I still was suffering with this flu but was feeling better with no headache. So I decided to get out on my bike with two cameras.

Didn’t get an aquatic situation to film no matter how many times I looked. Oh well maybe next time. At least I was out with cameras, did get a few things and the weather was supposed to return to crap levels in the week. Or at least less sunshine.

Got a few orchids and a strange ladybird. Have to upload the video to my YouTube channel at some point.

Bumped into a couple of older gentlemen and fit into conversations. The first lasted about thirty minutes, he wanted to know the name of species of tree that was responsible for the fluff floating around. I didn’t know and suggested a plant but he insisted they were from trees.

Later I realised they were from bulrushes and couldn’t believe I didn’t remember that.

The second gentleman I bumped into at another orchid site and that conversation went on for over an hour, maybe two?

They conversation got extremely interesting. He was around sixty five or so and not only had a degree but a PhD. He even mention a Nobel Prize award and I told him I was impressed.

Him divulging that came quite late in the conversion and once again what started off explaining about the orchids and showing him his to spot them even when not in flower to my blogs.

He mentioned public services were corrupt, told me a story I can’t recall quite now and I looked at him with a grin. He then told me he was sure that this corruption and lying of the public services and bureaucrats was far more widespread than he thought but had never seen any proof or any exposing going on in the media.

My grin grew wider and he looked quizzically at me.

I then told him that not only was he absolutely correct in his assumption but that it had been exposed in a way and told him so about my data, evidence and corruption blog.

His eyes went wide and he listened intently as I explained over half a dozen stories and the proof I got. I then told him how the data had grown beyond 100GB.

I explained how the corruption worked by just needing to corrupt the NHS and this would save them tens of millions each year and also save money for the local councils and the Department of Work and Pensions.

I explained how I caught them and received £4,500 into my account except that the figure they owed was actually £45,000.

We then exchanged anecdotes in turn.

I asked him where he studied and he said he attended Sheffield University and somewhere in Salford.

I had now been out several hours and could feel I was pretty dehydrated.

Fifteen to twenty minutes from home my mother called me and asked where I was. Turned out she had come up to help do some pruning in my garden.

That was the second call today to meet me and I sighed as I keep telling everyone that on a sunny Monday you simply will not find me at home. Quiet days in the week that are sunny and especially with no wind I’ll be out with cameras. Even if I’m a little ill.

I got home and they had already done some pruning.

I was out of it.

I was also wondering why I had blacked out so many times while I was out? It was mad. Every time I had got down to take photos or videos I went nauseous and started to black out and each time I had to get back down on the ground.

It also happened in front of one elderly couple who stopped to ask me what I was filming. I got up to tell them that it was a ladybird that was completely black with two large red blotches..


I told them it was OK I was just having some sort of mild fit.

Also happened in front of the second gentleman I got into a conversation with. I told him I was having some sort of seizure. Might be why we got talking in the first place? Simply can’t remember right now.

I decided it must be because I was dehydrated and after getting home opened my door and headed straight to the shops. I had no milk either to make them cups of tea.

I downed 500ml can of Monster.

Had a few more woozy moments but eventually it stopped.

I did some looping of the branches and eventually they left.

I headed out to get some fried chicken for dinner and was walking along with a slight pain in my right foot when I heard the sound of a car horn.

I looked up and saw a soft top black Audi and the driver leaning out, looking straight at me and waving.

I smiled waved bank and in my head said with a silent ‘H’ ‘heeeeeeeeeeey’ and then I had my second thought …

‘Who … the … fuck … is … that?!’

At first I just thought it was someone who was a customer in a friends shop or someone I’d got into a conversation with in a vape store?

Nope! Never seen this guy’s face before.

I was having another one of those times I’ve had many times recently where I get tooted at.

I’ve had days where I’ve heard half a dozen car horns being tooted as they went by.

I wondered once again if I was being recognised from my … on-line presence or my blog?

Two problems with this. First off I quite deliberately don’t put photos of myself online and nor will you see my face in my YouTube videos … ermm I think.

That’s one problem. The other? Well I kind of decided to grow a beard and have not shaved in weeks. I’ve had jibes about how I look like my father.

It’s pretty bushy, lol.

They leaves just my eyes and no way they were recognised from 20 metres away from inside a car!

I suppose that it’s possible an entire gay community had moved to Enfield and they are all very outspoken? Lol!

I dunno. Very weird.

I’ve lived here nearly nine years. I’ve never had vast horns toot add they go by and had strangers waving at me. This year it’s happened in excess of a couple of dozen times!

Like I said, weird.

Tomorrow, hopefully these sniffles will go and the pressure in my ears too?

Seen to have many strange days like this. Meet someone who was a Nobel Prize winner and some stranger hanging out his car window waving and shouting ‘hello’ and a few dozen black outs.

The stranger of all the strange.


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