I have had a reply, a little snooty if you ask me, after sending them letters, reports and x-rays that none of this stuff is enough.

So there Doctors, which are either not/nurses/de-registered GP’s, cannot find out from the data I supplied whether it will be both painful and dangerous to have me travelling around? Or that I am capable or not?

Not very good at health issues are they so how can they assess you by meeting you?

Also note that they failed to comment on the United Nations investigations and nor did they answer as to why they are assessing me for a benefit I have NEVER RECEIVED?!

They think they are so bloody clever this people and yet time after time they prove that the opposite in fact the truth!

I will add here that I bumped into that couple that see me fall and have a seizure. Apparently I was out/down for ten minutes. I told you they were up there a great deal. They just walk a circuit and I had already seen them several times when they see me pass out and do the Shakin’ Stevens.

As usual I have gotten annoyed with the so-called … (looking at letter) …Centre for Health and Disability Assessments. Because of the time it has taken and the number of correspondences just to get my ailments across and an answer to why I am being assessed for a benefit I have not only never received but also is not even supposed to exist any longer and being phased out at some point any way?

If anything I should be being requested for an assessment of either Universal Credit, if disabled people get that, or Personal Independent Payments, which I do get.

I feel for those that pay a lot of taxes. I was talking to a guy today who I would estimate is now worth a couple of million and drives an Overfinch Range Rover Sport, the latest one. He was telling me how fed up he is with the amount, 40%, on taxes and I was explaining how it was spent and he said he was even more fed up now. Well I would be after hearing what I had to say and provided I was unaware of it beforehand.

EDIT: Hmm when I heard the name Capita to begin with as performing a sentence I thought it was odd because I heard of another name I thought started with the letter ‘M’. I had and it is called Maximus?!

So that is now FOUR organisations being paid to kick people off benefits!

Four groups of staff being paid up to £900 per day, the assessors that is, what do the company executives get?!

This is their idea of saving your taxes? Pay scores of people £900 to stop paying out a few hundred extra quid each month? Yeah, that is the worst example of economising I think I have now ever come across? Feel for the taxpayer, really I do.




Dear Mr Haswell

If you wish to be assessed at your home for your work capability assessment, the onus is on you to provide a letter from your GP explaining the reasons for the request.

Please be aware that if your GP charges you for providing the letter, we are not in a position to refund you for the cost of this.

with regards



Dear Idiots

I BELIEVE your request stated SOMETHING from my Doctor stating why I cannot attend/travel to your assessment.

I BELIEVE I provided the evidence to my REASONS in my last email.

I BELIEVE it is not very difficult to fax through a request to a number I provided OR make a phone-call.

I BELIEVE I have made this clear to everyone on the blog I provided.

I BELIEVE that you are now showing your true colours in that you and the DWP are looking for any excuse to kick people off benefits, if they do not attend they no longer need benefits and if they DO attend then they are fit enough for work.

I BELIEVE I was awarded my PIPs TWICE now and THEREFORE have ALREADY proved I am eligible for this plenty of times ALREADY and now provided you with FURTHER evidence. Which can be easily followed up by you sending me a letter to contact my GP if you want hard copies or make a phone-call with this verified.

I BELIEVE I have asked you already, and the last time you did this several years ago, why your are assessing me for a benefit I do NOT get and I BELIEVE I made comments about the fact ALREAY that you are NOT explaining yourselves.

I BELIEVE I have already told you that I have an appointment next Tuesday 31st May 2016 so that anything that can be got will be got then. But then are you likely to ask for something else? THEN you will want to contact the GP directly?

I BELIEVE that if you have Doctors you have no need to have a letter from my GP to see that travelling for me will be both painful, embarrassing and possibly fatal and I simply cannot do it!!

I BELIEVE therefore that if you cannot ascertain from the information I provided that I dO require a HOME VISIT then you and your organisation are NOT fit for purpose. Hilarious that your claim is to see whether members of the public are not FIT or not when it is you that are not fit, nor is Atos and from what I understand neither is Capita.

Freedom of Information Request … DO you get paid up to £900 a day to assess people like Atos and Capita are paying?

PLEASE do not contact me and speak in a patronizing way and please note the letters after my name, I am not 12 years old and you have no right to speak to people like that because you are too lazy … oh I am sorry set up so that any excuse you can find to take disability support away from disabled people.

FUNNY you failed to remark about the fact your being investigated by the United Nations?


Martin Haswell BSc


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