Noooo, that is how you spell ‘doughnut’.

Sorry, assuming here I will get American visitors that forgot how to spell ‘dough’, lol. Will they must have done?

Any hoo, I was sent a report to my tablet from my AppyGamer that had a little to do with the announcement of a game called ‘No Man’s Sky’ being delayed.

There are some bizarre people in the world. Very … bizarre.

Sometimes i even wonder to the percentages of a given population belonging to the bizarre group? After all, naivety seems to be of an extremely high percentage? Perhaps globally? Who knows but blogging about a given subject teachers you more about the subject as well as people interested in said subject. Plus some general things.

There are some very bad people in the world that do and say some very bad things.

Plus there are those that do and say very bad things that are actually just intellectually challenged morons.

You are the bizarreness of this video game report states that Hello Games have stated that they have received ‘death threats’ …. going to let that sink in for a few moments … yes, ‘death threats’ over the announcement that the game had been delayed?!

I’m not being funny or anything and there is a lot of corruption and shit going on with video games companies and publishers. Lots and lots of new tricks to get large sums of money followed by another even bigger sum, in a series of small amounts, to keep you playing.

Then there’s the whole, ‘this is what the game looks like, we will hype it up but will look like crap when you’ve bought it’ crap.

But, common? Death threats? REALLY?!

I didn’t think to look to see if the game was linked to UBI Soft? I grew up with these companies but they have morphed into something quite unpleasant at times. UBI get more complaints than anyone else and have staff and rules that are first idiots and secondly draconian.

There has been a hell of a lot of Earth’s resources wasted on a great many people. ‘What resources?’ I hear you say…

Why oxygen of course!

Do not feed the trolls! Seriously though something has been long overdue about doing something regarding trolls and bad people on the Internet. At least the Police and the Secret Services of this world have been building up a catalogue about who is basically good and who is bad.

I am not sure I would want to see the percentages of those lists of who is good and who is bad?


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