Good God!

I finally received a parcel containing vape juices I was waiting for yesterday.

I managed to finally get out to a market that was not actually on, limping all the way to the first bus bloody stop to do it too!

When I finally got home I enjoyed my new juices and for once got a 100% success rate with more than one flavour juice in a single purchase.

I now have Loaded Glazed Donuts, by Ruthless, and thanks to Kav at the London Vape Co for directing me towards that one. It is the best donut juice I have had by some way.

I also ordered something else I had wondered about previously and wanted to try for some time now called Cloud Batter, by Cloud Vapory. Weird … just looked at the bottle and cannot find the flavour name but it is the one with vanilla in it. It is also 95% VG, I am told nothing is ever completely 100%VG, and listed as ‘competition grade’.

The Cloud Batter is very nice but it is a subtle flavour. I have been vaping it on my Velocity dripper, not good for tanks apparently, on my Snow Wolf 200W. Seems to have a sweet spot between around 35W and 60W. The doughnut juice I have in a Kangertech Top Tank Nano.

So there I am, back indoors and ended up wasting another day anyway when all of s sudden I got this sharp stinging pain in my throat and wondered what in the hell it was. I also noticed that the juice flavour was fading in and out.

About an hour later I realised what it was.

Typically after getting two very nice vape juices I have contracted flu, from a friend of mine who turned out to have a cold no doubt? What is annoying is this is the first time in about two years, maybe longer, I have had it. Had to be now?!

It is Sunday today, thee weather has been crap for getting out on my bike, taking photos, doing some filming and tomorrow is going to have sunshine for the first time in weeks. My first ever proper doughnut tasting vape juice. And I have the God damn Flu!

You could not plan things so badly if you tried!

I also forgot about that email I spotted last night from the PHSO.

I very simply cannot believe that they actually contacted me and requested I remove their emails from my blog? Something to hide, much?

I also do not think that they realise that there is actually several … groups higher up the chain than they are and I have one I have to contact. I had to wait until the PHSO came to naught and then contact them as it would not be sensible to do so beforehand.

I have also been contacted by one other organisation regarding this but will not divulge this here just yet. Well not much to say right now but I will get in contact with some details about the contents of this blog, the fact that the PHSO requested I remove stuff, after taking to years and conveniently losing all the files I gave them.

It things do develop into actions then I will give out what information I can, in other words what is sensible to do so when the time comes.

Damn it! I hope this flu works through quickly and is not one that lingers for days or weeks?! I really, really do not need this right now.

Will end up being stuck indoors doing nothing more than waiting for two hospital appointment letters I am really not looking forward to!

On appointment is going to lead onto something that is going be involve an extremely uncomfortable and very embarrassing test.

That test could end up academic if they find something really bad from a scan I have to do which is not a problem to do. It is just the outcome that could be … unpleasant.

Ooh and I just remembered. I was told yesterday that there had been some sort of trouble, riots or protests oing on in France that apparently has been totally ignored by the big British news networks.

Oh wow? Ignored by the British news networks? Yeah like that has never happened before?! Lol.

I need to go and look this up.


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