Oh well would you look at that?

Over five years three people at the top of FIFA awarded themselves £55 million. Just five years!

How long has Sepp Blatter been in that position? Isn’t it somewhere in the region of 10 to 20 years?!

It’s a bit too easy this. Calling the conclusion months and sometimes years and hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of pounds spent finding out exactly what I already knew. Well… loosely knew.

I can’t predict the finer details in this instances … I just drew it for what it is and then for what they are. Something that a great many seem to lack or just don’t care or actually living of the knowledge in a totally amoral way?

Called the outcome of this long ago and prior to any investigation starting.

This will continue to occur with facts and estimates stated in my archive considering of literally thousands, almost 3,000 to be precise, of posts on hundreds of things.

Every now and then I will attract the attention of intelligent and gifted people. Some of these will put the effort in and so some background work. They will have for charts, graphs and databases and little by little my data will be imported into these things.

After a while a very big and very clear picture will emerge.

Such has been my master plan all along … well … lol, one of them.

It was always going to have to be over a very long time.

A conspiracy theorist type of person or group with common sense and intelligence would likely be one.

Those that are authors and like to reveal fantastical lives of others would be another.

Reporters from reputable news groups not influenced or controlled by the evil powers that be would have been a third. If such a group exists any longer?

There would no doubt be others I have not thought of but during all of this I was helping people, as many as I could that was attracted to whatever post subjects they found.

Plus I also had to give out cryptic messages to various other people and groups.

Lead my enemies into a false sense of security. A feat that became much more difficult as time went along. Meaning my methods had to become ever more intricate and cunning.

Of course there was always the thought in the back of my mind that i was working with a time limit. Well different possible time limits with all kinds of reasons.

Until one is able to rule out possibilities one simply has to consider all that remain with a level headed and equal focus.

This ensures ones pants aren’t well and truly down when the evil emerges from the darkness.

At times these hide away under what are in essence very feeble amoral excuses. But nothing … NOTHING excuses the breaking of oaths foremost and laws second most.

I’ll have eighteen months to two years of things I’ve worked on bubbling to the surface somewhere. Dates, posts and evidence will be logged somewhere with a budding super sleuth.

The final pieces to the jigsaw will be put into their respective places and whether i am here or not to sew the fruits of my labour is another matter entirely.

Fifa: Sepp Blatter, Jerome Valcke & Markus Kattner ‘awarded themselves £55m’ –


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