Read an interesting piece on Flipboard regarding the EU referendum and the Prime Ministers father in law stating it cannot happen!

Also interesting is the claim that David Cameron could not stay on as Prime Minister if voted to leave.

Now I don’t think will actually vote to leave because despite expecting 60% of English voting to leave I think very close to 100% of Scots will vote stay asking with most of Wales.

I could, of course, be wrong.

Everyone I know tells me they are going to vote to leave and they tell me that everyone they know is voting to leave. This does make me wonder whether or not it will be more like 80% of English people will vote to leave but this is just North London we are talking about here. I know only too well that Londoners, what’s left of us, have gradually had a harder and harder life over the past decade or more. They also feel like they have been shafted, deliberately been shat upon, by government and councils in favour of helping foreigners, ethnic minorities and migrants. Sad to say that I myself have witnessed this over the last fifteen years.

So if we voted to leave and those in power that have had this over the to politically correct way of life the way they wanted then they only have themselves to blame.

I would be interested if an analysis was performed to see how people voted in different parts of the UK?

I wonder if it will be declared like that of a general election, now that I’m thinking about it fit the first time?

I’m also wondering about the fact that the report below talks about how leaving Europe could, and he states ‘would’, be blocked and “never happen”.

I am now actually hoping this will occur to see if his predictions are correct. Because I’m now dying to see how the exit crowd and how Nigel Farage in particular will react?

If this turns out to be the case it may just show that which I have stated all along, that there are hidden powers going in in the UK that, in actual fact, have brought the country to ruin, or to the precipice.

Also interesting was hearing what one woman had to say they spoke to in a high street somewhere…

On asking about her feeling on Brexit a woman said that despite being told we are paying out all this money to Europe wanted to know if we, or who, would actually ‘see’ this money we were saving.

It was obvious she was getting at the fact that worries me of the money being used to go to those who already have far too much of it. Hunting that the vulnerable should be getting the help they had been stripped of in recent years.

Those suffering with mental health and disabled people and possibly others?

It was pleasing and reassuring for me to actually here of someone asking that very question.

It shows that people are recognising the injustices, the lies and the bullshit as well as seeing those in desperation and disarray of the most vulnerable of society.

It showed a very rare occurrence of compassion for your fellow man that is not just someone on TV bullshitting that they care.

Because she said it without actually spelling it out. It was inferred.

All I need to do is see a day that proves that at least 80% of the nation have morals and all asking the exact same type of questions and expressing of similar concerns.

For now it’s a small rowing boat of hope on an ocean of uncertainty.

This referendum could turn out to be more interesting than I imagined and it might be more revealing to the wider public than I imagined?

So July to September could be quite enlightening and productive as far as my blogs are concerned in spits and spurts.

Something else in waiting to see turn up in the news is members of the public in Europe thinking we should leave?!

A couple of people I know are still in contact with some from the continent I used to see on a regular basis. Now it turns out that when the UK Referendum was mentioned they stated that we should leave and that many members of the public on the continent want to see it end?!

Trying to think who was mentioned and some were Dutch, that much I know.

What I’m interested to see is of this starts to get reported on in the media that many of Europe populace have also had enough and want to leave?

Or whether this is just bullshit coming from someone who is absolutely convinced that when we do leave money starts following again, foreigners disappear overnight, Muslims get kicked yo the arse by our government and no more foreigners are allowed in anymore.

Despite what you might think those thoughts are prevalent.

I myself think that thinking this way is deluding yourself and I’m somewhat concerned that if we do vir to leave and don’t, or do and these things they expect do not come to light how they react.

Brexit is ‘not deliverable’, says David Cameron’s father-in-law


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