Something I have not been very good at … relationships. Lol.

Now it is Monday and I still have that damnable flu but it is better. I no longer have a banging headache and can cough, or sneeze if it ever comes to it, without my head exploding.

I have been in receipt of some correspondence and over the next few weeks I am expecting a couple more along with some requests.

Oddly enough I have been thinking how cool  it would be if I worked for an organisation such as this, looking for and fighting bad guys and corruption?

It has to start somewhere and did kind of start up my own so why not me?

Yeeah, that is what I keep telling myself, lol.

Anyway I hope that this organisation is not corrupt like the rest, or even biased in any way! I do only ever deal with the truth and the facts at the end of the day.

Oh how I would love for it to have been very different to what I discovered time after time but I am afraid it is not.

So I work towards changing it to what it should be.

The funny thing is that they get paid out of the taxpayers ten fold to a hundred fold or so what I get and yet there would be hardly anyone complaining about them getting all that they do but would, and do, me.


Fortunately none have been stupid enough to challenge me on this because I would simply expose their narrow mindedness and their naivety.

Or in simple terms would make them look utterly stupid and no one wants to risk that. Well there are some but they would not be attracted to these blogs. In computing you get something called fanboyism where stupid people get ripped off to the tune of hundreds and even thousands of pounds, or dollars, and spend half their time defending the very companies who have ripped them off to others that point it out. Or praise a competitor to said companies.

The truth is all large companies are bad and do not give a shit about their customer base because they think they do not have to. This is because they have enough money and have followers that are akin to those they Pied Piper had. Blind followers.

I loved the Nikon brand for years but I had three cameras sold to me as new that were used and refurbished, albeit not very well, and Nikon UK lied to me at one point.

Bad people, bad, bad people!

I still love the Nikon brand and though it has taken me a few years to be confident of ever buying Nikon products again, though I did travel to do so I was that worried, I have done.

Most people’s reaction to such things is to immediately go to another brand and expecting the new brand top be totally different? Except I would guess that this has happened so many times now and got to the point were most people realise what I have always said.

They are all the bloody same.

There could be exceptions of course.

And that is exactly what I am hoping for with my latest correspondences. Or more accurately praying for!

Now this could turn into something very productive and very cool.

Or it could go the same way that all the others have?

Based on what was said in the correspondence it certainly looks more like the former rather than the latter of those statements.

Cannot recall a reply that was as positive as this one, or as helpful.

Fingers crossed!

I wonder  what the rest of the year holds and what other organisations and groups against corruption will get in contact with me?

I am not entirely unapproachable. I am just very suspicious of everyone and everything but if you are really genuine and working towards a good cause I will work that out also.

I am not only good at spotting the bad, you know!


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