Towards its end, this creeping malaise.

When I returned from a distant place, intending my visits to be much more frequent, I never expected what would come next. Or rather, not.

Dangers and secrets around each turn, fatalities was impending but eventually averted.

Enemies await in every direction. Many hidden behind many obstacles.

To ones alarm those intended, tasked and rewarded to help also become one’s enemy.

In all three hundred and sixty degrees someone or something lies in wait.

This three hundred and sixty degree war abounded along side my own internal battles between the basic animal drive and the intellectual that resides within.

One wonders to how many battles any one man or woman can face simultaneously?

What one least expects is the aftermath of those that were the biggest of battles.

A long silence. Long indeed.

Tasks and jobs invented to be free of the silence that surrounds.

When all else is dealt it be the meteorological events that do battle. The days are grey in a time for sunshine and heat waves.

One often dresses for occasions that never arise or visited.

The in-betweens are the most difficult an hazardous of periods to navigate. One wonders often how unsafe the travels before me.

It not be mortal man that poses any kind of threat. Much greater and more immediate dangers lie in wait and ones that one cannot physically battle.

Those intangible be the worst.

Held together with fragile silk threads pulled taut.

The flickering flames that threaten the holdings in place.

This one never claims perfection and has their own personal demons to battle that are no one else’s affair but one’s own.

But energy now drains and all too frequent.

The world appears grey.

Heading towards its end one hopes.

This creeping malaise.


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