My last post was about the DWP, Department of Work and Pensions, and how they treat the most vulnerable in society and use dirty tricks to catch out innocent people. They are not only after the guilty ones like they portray themselves to be in the media and on baseless and false documentaries.

Even the devil would smile on camera!

So I said at the end of that one I would put up an extremely squeezed, cut down and chronological order of the absolutely best events that occurred across just two of five GP Surgeries. Remeber that is FIVE SURGERIES … not five General Practitioners.

At my first one I reckon I saw no less than six GP’s and can name them all.

First one in Enfield I saw at least three.

Second one in Enfield I saw three.

Third I saw three.

Fourth I saw two and fifth I have now seen three.

If your reading this from within an NHS building of any kind, or the DWp for that matter …. what? You did not think I had stopped, did you? Fools!

Did you not think for a second I might have … noticed things?

Good God, they really are bloody incompetent and as easy to read as a Peter & Jane book!

Right then … trying to simplify things.

Now what I have here is a squeezed down run down of the corruption in the NHS and how I proved some of it. Some … of it. Not all of it.

As usual the details are all around on the blog lurking around in the archives along with the recordings … hmm which I just remembered posting a few of not long ago.

The Big Cards

I already long knew after long suspecting that I was being lied to by GP after GP and Doctor after Doctor in GP Surgery after GP Surgery and hospital after hospital.

You see despite how intelligent they all think they are they say stupid statements that let the cat out of the bag. Sometimes, though rarely, this is deliberate with a knowing look and even a wink. Sometimes and most of the time they do not mean to.

Now the best points I have out of the dozens I have come down to the following …

THIRD OF FIVE ..GP Surgeries…

  • Gabapentin (neurological) was prescribed around 2012, could be 2011

  • Amitriptyline (anti-depressant) was given for the second time despite demanding Pregabalin (neurological) as a replacement for Gabapentin (neurological) because latter made me ill – in 2012

  • Stated that they are all the same and all just pain killers and he meant all drugs (Dr Gubbay)

  • These two totally unrelated drugs I LATER discovered, in 2014 when I self diagnosed Fibromyalgia, were the only two in Black’s Medical Dictionary that had a positive affect on Fibromyalgia and they did not really know why this was!

  • Around a very similar time I also caught them, confronted them and one of them admitting they falsified an ultrasound test – honestly? Really, really stupid thing to do, unnecessary!

  • So they knew about Fibromyalgia Syndrome for at least two years and around the same time lied about an ultrasound test result and actually falsified it, one of the two guilty ailments of Inguinal Hernia, actually disappeared and re-appeared twice. Oops!

  • This was just one example of no less than FIVE GP SURGERIES

  • One example of no less than FIVE HOSPITALS


At the following GP from the above one …

FOURTH OF FIVE ..GP Surgeries…

  • Was told no NHS Department for Fibromyalgia Syndrome, on tape and a lie, Dr Kumar Senior

  • Told no medication for over-sweating, on tape and a lie, Dr Kumar Senior

  • Was diagnosed with FMS, despite later letter stating I claimed it, and right knee diagnosed and promised Pregabalin at Guy’s Hospital, Dr Kirkham, April 2014 (I think lol)

  • Between the letter being sent out and it arriving someone high in the NHS discovered I was recording, did not do their homework and the Right Knee diagnosis and Lachman’s Test, if that is the one Dr Kirkham performed, and the Pregabalin promise subsequently vanished

  • So two more lies and falsifying test results!

  • Row with Dr Kumar Jr, thought he had me, was cocky, lost argument that lasted an hour was taped anyway, despite the fact he thought he was in the clear, was published that night and I was kicked off … from lying Doctors? Oh I was really going to lose sleep by being kicked by overpaid liars and cheats!

That is two of five GP Surgeries that lied and cheated…

Quite how just one of these was not good enough to set the Internet on fire I simply do not know?!

Unless blogs and their mechanics do not work as they were explained and nor does the Internet as it would first appear?

Why they are as incompetent as I claim … or lied for fourteen years …

  • No one stops to think what would happen if someone would … DIE, unless they also falsify death certificates?!

  • They have no understanding of even a nationally connected world let alone a global one

  • Do not stop to think about family left behind starting their own investigations

  • So called medical Professionals that break their Hippocratic oaths do not think for one second what the NHS, that tell them to lie, would do in the event that they get caught out

  • They do not even realise that someone will get caught out … eventually

  • They fail to realise form the above that this will launch thousands of legal investigations and that Doctors, Specialists and Nurses will be named in the public eye and probably news media for close to a decade or more

  • Think that a medical degree or speciality makes them the smartest and, more hilariously, wisest person in the room at all times

  • My feet were diagnosed as … in chronological order …

  • Tenosynovitis (Whipps Cross Hospital)

  • Tarsal (& Carpal suspected too) Tunnel Syndrome (Was suspected then disproved in Buckhurst Hill)

  • Plantar fasciitis (Whipps Cross Hospital, Wanstead Hospital, NHS Podiatry & Forest Road Medical Centre)

  • Pes Cavus (Dr Ray (or Day) & Julian Livingstone @Barnet Hospital & NHS Podiatry)

  • Weird (especially middle toe right foot), definitely not Pes Cavus (Raja @ St Michaels)

  • Weird & Neurological (Mark @ St Michaels Hospital)

  • I suspected …

  • Charcot Marie Tooth (ENS @ Royal Free Hospital disproves) though not far off as …

  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome that covered CMT symptoms along with others I had for years, including even my skin conditions self diagnosed around 2013 (@ Guy’s Hospital 2014)

  • Took me two guesses, though in 2001-2 I had wondered it it was Morton’s Neuroma in feet as symptoms seemed familiar

  • They insisted for over 8 years it was Plantar fasciitis and I always told them no way!


  • I wont even get started on knee, hiatus hernia, inguinal hernia, double operations for same thing, different surgeons, wrong scans, wrong locations on body, drugs for 13 years that kill kidneys and still take for hernia I’m refused operation on for whole time and God knows how many things I am forgetting?! Oh left my unconscious while OD all day and night, large wart not removed for years … list just goes on and on

  • To think the DWP go up in arms about ‘X’ or kisses on the end of letter being (from an MP) unprofessional?!

  • REALLY?! I mean REALLY, DWP?! LMAO! That’s your idea of being unprofessional?! It is somewhat like your grading of serious and bad behaviour

  • Swear words and anger above …

  • Lying

  • Fraudulently taking of Tax Payers Money

  • Cheating

  • Losing whole folders of documents

  • Losing entire folder of medical evidence

  • Giving people Second Class envelope and four days for you to reply to them?!

  • Same questions over and over again in your application forms

  • Checking people’s bank accounts without permission

  • Passing information on to Local Councils without permission

  • Passing your address on to other councils that send fraudulent bailiffs around who defraud you of over £4,00o for a £500 fine who attack you in the process and …

  • …oh sorry that is Local Councils … lol, well look at me? Getting carried away there?!

  • Hehehe!!


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