Have you come here because you are suspicious of someone?

Have you come here because you are suspicious of a body or company, be they public or private?

Then you have come to the right place … in all honesty.

On the pages and posts of this blog going back nearly four years you are going to find a great deal or evidence. Yes you read that right I typed ‘evidence’!

You will note that not only have I been posting on this blog and recording and compiling evidence for those four years but that I have actually been collecting it for a very, very, very … long time.

There are documents that date back to 2003 and may even be some knocking around from prior to that date? In those days it was just bits and pieces and I was totally unaware of what I was going to uncover over the next 13 years or so.

In fact in the first five years or so since 2003 if anyone had come to me with the theories and accusations that I now have in my possession I would have labelled them completely mad and some mad conspiracy theorist to boot.

Yup I have read a lot of conspiracy theorist stuff and for the large part I have it down as a bunch of fruit loops with nothing better to do! I had no doubt that in their somewhere there was going to be truth but their was so much misinformation, some if it deliberate and some of it just fruit loops with nothing better to do, that you simply could not separate the wheat from the chaff.

Even when I realised what was going on in my own personal vendettas I realised that publishing anything simply goping to get the mad conspiracy theorist labels. So it was obvious and inevitable that I was going to have to collect data and evidence for a very long time.

Then something popped up that would make publishing anything potentially and very realistically dangerous, harming and fatal to a great many people. So I had to wait another couple of years.

No matter as I was still collecting data as I went along.

Now many would have screamed blue murder when they had an injustice performed upon them by any one off those that I had collected data on. In fact it is safe to say that from a personal viewpoint they would have thrown whatever they had collected at the time at those performing these injustices so that they do an ‘about face’.

I did not. Nor did I ever.

In fact just very recently the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman requested that I remove the correspondences between us from my bog otherwise they would not be able to investigate the NHS for me?!

In anyone’s book that is bribery!

Now if this were you and you thought there could be a pay out for all the lies, cheating and misinformation performed against you by a public body ask yourself something honestly; would you have given in, in the chance that you would personally gotten something from it?

Instead I told them where to get off!

I did not have to. But I did.

Because all along I wanted people to know the truth. There are certain things that should be kept secret from the public and then there are those things that should not be.

Not one human lives and suffering are at stake!

There are a great many organisations that like to bang on about human suffering for groups of people just about anywhere else in the world. But here in the UK, people in pain and people that are old and vulnerable get kicked in the nether regions and no one seems to care or do anything about it.

Well that is except for the fact that you are paying out a huge amount of your taxes to dozens of organisations that are tasked and claim to do things about these injustices but actually do very little.

Unless it is something they absolutely cannot avoid because the tabloids and TV news networks cannot be seen to be avoiding them too.

There is only so much you co do before you set off civil unrest, riots and even a revolution and you only need to ask the Russian people about that one!

I also wanted to … do … something. There are lots of things that I would like to be doing but neither have the capability nor the funds to do them. I hate sitting around doing nothing.

I also thought it would be bloody cool to help others that are walking into this sort of shite and making it known to as many as I can what really goes in within the many, many public services.

I never dreamed I would see, discover and get evidence on anything like half the things that I did!

So if you have come here because you suspect something, be it Police or local government and even the now not so great any more NHS then I suggest you take the time to look around. Use the search function provided.

I tell you now that no matter who or what you are suspicious of it would be a much shorter list if I provided one of public and private bodes that are not on my list! As upsetting and as scary as that may seem.

But if you do not like it this way the answer is not to bury your heads in the sands about it, it is to force change.

This is the way it has been done throughout history and nothing will change that until we reach some zenith in history where we do not need to do this any longer.

I often think about the millions of Star Trek fans and how they look at this almost utopian future where money does not exist any more. The only thing that ever comes into play in these stories is one of power. Though for the most part Starfleet and the world’s society is seen to be one mostly at peace.

Is this not what we all dream of? There are countless films that portray this … except maybe Judge Dredd?

If you want a society for your children, grandchildren and further descendants then it has to start somewhere. Generation after generation simply cannot keep sticking its head in the sand hoping it will all go away. Someone has to make a stand sometime.

Do you want to leave that responsibility to your children? Your grandchildren? Or would you like to be able to look them in the face and say that you did something to make it a better world for them to live in?

I know I do.


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