My favourite politician, right now, is Nicola Sturgeon and I am surprised that I get a request from her to sign a petition.

Because a young boy is refused drugs to help him walk?!

He has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, where his muscles will just waste away, the poor lad!

Where have I heard this before?

Oh yeah it is me!

Refused …

  • Proper drug, Sodium Oxybate despite that it is cleared for Narcolepsy
  • Second best drug, Milnacipran, not cleared by EMA either!
  • Third best drug, Pregabalin, is refused because of cost
 Yeah I know how that feels and I am an adult man.
I have stated all along … what of they treated children, old people and those with no family or anyone to lean on whatsoever? Well here is one and here is the petition on Change.Org …

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