Well this one is odd.

In all honesty this business with British Home Stores comes as a surprise to me. There used to be one where I lived in Walthamstow and i thought they had disappeared years ago.

I always thought back then that the writing was on the wall for the chain store, in all honesty.

The fact that they have continued on soaks to me that done sort of corruption was going on or someone had a plan to rinse the company of money.

Now it turns out that they still exist, run into money troubles and now members of parliament and, more specifically, previous owners … or at least bosses are making bold claims and pointing fingers at each other.

In fact Sir Philip Green had demanded in a letter to Frank Field MP, odd as I’m sure my daughter meet him last year, that he resign. From .. umm some panel or other looking into the BHS bullshit.

In fact that’s what it comes down to, to me. More bullshit coming out because of some nefarious goings on way back when.

Funny to that this is happening now. Because if things stay the way that they are I have a list of companies that I think will get into predicaments that will make this BHS fiasco look like a walk in the park!

You just know that things will stay the way they are due to stubbornness and incompetence. They have no idea about how money works, they just look as though they do when they are in charge of get to much of it.

They have been paid ever higher ludicrous amounts of money but these annual salaries are and will look more and more questionable when the money runs low. Because they will show they have no idea how to run a company when the chips are down … the drain!

These companies have featured on my blog many times previously and the only reason two have survived is because they are the only two left that sell electrical items. Outside of online retailers like Amazon and Rakuten that is. The latter company better known as or at jest used to be.

Once enough people have realised what they have actually been sold and enough money to really piss them off and research online things will come to a head. Albeit slowly.

In fact I still used one recently … only because I stupidly left the directions to the stores I wanted at home. Luckily the Nikon camera I bought was actually new … and actually worked flawlessly.

I don’t really know the details of the NHS thing. Just surprised someone would try to save them without giving them a makeover, a la Marks & Spencer.

This is another thing on my list of things I’m waiting to come out in the media and I don’t mean some small story in a tabloid that gets forgotten about. I mean a full inquiry and full attention of the TV news media.

Shame as the TV news media seems almost as corrupt as North Korean TV news networks. Or likely ‘network’?

I have no doubts either that a number of Labour members of parliament, or previous ones, will get exposed as helping to con and cheat the British public by helping with the charade?

Like so many other things that have come out and still do every now and then?

BHS collapse: Sir Philip Green demands ‘biased’ MP Frank Field resigns –


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