Well I had my visit with the GP who told me that I should have gone straight to Accident & Emergency, Urgent Care Centre not good enough, after my seizure.

I am told that if I have another one I have to go straight to Accident & Emergency. Which is a little … tricky as I believe the closest to me is Barnet Hospital, which means I would need to get to the 307 bus. I was about 2 miles from that when I had my fit and on the edge of a wood on a secluded footpath.

His face when I told him about the couple watching me go down … “Didn’t they offer to help?!” he said before I told him, no and he shook his head.

Well they were Mr and Mrs Harfcell, I told him.

He is going to refer me for a scan of my head, at long bloody last. I have wanted this for a number of years as I have a few theories about my head. Irritation in and around eye socket on right side, ear canal issue I have told Doctors about for a decade.

That would be so cool to sort those two issues out but I suspect another issue will raise its head and if it turned out to be a malignant tumour I would not be totally surprised. The Big ‘C’? I do not know but these things do occur. I have complained about these irritations for over a decade so if there is something then they have totally ignored both me and it and the house of cards will come falling down on them. Oops.

Well you don’t think that the possibility I could die during all this did not occur to me? You do not think that I did not have a plan in place for a scenario such as that which I have described?

Double OOPS!

I mean I would be surprised but not completely surprised.

I am expecting something to be found in and around my eye socket on my right side and I am going to state hear and now that it is the top most part of my eyeball and perhaps towards the back.

Oh yeah, then there is the hole in the throat issue, where those prescription pills disappeared to and I am still weary each time I take any pills.

Lastly and as they are scanning my head I am expecting something to be found to do with my right inner ear. There is something in there and I get some irritation in there at times. Sometimes just like it is tickling or itchy. Inside the ear, not on thee outside.

I have stated before and even when reviewing headphones or music gadgets on my music or computing blog, my right ear is just a fraction duller in sensitivity to sound than my left.

This right side affected also occurs with other things around my body, including my eyes as my left eye is slightly sharper than my right.

I have also been referred for the endoscopy which will include looking at Diverticulitis. He did not rule out the aforementioned affliction and nodded when I explained about thee left sided pain and the foul aromas.

So that is two referrals coming up.

These two will be it, it will be the end of the road, though I hope not quite literally, lol. I hope I do not get given any remaining time periods. Not quite sure what that would do to one or two people I know, one in particular that might end up feeling quite guilty over it all?

Hmm now that I think about it there may be a growing list of names that feel guilty though I have my doubts as to whether or not the feeling of guilt can be felt by some people?! A shame.

Funny to that only recently I actually said to someone in the family that I have doubts of making it to fifty years of age! LMAO!

The trouble is if there is something there in the way of a tumour then it has been there so long that I fear that it may have become … unmanageable and untreatable?

In which case I am going to have to thank my previous three General Practitioners! Lol.

If I am told anything I just hope I do not lose the ‘drive’ to keep working on my blogs, videos and photography?

I am already preparing myself and thinking about keeping busy should anything be revealed in the not too distant future.

Whoa. Forgot to post this up and then the broadband credit hit its deadline, lol, typical.

Went out to get credit and do several other things. Took everything I had to get up and out, unusually and becoming a habit.

When I did get out I immediately noticed the cold temperatures. What?! This is supposed to be 17 degrees Celsius? No bloody way, more like 12 degrees! Oddly I had put normal length socks on a and thin jumper on for thee first time in several weeks. I had told myself I would not be wearing any jumpers or full length socks this year. Maybe not even trousers?

Went out, bought one of those Tex Mex Burgers from McDonalds, disappointing and the last one was much, much nicer. Upstairs is normally devoid of people and especially in crap weather but it was crammed with people. Never ever seen it like that and wondered if they were giving away free burgers in some kind of ‘happy hour’?

Went to a friends shop for twenty minutes, instead of getting on my second bus and heading for Edmonton or Waltham Cross.

Got my broadband voucher while I did that from a shop a couple of stores down.

Wondered about my head scan as well as my endoscopy. Not expecting anything other than Diverticulitis, or something with very similar symptoms.

The head scan? Now that is a different matter as I am expecting a minimum of three things to show up, though anything up to all three of them could turn out to be linked and in all honesty the overall prognosis would not be good if they are all linked.

Purely because the space between the three points in my head would take up a considerable amount of space. Could be as little as 20% to 40% and would mean something of a worrying size.

I do not think I am going to get anything close to 60, let alone 65 and have had this gut feeling for awhile and neither my father or uncle made it to 60.

It would just be bloody typical if it turned out that something I have asked every single GP Surgery about, all 6 of them, that got ignored turned out to be the one thing that was lethal.

As usual I will edit the hospital appointment letters and post them on here as they arrive through my door, or shortly afterwards.


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