This story linked below is one I heard about a few days ago.

British film director Ken Loach wins a Palme d’Or award for a film about a widower and his difficulties with the British welfare system?!

Ken Loach actually attacked the system with the words “dangerous protect of austerity”.

I think they need to change the word ‘welfare’ for something else? Like ‘ torture’? You know the same way they have eradicated the words ‘disabled’ and ‘disability’ from any benefits.

Now you have not just a film about the DWP but an award winning film about the DWP to go along with the United Nations investigation.

It cannot be long now before the whole DWP’s real truths are out in the open and dozens of court cases are started up?

I’m guessing that not long after that two other big and very British institutions will also get the same treatment. Institutions, I might add, that were once great institutions but two major political parties have reduced to one steaming pile of a series of corrupted mess.

A film and an investigation by the biggest institution in the world?

Ha! If that doesn’t work then the country and the world is heading for the Dystopia I recently alluded to.

Also that politicians are showing themselves to be the lying, leaping puppets that jump on command that they are. Time to find out soon who are the puppeteers and make them pay by law.

Then perhaps we can move on into a brighter, better and fairer world?

Cannes 2016: Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake wins Palme d’Or –


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