There I was in a very secluded spot with my camera on a macro tripod taking pictures and videos of some of the British Wildlife. For my British wild life blog.

I saw a couple coming along the secluded path and was annoyed I had to get up. They were around fifty years or so from me. I stood up and turned around expecting a familiar feeling to come over me.

The postural hypotension had been dogging me for the last hour. It is annoying at the very best of times and this was real edge of the black-out territory.

My new Nikon Coolpix P900 camera was on my right side on a quick release strap. My new camera bag was on my left side and as per usual I had my walking stick in one of my hands.

I felt the feeling wash over me, it really is a good description, and I grabbed a fence post with my right hand. I felt as if I was going to get through it when suddenly I was getting up off the floor!

Worse still I could feel convulsions both in my head and in my body, like sudden extremely strong jerks as if I had been plugged into an electrical socket.

‘What the fuck?! How did I get on the floor?!’ I thought as I was automatically trying to sit up.

I then realised what had happened and then remembered there was a couple coming along the path just prior to this happening. Where were they? Were they still there? It did seem like seconds but the last time I had one of these that strong I was actually out for thirty minutes. Except at the time it felt like I was only gone a few seconds.

I got to my knees an looked in the direction I saw the couple with their pram. They were still there! But just standing still and looking worried. I said “It’s OK” out loud so that the message would be heard and waved them towards me.

As they got close I asked them what they saw. The mother said that I had disappeared out of view like I was falling but were worried in case I was … ‘hiding’. “No, no, no sorry … I just had a fit of some kind.”

She told me she had wondered if I was having a fit because she herself was epileptic.

After wee finished speaking I continued on my way but feeling a real warm and fuzzy feeling, I still feel it right now in fact. A funny feeling in my head. I do not know how to describe it.

I then panicked as I had just bought a new camera only a week or so ago. “Effing typical!” I said out loud as I spotted three largish marks on my camera. Turned out to be dirt and I just brushed it off. A few minutes later a friend rang me and I told him what had just happened. He came and picked me up.

Oddly enough I had made an appointment with my GP, or new GP and the brother of the one I had previously who left for pastures new.

So now that is two immediate problems to deal with and I need to find out how I can stop pstural hypotension from doing that?

The trouble is I have high blood pressure along with the postural hypotension. Hypotension basically means it goes lower than it should. So my blood pressure can go from very high to very low very quickly.

So what do you do?

How can you take a drug to bring your blood pressure up, if there is such a drug, when your taking other blood pressure pills to keep it down?

Unless there is a drug that is better at keeping your blood pressure in a more uniform level but as per usual it is more expensive so you get the crap, like Ramipril?

Hmm … found Postural Tachycardia Syndrome! Christ, I must be collecting the syndromes? Lol. I wonder which branch of my family I have to thank for this one? The human body is a miracle indeed! HOGWASH! LOL!

In that webpage it mentions a few things I experience and it mentioned Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I am sure is just early stages of Fibromyalgia Syndrome from everything I have researched. So interesting that is mentioned.

Excess Heat: Yup established long before starting the blog that I do not like it hot!

Syncope or Fainting: Yup always get that.

Palpitations (feeling your heart beat): Yup, had that only yesterday and thought I was having a heart attack and stopped in the street.

Gut problems: That is what I booked appointment for as I thought I might have Diverticulitis.

Brainfog: Fibrofog lol

Tiredness: Check

Sweating: Check and long established on here

Poor sleep: Check … Fibromyalgia includes no restorative sleep

Chest Pain: Costochondrytis? Had that!

Shakiness: Yup … hands. Wondered if I had Parkinson’s, it is in family, the latter.

Bladder Problems: Yup, over a decade. Went to Whipps Cross Hospital about it.

Anxiety: Yup, been hospitals and even psychiatrists over that

Dizziness: Check! On trains, both types, feeels like train is falling down a hole and I grab the bars for dear life! God knows why.

Hmm so looks like something else three dozen overpaid Doctors have missed?! Blimey this is going to end up very embarrassing for the NHS.

I had a grand mal seizure once before and a very long time ago. At a friend’s place and he and his mate stated it was due to the cannabis. I never thought it was down to that and that the cannabis just magnified something already there. I was often having black-outs and this occurred over twenty years ago. Yup, OVER twenty years ago. It was reported to my GP, a Dr Tennekoon, at the time along with the other black-outs and falling over. Nothing was done and after a while it went a way for a few years until around 8 years ago.

I had gone to the communal loo in the bedsit and the next thing I know I am lying on the floor of a very narrow toilet room in an old Georgian, I think it was, house and a banging on the door. I have my trousers half way down my legs and I unbolt the door. My friend appears in the gap of the door and asks if I am OK. I ask why he has come out and knocked on the door and ask him how long have I been gone. Now I think I have been missing from the room for mere moments. Turned out I was missing for thirty minutes!

That time as I came around I remember feeling a violent shaking going on and I got back to his room and laid on the floor. The next thing I knew I could not feel anything in my body from the neck down!

I stayed on his floor all night! The next morning I was OK.

Like I said … that was about 23 years ago.

This thing that is … happening to me. I can tell you I do not like it, especially as afterwards it feels like someone has been performing horrible experiments on my head then played football with it!

I hope there is a way to prevent this?!

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