calling people lazy and not wanting to work.

For me it is about not leaving this life not achieving anything and not contributing to society or any of the five areas of science I am knowledgable in, in any way shape or form.

When I die, which may only be a couple of years from family history, I wanted to be remembered as doing something positive and for the benefit of mankind.

THAT is the person you are trying to destroy and take away with little he has remaining.

How about you? What have you done lately and what will you be remembered for?

Oh and by the way, thank you so very much for giving disabled people only four, 4, postal days to answer you. You are soooo understanding and considerate!I received your letter this morning, Saturday 11th June 2015. That leaves me Monday the 13th to Wednesday 15th to get this letter in the post with any hope it will reach you by Thursday 17th June.

Oh-oh-oh and I nearly forgot … you were kind enough to provide me with an envelope that is only Second Class Post?! How considerate of you!

Now I did state to the organisation that I needed a HOME VISIT that Fibromyalgia Syndrome not only screws with your memory that it does so me a dozen times each day?!

Oh and I was attending a Fibromyalgia Association UK support group by my memory, called FIBROFOG, keeps causing me to forget. This group is largely made up of women sufferers of FMS and some are teachers, local council workers and God knows what other careers. Now I can tell you that they all seem to be under the impression that Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a bonafide disability. I am sure that the FAUK and its members will be interested in our latest lot of correspondences.

Did you or did you not claim to them not that long ago and reassure then that Fibromyalgia was listed as a legitimate disability?

As I was the only one out of two dozen people that was wielding a walking stick I am sure they will be all ears at the next meeting I remember to go to?!

Oh yes and despite asking three times I was not provided an answer as to why I was asked to be assessed for a benefit I do not get?!

So which benefit is it EXACTLY I was demanded to be assessed for?! As I am not nor have I ever received Employment Support Allowance?

Oh and you do have a building in Enfield you like to use so stop it with the long trips to Holloway, Ilford in Essex, Euston and even Chelmsford!

My god, if your going to be corrupt an cheat the hell out of the British public at least do it with some intelligence!!

Try fitting all that into your tiny little boxes on your pathetic forms?!

I very much look forward to your correspondence!


Martin Haswell BSc

About to go tomorrow FIRST CLASS MAYBE RECORDED …

13th June 2016

Dear Sirs


I quite simply do not trust you.

It is not bad enough that you are leeches upon society and the public taxes and are paid 5 to 1o fold that which disabled people get to mug us but you lie and cheat to.

I cannot believe that your all that stupid or naïve enough to not know what is really going on.

Which makes you liars, cheats, thugs and more or less corrupt in every way imaginable.

I have also proved that you have lied over and over again and have done so to an ever growing audience that has risen from a few and now heading for half a million visitors with over twelve thousand every month.

But use swear words against you in anger, or faked anger, and you react as if you had just met someone who was a mass murderer. Your words in these situations do actually show that you believe swear words to be the greatest crime committed despite the severe and immoral actions you have been undertaking towards the most vulnerable in society for a fair few years now.

You would also be the same idiotic morons who would actually like to claim to the rest of humanity that the UK is a civilised nation? In which case I would suggest you all buy yourselves dictionaries.

So I am sending you these documents and my Doctors contact details and fax number along with postal address again and use the word ‘onus’ on me one more time and I will very literally rip you a new one. There, no swear words but a language fitting for life forms that are on the level of those that live under rocks, consist of slime and no higher than that of an amoeba.

Actually that is not true, Amoebas are unable to come uyp with cunning plans to be paid £50,000 to £500,000 each year to rip the lives of the most vulnerable apart.

It is also hilarious that not one moron involved in working at your organisation and runninng your organisation stops to think how history will look back on these times. None of you will ever have anything good to say about you. It will all be bad and be listed as a lesson in not how to run a fragile society and have the gall to claim it civilised.

Really I do not know why your superiors in government even bother with laws and prisons. You cannot enforce the law any longer 75% of thee time so save money by getting rid of prisons, courts, judges and lawyers. It will only be a couple of levels lower than it is right now, just that most people in the UK do not realise how underhanded you all are and how inhuman and amoral you all are.

People they bother to leave their houses to vote for.

As an intelligent scientist in several fields and with an interest in human psychology I do find most terrible things I have come across and proved to be quite fascinating.

It seems that despite our outward appearance and claims many seem to claim to be nothing like what they really are and many just do not want to face up to the reality.

I have been changing that over the last 3.5 years and only 18 months from now this will change in most unimaginable ways.

I have hit a level now where I am being contacted to become party to other groups against corruption around the world and am bombarded with requests to sign petitions on, from Nicola Sturgeon very recently.

Asked to become involved in accusing Turkey of attempted genocide against Christian Armenians, I was unaware of I admit, and in Canada against corruption and now in Russia too.

No one I argued or did battle with, such as you, also did not have the first clue about the modern age and Information Technology and quite specifically the Internet.

Your still trying to shroud amoral and immoral behaviour when with the age of the Internet and everyone having smartphones you simply cannot go without getting caught by everyone!

Now onto yet another lie and a rather pathetic trick … umm sorry, excuse used by one of your four hired goon squads….

I did not give good reason for not turning up for an assessment!


I provided the details and I have given them here again and your pathetic ruse to only insist on an up to date letter, without actually wording it that way is little more than pathetic.

Because it shows you up to be totally clueless in medicine and also shows that your not interested and working to an agenda.

I will give you two very simple things, despite the fact that everything I have included amounts to a lot and is not all …

Fibromyalgia Syndrome is progressive … which means it slowly gets worse arseholes. It is also incurable. It does NOT go away … but then you would know that if you did indeed have anyone working in any of your goon squads that knew a damn thing about medicine.

If you do not then you have absolutely no right no experienced enough to assess me nor anyone else, certainly with Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Secondly there are two other ailments I have I have provided proof of which are incurable without severe risks. My right knee, diagnosed by Guy’s Hospital. My back, collapsed discs of 4 to 5 vertebrae I have x-rays for.


I have over 120 symptoms … but then you would know that if you paid any attention to the forms and had not burned all the medical documents you got. You had a false one from a GP, maybe more and I gave you the correct one. Because a Doctor will not and can not lie on a document that their patient asks for. OOPS!

It gets better still.

Not only did I send no less than TWELVE, count them 12, documents to your goons with a confusing name but one that stated very clearly that I am ‘severely affected by my ailments each day and every day’ but that same document had the contact details of my GP on them.

It was Dr Dharman but he left, oh and I think I know why, and I my GP ius now his brother who barely knows me, but I was assured that both her and his father, Dr Thievandra, had my scary set of complications explained to them before he left.

This was very recently confirmed by Dr Alex. I think you need some bog roll? Your getting a lot of whoopsies!

It gets even better still.

I am awaiting a letter any day to ring for an appointment for the one appointment I had hoped and prayed my entire life I would not have. And I am not even talking about the head scan for a possible tumour. Whoops, that is the other one.

Nope, a colonoscopy! Oh yeah I forgot … you have no one with medical background working for you … that would be where they shove a camera up into your nether regions which in my case is and will be quite painful. That is for suspect Diverticulitis which I am now told can kill you. Great!

The other one I already mentioned is a head scan. I have been suspicious of lumps in the area of my right ear, right eye socket and throat. If these turn out to be connected … it will not be good.

I liked my last GP, despite the many previous ones, and I gave him one single line as something to help protect himself in the future. I simply said …

Do not let the NHS through evil people ‘leave you holding the baby’. He actually asked me what that meant.

Being left holding the baby?

You see I have been suspecting an early death for me for sometime now. My father and my Uncle never made it past their mid fifties and my symptoms are far worse than they ever showed. They died not knowing what they had.

I do not expect to make it to their ages.

I have not for awhile.

Once again if you had checked my blog, and this goes for all of you ombudsman too, for things other than yourselves in a desperate attempt of self protection you would now this.

Had you known this then you would also know that my whole endeavour is to die while this is going on and while posting to my blog about being neglected, knowingly cheated and lied to by the NHS, Local Councils and DWP.

Now my current total visitors is somewhere closer to 400,000 in total than it is to 300,000 with a rise of 12,000 to 13,000 each month and rising. So take a wild guess at the following …

If I died in just a few years time my visitor numbers would have reached the millions. Then when it turns out that I died about something I had complained about for many years it gets announced on my blog and YouTube channel. Everyone realising I was totally ignored over, not even being given head scans or whatever was needed, despite my naming the suspect ailment.

Those millions of people will react in shock and horror and each of those will tell anywhere from between two and two dozen people.

Their is an uproar of unprecedented levels.

The public starts to point fingers.

Someone is going to have to take the blame and some will have to go to prison.

Who will that be?

I have Doctors read my blog posts. I also have political people, anti-corruption groups, men of the cloth (thanked by one!), nurses, potential whistle-blowers. Right across a broad spectrum.

Those that lie for other for money gradually read my blog and realise that if the crap hits the proverbial fan all the wages they earned would be for naught, because they would go to prison for it.

If I was the one conducting the cheating and deception I would myself be quite worried about that last little detail.

Of course I will be teaching people and have been for over three years now that it is not just about me and this could happen to someone they cared about. Someone they cared about deeply once but sent to Coventry (means not spoken to) and cut off because they thought they were lying. Because you, the NHS and Local Councils had things run in such a way that it looked like these people were dishonest.

You might think your in the clear when these people you treat as slaves and numbers and completely inhumane towards are dead?

But wwhat if the ones they left behind broken hearted suddenly realise that not only had they themselves been duped, so that George Osborne can show that he did actually save money but fail to mention it was kicking disabled people and vulnerable people to do so!

No they will realise that along with the missed years with the people they loved more than anything in the world that they has indeed had lives lived in absolute misery and considerable pain and this was knowingly done to them?

Yeah … I would not want to be in any of your shoes for all the tea in China when that kicks off! I would not care how much you get paid!

I have also heard that you spoke to a Member of Parliament in such a way that you have spoken to me in the past, apart from the fact that you never win with me. Claimed she was unprofessional in your attempt to kick a disabled person where it hurts, no doubt, because she put an ‘x’ on the end of a letter?!

I can tell you now that every single person I showed that story to roared with laughter at your attitude. The delusions of grandeur when you did that were soooo … well, grand it was astonishing to say the least!

Like you and the NHS trying to make the word ‘anger’ to actually mean … well, ‘violence’?!

I have so many examples of you three, I call the evil trinity, of yourselves the NHS and Local Government, politically correct morons devoid of intelligence, attempting this it simply is not true.

I might even have two Police Forces doing this too? I doubt it and do not recall.

Oooh I almost forgot?!

Memory issues! I get memory blanks and forget to do things for days on end every single week that goes by. So thank you so very much for your second class paid for envelope and the four postal days you gave me to get a response back to you!

Did and will do wonders on my blog that one.

You know it is quite funny. I thought I would never get the chance to go over a number of battles with your organisation ever again once you realised I knew what you were doing and paid me £4,500 in a years back payment. Despite the fact that you told me you had no medical records on me because I knew you would burn them if I asked for them.

Oh yeah and if you think you have done something … or wangled something? Think again and go back to the drawing board.

But by all means take me to court!

Be prepared for me to shoot elephantine holes in your arguments and theories.

When you deal with someone that sticks doggedly to the facts you had better make sure there is absolutely no way that holes can be made!

Funny as I have been desperately writing for someone to have the balls to actually take me all the way to court so that I can cover every inch of it on my blog!

But as I said after thinking I had missed my chance to do that with you, here you are once again and asking for things that make no sense at all.

You have been provided with more than enough, I have a long history with beating you with sticks and have approached me at the worse possible time … well, for you that is.

So yeah … I … don’t trust you to actually acknowledge you have had the letter and the correct data you requested. Despite the fact that your goons … well basically said what I sent was fabricated without actually … eerr saying it. Blithering idiots and I did not know there was a push to have village idiots be of a higher level of society?

Oh yeah and I also hear from several people your doing this once again to them, around the same time you gave into them as you did me?! Coincidence? I think not!

One has Lupus. Very nasty that. Lupus is pretty awful too!

So I am sending you this again.

First Class post. Maybe even recorded? Also I will find your email address and attach the files and details and this letter and send it to you via email.

Your liars, cheats and frauds and a collection of the most immoral people and the worst possible examples of British Society I could ever hope to find.

Good luck and let me know how it all works out for you in the end?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Your usual crap that is that you seem to think is so professional and take it form someone that was a Personal Assistant to a solicitor and a Distinction for my thesis.

You are soooo NOT professional. Cold and confusing sounding does NOT equate to professional.


Martin Haswell BSc



  • Fibromyalgia and its 100 odd symptoms

  • A dozen areas of pain including several across both feet that was deliberately misdiagnosed as Plantar fasciitis for 13 years … ooh I not only know they lied for you but proved it

  • Physically Damaged Right Knee

  • Inguinal hernia repair pain

  • High Blood Pressure (over 170 even with 10mg Ramipril) Hypertension Stage 2

  • Postural Hypertension: As you nor your organisation are clearly not Doctors, despite your claims to the media, this means blood pressure rapid drop, take a guess what that means when you also have High BP?! See Part TWO

  • Oesophagitis Grade C

  • Hiatus Hernia

  • Inguinal Hernia

  • Collapsed Discs: Middle Thoracic & Neck


  • Diverticulitis possibility

  • Lump in right eye socket: Previous history of irritation, right ear canal, right windpipe and you can take a guess what this is likely to mean if it turns out these three things are connected?!



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