In one of the tabloids it had basically accused the Supreme Court of creating a law for the rich and famous as regards privacy.

Now I first want to mention that i was told of a report that states a load of paedophile accusations against celebrities in the USA is going to break before very long.

I also want to remind people, and those judges that might visit here, of the fiasco of the paedophile accusations that have gone on in the UK.

On both sides of the Atlantic these are heinous acts that occurred decades ago, literally, and of course there are three Statutes of Limitations I’ve also always complained about.

In other words what do you think the chances are of ever bringing any cases against the rich and famous in the future?

Bearing in mind that these are accusations against people that range from near pensionable age to near death’s door of actions performed decades previous.

Maybe they might find out one the rich and famous have been in the ground for ten years?!

Jesus I don’t know if these overpaid twats are stupid, don’t care or actually protecting themselves because they have all been up to things too?!

It had to be one of those three because there is nothing sane and sensible about their actions.

How the hell does money or fame render their evil actions as OK?!

I’d love to come back in a hundred years to see how history remembers these people, the law and the judges. I bet it won’t be in a good light?

Newspaper headlines: Air crash horror and ‘free speech’ fury –

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