I had been wracking my brain for some time and how to do something new and different for some of my blogs for many a month now.

Now I had thought I was going to spend some time in a different part of the UK as well as in different countries but I am currently around three months overdue that taking place.

It also does not look like it is going to take place any time soon, if at all.

Although there is always the chance to see, film and photograph something new with British Wildlife it does not happen that often, especially when you do not get anywhere near far enough, like me. As much as I would love to!

So I have four destinations locally and a fifth and sixth if I go by bus … or am fit enough to cycle to the fifth?

Now I was into birds as a child, both British and exotic, but all my life I have been into aquatic life, hence my aquarium as well as my terrarium. Frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, caecilians (amphibian version of a snake) and fish. I love reptiles too but not any on my usual routes that I have seen quite unfortunately.

I had often seen the GoPro cameras in my local PC World but they were a bit pricey for what they essentially are. Not much more and I could buy an SLR, even a waterproof one! A smaller waterproof camera I could slip into a small space, said the vicar … SNIP, nneext to my Nikon P900 that hardly weighed anything would be ideal.

One night while looking up photographic accessories I found something like a GoPro by a company called CamPark and like the more expensive GoPros, or around the £180 mark upwards, I could control this one via my mobile phone using WIFI, like I can with my Nikon P900 albeit only an auto for the Nikon.

Except this was less than a third of the price … of course until I wanted to order it and it was out of stock! Still I found one for £60. So I ordered that along with a pole, or like a monopod, to fix it to.

It arrived today … well they all did in two separate boxes, despite Amazon splitting them up because they stated some things were not in stock? Logistics? I think not.

I was not sure whether to order an accessories back, with like two dozenn items, or not as the pictures seem to show lots of accessories and a case coming with it. I doubted that for the price.

But it did!

As well as the case there is a bike clamp, several hinge attachments both straight and right angles, a spare back door, two batteries (very cool), several straps and some velcro straps too. There were several other fixings besides.

Hopefully within a few days I will do the videos I have been thinking about since I ordered the camera and these are totally submerged videos of British aquatic life.

There are of course the possibilities with more exotic aquatic life too!

So I did a little unboxing video of the camera, the SmaPole monopod like accessory along with other bits that arrived with it all…

Oh and I am trying to save the life of yet another bird, fourth now, a second Wood Pigeon. Also saved a couple of Mute Swans since I lived here …

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