I must say I’m rather surprised at some of the things I’m hearing.

Jeremy Corbyn is talking up the pros of staying in the EU but I’m hearing more and more about Labour voters starting that they want out of Europe?!

I may have to revise my original prediction? That was that the overall vote would be 60-40 in favour of staying in Europe. This was because I thought most Scots and Northern Irish works but to stay in the EU? This would keep us in because I thought that England would be 50-50 and the Welsh being a wild card as I simply have no idea how they feel about it.

But it is sounding like it might actually be 80 to 20 in favour of leaving Europe in England?

So now I’m thinking it might be split down the middle or even heard towards 60 percent wanting out?

I’m also wondering if others might actually be feeling how I do and aware of the facts that I’ve outed on here so many times previously?

That Europe does not give a crap about the British people add king add it is getting it’s big paycheck out of us?

In fact I’ve actually very recently put that to one of my stress tests just very recently. I’m afraid the definitive answer probably won’t come until it’s way, way too late and in 2017?

It’s possibly it could occur earlier but before the referendum on the 23rd June this year and only 11 days to answer me? Never going to happen, unfortunately. It could but I would see this as a major miracle.

In fact if I was a betting man if bet that they would not give a positive action even by the end of the … process, let’s call it that, in 2017 next year?

But the process, like all other processes, have to be seen through to the end. I simply have to be thorough and be seen as leaving no stone whatsoever unturned.

EU referendum: Vote Remain to protect workers’ rights, says Corbyn – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36508464


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